HKB Technology Excellence Awards 2019

Wed, 6 March 2019
Hong Kong


Hong Kong Business is proud to announce the inauguration of the Hong Kong Business Technology Excellence Awards.
The Hong Kong Business Technology Excellence Awards honours outstanding companies or professionals who have made exceptional contributions in pursuit of technological innovation. The programme will crown the best of the best brands that have strongly provided quality and sustainable IT solutions for clients and businesses in Hong Kong.
If you have a successful innovative project, service, strategy or initiative, pride your victory by being recognised at the Hong Kong Business Technology Excellence Awards! Seize the opportunity and associate your company with winners of this vibrant sector. You could choose to nominate your project for the General Technology categories or Industry categories, click here to see our list of categories. 
Nomination is open to all techonology companies in Hong Kong with the most unique and trailblazing solutions and innovations. 
Nomination is free. If your company wins, you are obliged to attend the event and book any of the winners package options for the Awards Ceremony. Click here to see pricing.
Deadline for submission of entries: 9 November 2018, Friday
Awards dinner: 6 March 2019, Wednesday

For more details, contact:
Julie Anne Nunez
+65 3158 1386 ext. 221