17 Mar 20
Average Lunar Year numbers of 90,000 dropped to only 20,000 this year.
16 Mar 20
It reinstated three flights between Hong Kong and London Heathrow in 17-21 March.
19 Feb 20
Performance slid due to booking cancellations amidst COVID-19.
18 Dec 19
Cathay Pacific Airways may have to cut as much as 1,000 jobs.
29 Oct 19
The authority warned to take action unless the situation improves.
13 Aug 19
Passenger traffic in Australia nearly ground to a halt whilst those in India fell below the 5% mark.
22 Jul 19
HK Express will reportedly remain a low-cost carrier.
18 Jul 19
Recent protests deterred would-be visitors from other Asian markets.
3 Jul 19
Overall yield comes under pressure with the declining travel demand.
24 Apr 19
Concerns over the airlines’ financial health are growing.
27 Mar 19
If the acquisition goes through, Cathay Pacific would control three of Hong Kong’s four passenger airlines.
17 Jan 19
Total cargo throughput grew 1.5% to 5.1 million tonnes.
21 Dec 18
The monthly surge was driven by passengers to and from Japan and North America.
7 Dec 18
Around 14,600 eligible employees can expect a 3-8% increase in wages.
20 Nov 18
The volume of visitors from Japan and Europe grew the largest.
12 Nov 18
The most common charge added to ticket cost is $1,304.
29 Oct 18
There were no flight movement for over 20 hours.
26 Oct 18
Around 860,000 passport numbers and 245,000 identity cards numbers were accessed.
24 Sep 18
Passenger volume rose 5.2% to 6.8 million visitors.
18 Sep 18
The high-speed rail offers faster and cheaper transport option than flying by plane.
17 Sep 18
The move slashes processing time to 20 seconds per person.
28 Aug 18
Local resident travel boosted monthly air passenger volumes.
8 Aug 18
This represents the fifth consecutive month of growth.
25 Jul 18
New Zealand's airfares could rise 7.5%.
19 Jun 18
The number of visitors from Japan and the Mainland surged.
14 May 18
Visitors to and from the Mainland and Japan buoyed monthly figures.
26 Apr 18
Blame lowered revenue guidance from the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.
16 Apr 18
The Easter travel peak resulted in higher passenger volumes.
10 Apr 18
It has handled over 5m metric tonnes in 2017.
28 Mar 18
Travellers from the Mainland and Japan took advantage of the long vacation.
15 Mar 18
This narrowed the full-year net loss to $1.26b, below analysts expectation of $2.26b.
12 Mar 18
It recognises the airport’s ability to transport fragile pharmaceuticals by air.
6 Mar 18
The airline deep dives into the red after posting its fourth straight year of deficits.
21 Feb 18
This comes as the Lunar New Year fell on February instead of the first month.
15 Feb 18
The launch of facial recognition tech enhances passenger clearance capacity.
29 Jan 18
It is enhancing overall ability to handle temperature sensitive goods like pharmaceuticals.
23 Jan 18
It joins airlines from Malaysian, Indonesian and Brunei airlines as shareholders.
22 Jan 18
Passenger traffic to and from the Mainland and Japan recorded the most significant growth.
19 Jan 18
The airport has also handled over 5 million tonnes of cargo and airmail in the previous year.
18 Jan 18
Airports across the region are therefore turning to PPPs to address capacity constraints.