7 Jun 20
Spidfier offers a solution that could shorten the process of verifying fishes at a cheaper rate.
25 Oct 16
Production projected to drop by 4% to 216.2mn tonnes next year.
8 Jul 13
Hong Kong is a densely populated city with very little agricultural land. Therefore, the city relies heavily on imported produce and meat to...
13 Jun 13
Applications are until 30 August.
10 Jun 13
Hong Kong delegates joined the Aussies' agri convention.
30 Jan 13
Partly to blame was the temporary suspension of the Group’s ethanol production facility.
24 Jan 13
OCBC ceased coverage of both stocks over muted outlook.
23 Jan 13
Agribusiness isn't going too well.
16 Jan 13
Check out what to blame.
28 Nov 12
Sales soared in Hong Kong.
24 Oct 12
New Zealand Winegrowers are opening an office in Hong Kong on October 29 to target growth markets, especially China.
5 Dec 11
The company signs strategic collaboration deal with Longjiang Forest Industry Group to developa Papua New Guinea forest.
3 Oct 11
Goh will be responsible for the Group’s financial reporting, treasury, tax and financial planning and analysis.
21 Sep 11
The group mulls diversification of its agricultural business into the production of tropical fruits that will ensure better utilization of the...
29 Aug 11
APAC successfully raised gross proceeds of HK$550 million to provide additional working capital via a placement of 1,100,000,000 shares in April...
12 Aug 11
PARD profit up by 17% to HK$254.8mn while China Fisheries’ profit grew 5% to HK$291.7mn.
3 Aug 11
Wilmar’s increased cooking oil prices may no longer restore its margin back to US$40/MT, says DBS.
3 Jul 11
A Local Organic Watermelon Festival has been held at Tuen Mun Farmers' Market.
1 Jul 11
The company mulls to establish its Vietnam plant to procure local dried cassava chips.
30 Jun 11
Group’s revenue from continuing operations surged 229% behind its 20 fold increase in sales of its forestry and timber products business...
28 Jun 11
The company proposes global offering of 244,896,000 shares at HK$0.7 per share to raise up to HK$171mn.
15 Jun 11
The company is exploring not only Asia but businesses like clean fuels and vegetable oils.
30 May 11
The Government announced a new term of membership of the Advisory Committee on Agriculture and Fisheries.
12 May 11
The company believes effects of El Nino and La Nina are have dissipated as it expects to be able to fully utilise its quota share.
20 Apr 11
Hong Kong talks about enhancement of liaison and co-operation on fisheries development with the officials of the Chinese province.
12 Apr 11
The group has not sourced any materials and products from Japan in the past three months.
2 Mar 11
Sustains growth due to strong demand in China and India markets especially for logs which recorded increased sales volume and selling prices....
1 Mar 11
The company increased sales and production volume while further positioning its company to achieve operating synergy in consumer market.
3 Feb 11
The net profit of China Fishery, another subsidiary of Pacific Andes, also grew 7.9% to HK$153.7mn.
21 Jan 11
The fishing company achieved sustained organic growth momentum across all operations while capturing expansion opportunities.
19 Dec 10
Hong Kong listing will allow the company to expand its investor base by facilitating additional institutional and local retail investors in Hong...
8 Dec 10
The previous General Manager (Finance) of the Group was named to replace the late Cheam Dow Toon.
23 Sep 10
Total paid up capital of US$16.5mln received for investment in Kazakhstan Agriculture sector.
19 Aug 10
Also aims to raise HK$1.16bln through sale of 154.84 million shares to expand production.
6 Aug 10
Hi-tech distribution & services division increased 167.7% and 19.8% respectively as Group continues to monitor risks.
28 Jul 10
Turnover from forestry operations amounted to HK$263.1 million for the fiscal year ended 31 March 2010.
27 Jul 10
Sales volume of dried cassava chips soars 115% to 350,000 tonnes behind demand for ethanol fuel.
22 Jul 10
The company priced the shares at HK$8.75-HK$9 as it offers 5 year convertible bonds.