8 Aug 19
The sales decline may be even worse than the 2014 Occupy Movement.
5 Aug 19
Sales will likely be subdued due to the weak economic outlook and ongoing demonstrations.
31 Jul 19
As a result, non-luxury retailers are moving on in core areas outside Central.
24 Jul 19
Retailers are burdened by leasing costs as high as $20,864 annually.
17 Jul 19
Most new leases were by mid-range retailers in the personal care and sporting goods categories.
11 Jul 19
Recent woes in the retail sector made landlords increasingly open to different concepts.
9 Jul 19
Consumer experience is key to combat sales slump as tourist arrivals slow.
3 Jul 19
Investors have pooled $63b into the sector in the past decade.
3 Jul 19
This was blamed on the late arrival of the Labour Day holidays on Mainland.
25 Jun 19
Sales of jewellery, watches and luxury goods sector fell 11.4%.
11 Jun 19
Upgrades in transportation links may not be strong enough to offset visitors' weakening purchasing sentiments.
6 Jun 19
By Wen CHEN, Principal at Oliver Wyman With the evolution of international trade and advancements in domestic industrials, many...
28 May 19
Higher prices for food, housing and transport offset declines in utilities.
30 Apr 19
Consumer durable goods led the outlet-wide declines at 18.4%.
17 Apr 19
Customers chose to spend their dollars abroad than locally.
29 Mar 19
Sales at department stores and F&B outlets rose 15.1% and 13% respectively.
6 Mar 19
The earlier arrival of the Lunar New year boosted sales growth.
11 Feb 19
Electronics & Accessories purchases occupies nearly half of the country’s e-commerce sales.
6 Feb 19
Buying sentiment remained cautious.
30 Jan 19
F&B and healthcare sectors will provide key support to the retail leasing market.
21 Jan 19
Occupiers in the financial sector have also been exiting.
16 Jan 19
Healthcare and cosmetics firms will drive leasing growth.
9 Jan 19
It also unveiled its physical store in Lansing House following a positive online response.
9 Jan 19
Funding proceeds will be used to launch its Ztore App.
8 Jan 19
Buying sentiment has soured in response to economic uncertainties.
19 Dec 18
The weak renminbi and stock market are to blame.
11 Dec 18
Central and Kowloon East are forecasted to post the slowest growth.
5 Dec 18
The faster increase in visitor arrivals boosted purchases.
27 Nov 18
Consumers in China and India are more likely to reach for their phones to shop and pay.
14 Nov 18
Leasing costs are at a whopping $2,671 sqft/per year.
8 Nov 18
Residents spend an average of $960.
8 Nov 18
They will assist in online and offline distribution.
6 Nov 18
Charles & Keith is opening another store in Parker House.
2 Nov 18
Trade tensions and typhoon Mangkhut were a double whammy.
26 Oct 18
The Twenty~4 Automatic comes in stainless stel or rose gold.
23 Oct 18
Notable leasing deals include those by Bonjour and NYX Professional Makeup.
18 Oct 18
Hong Kongers are expected to spend an average of $825.
4 Oct 18
This marks the second month of single-digit expansion.
3 Oct 18
Luxury brands have found a new hot location.
10 Sep 18
Their strong sales volume have endeared them as the new darling of shopping malls.