12 Jan 21
The company will relocate to Shanghai for its business transformation plan.
7 Jan 21
This is despite government statistics showing retail sales decline.
6 Jan 21
Sales of department store commodities showed biggest fall.
8 Dec 20
It has teamed up with private equity group CVC to make an offer.
1 Dec 20
But sales may deteriorate again after Hong Kong registers fourth wave of COVID cases.
25 Nov 20
JDL's e-commerce SMEs can now enjoy real-time data exchange and other services.
24 Nov 20
Others said they would rather save their money.
17 Nov 20
Around 2.8m people plan to shop during the current festive season sales.
4 Nov 20
Sles of valuable items and food continue to register declines.
30 Sep 20
Businesses will be prioritizing shopping and payment experience improvements.
2 Sep 20
The retail business environment will remain very difficult in the near term, says a government spokesperson.
3 Aug 20
The decline softened as the local epidemic abated during the month.
23 Jul 20
They are planning to close five shops in Hong Kong.
8 Jul 20
The district’s diverse trade mix lends it to more sustainable rents.
7 Jul 20
Landlords are still reluctant to substantially cut rents.
5 Jul 20
The extended operating hours that the internet allows has attracted merchants towards selling online.
1 Jul 20
It narrowed from April following a stabilised local epidemic situation.
30 Jun 20
This includes a new 7-Eleven concept shop and a revamped Market Place.
25 Jun 20
Its turnover likewise crashed 28.3% YoY over the same period to $2.91b.
24 Jun 20
The two methods are rising at CAGR of 12% and 11%, respectively.
23 Jun 20
The pandemic has set in motion a complete change in customer shopping behaviour.
17 Jun 20
The 47-storey development building is slated to be the tallest CBD 2.0 building.
17 Jun 20
However, the online penetration rates in the area still have ample room to grow.
16 Jun 20
Omnichat is a messaging platform and can also monitor ecommerce movements.
11 Jun 20
A surge in gold price and weaker Hong Kong sales dragged down revenues.
2 Jun 20
C&SD says 15,000 retail stores will be closed by the end of 2020.
2 Jun 20
The plunge was led by sales of jewellery, watches and clocks, and valuable gifts.
19 May 20
Landlords are only willing to cut rents by 10-20% instead of the requested 50% by retailers.
6 May 20
Jewellry, watches and clocks and valuable gifts saw the sharpest decline.
5 May 20
Some food service chains have reduced operating hours.
29 Apr 20
One-off tiered subsidies will be provided to parlours, massage establishments, and party rooms.
1 Apr 20
The sector took a blow from the COVID-19 pandemic.
30 Mar 20
Thousands of employees in the industry are set to lose their jobs in the next six months.
3 Mar 20
Value of sales dropped 21.4% to $37.8b compared to a year earlier.
27 Feb 20
Consumers prefer to pick up an item in-store after purchasing it online.
11 Feb 20
Tourist arrivals and retail sales already affected by unrest are tipped to worsen.
5 Feb 20
Jewellery, watches and clocks, and valuable gifts continue to lead the decline.
21 Jan 20
These were mostly under the hospitality, retail and logistics industries.
15 Jan 20
Amidst uncertainties, China’s stimulus policies and Sino-US trade negotiations could provide some relief.
8 Jan 20
Sales of luxury goods fell 43.5% despite the Christmas season.