13 Aug 19
Hong Kong’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate currently stands at 2.8% the same as it has done for fourteen quarters.
25 Jul 19
The new Individual Income Tax Law, which came into force in China on 1st January 2019 (“New Tax Law”), is a strong response to the...
25 Jun 19
Hong Kong citizens are heavy road users, with over 12.6 million passenger trips on public transport taken every day, and 354 licensed vehicles for...
14 Jun 19
According to Hong Kong Police statistics, financial losses due to cybercrime reached $2.77b in 2018 in the territory, almost doubling the figure...
7 Jun 19
Hong Kong is emerging as a digitally sophisticated nation being named by The Digital Evolution Index, the third most advanced digital economy in...
6 Jun 19
By Wen CHEN, Principal at Oliver Wyman With the evolution of international trade and advancements in domestic industrials, many...
6 May 19
There is an uncertainty in the retail landscape with wildly differing views on where 2019 is headed, as leading economists are writing off 2019 as...
8 Apr 19
The new international accounting standards on treatment of leases will have a serious impact on the financials and operations of many companies in...
1 Apr 19
The 2019 Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon saw a record number of participants take part in this annual race.
5 Mar 19
Data hacks, security breaches, vulnerable IT systems – these are all hot topics in Hong Kong at the moment.
27 Feb 19
Governments around the world are putting policies in place to curb carbon emissions in line with the Paris Agreement on climate change.
7 Feb 19
Over the past few years, Hong Kong has established itself as one of the hottest global hubs for startups.
7 Nov 18
E-commerce is Hong Kong’s number one side hustle pursuit, according to GoDaddy’s Gig Economy Survey in 2017, highlighting the city...
11 Sep 18
Two years ago, I shared with Hong Kong Business readers how we will be able to build smarter retail infrastructure through in-store artificial...
22 Aug 18
According to the Global Financial Centre Index, Hong Kong ranks as the third leading global financial centre after London and New York.
25 Jul 18
WiFi is going to turn into an emerging marketing asset.
6 Jul 18
Five key questions to ask when signing Belt and Road contracts The 2018 Asian Financial Forum, held in Hong Kong at the beginning of the...
11 May 18
The beauty of living in a place where the history and geographic location fuels inventive minds is very apparent here in Hong Kong.
2 May 18
In the high-paced city that is Hong Kong, the internet is alive, changing, and always moving towards new technologies and trends.
26 Apr 18
The unveiling by the HKSAR Government of its Smart City blueprint late last year gave an insight into the transformation that, if all goes to plan...
13 Mar 18
As a multiculturalist hub in Asia and due to its proximity with China, Hong Kong faces various challenges when it comes to develop a digital...
9 Mar 18
The advertising and PR industry is currently undergoing unprecedented change.
8 Mar 18
The dominance of the large, listed companies so long at the heart of Hong Kong’s economic and business culture is under threat, challenged...
26 Feb 18
How do we make sure we have an education system that is welcoming for all?
18 Jan 18
The recent investment made in Hong Kong-based artificial intelligence company SenseTime Group by US mobile chip giant Qualcomm Technologies was...
10 Aug 17
The world of digital marketing never remains static.
15 Feb 17
In 2011, Marc Andreesen, the well-known super angel investor...
6 Feb 17
Now home to more than 3,000 buildings that qualify as skyscrapers, Hong Kong’s first structures of notable height stood just six stories...
23 Jan 17
If you run a B2B business in Hong Kong, these days your clients are making decisions about your offerings based on more than your price and...
17 Jan 17
Chinese capital investment in asset management firms and private equity fund houses is creating new job opportunities for qualified accountancy...
16 Jan 17
Hong Kong has strongly built a reputation as a world-class business centre: not only is it one of the largest financial centres in the world, but...
25 Nov 16
Since the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) announced the upgrade of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) disclosure requirement to '...
24 Nov 16
According to a recent IDC survey commissioned by Workday, only 28% of Hong Kong workers said they found their work engaging and satisfactory.
7 Nov 16
Google, Apple, and Facebook top the tables in the latest jobsDB Top Ten Companies report.
4 Oct 16
Candidates with regulatory experience will be a hot commodity in Hong Kong this quarter.
27 Sep 16
Behind the bright facades of their shop windows, there is a darkening gloom enveloping Hong Kong retailers.
21 Sep 16
Any business leader will tell you the importance of attracting and retaining quality hires in a company – after all, we're only as...
23 Aug 16
Who could have imagined that in 2016, millions of Hong Kongers from 6 to 60 would be walking for kilometers...
12 Aug 16
Not long ago, Hong Kong businesses were in full agreement that the keys to success were a good quality product, a low price, and excellent...
12 Aug 16
The IT industry is a vibrant and active market, with strong hiring activity within both financial services and commerce.