4 Dec 20
Three reasons why Hong Kong needs a corporate wellness paradigm shift now and five ways to make it happen in your company Hong...
27 Nov 20
Choosing local doesn’t just help the economy; it also keeps cultural diversity alive in the community.
10 Sep 20
The COVID-19 pandemic and continuing social unrest sparked by pro-democracy protests have converged to deal a dramatic blow to Hong Kong’s...
27 Aug 20
The COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed changes to our daily lives to an unprecedented scale in just a few months.
20 Aug 20
The coronavirus pandemic has vastly altered the way businesses operate.
30 Jul 20
We have no idea of when the COVID-19 will end.
20 Jul 20
What started as a bold threat from the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, has been stripped of any pretence of mere possibility, as President...
10 Jul 20
Proactive steps to avoid data breaches In Hong Kong and around the world, data breaches are in the news with...
23 Jun 20
The pandemic has set in motion a complete change in customer shopping behaviour.
23 Jun 20
In today’s business environment, many companies are adopting to the ‘new normal’ of remote operations to minimise disruption.
22 Jun 20
Setting up an ecommerce store is no easy feat.
11 Jun 20
Hong Kong has taken a series of unfavourable hits in the last year, their unfortunate magnitude clear to see for the watching eyes of the world....
6 Apr 20
Research shows working from home was part of the employee experience before the pandemic hit.
30 Mar 20
Not so long ago, having a business website, no matter how slapdash, was a big deal.
4 Mar 20
The very fabric of how the world usually works is being put to the test.
23 Jan 20
In 2019, it’s surprising to see that many business owners are missing out on potential customers simply because they don’t have an...
23 Jan 20
Retailers gearing up for 2020 may have been urged to double down on technology to deliver the elusive optimal customer experience that hits all...
21 Jan 20
Small and medium enterprises now represent a major engine of growth for Asia, comprising over 97% of all businesses in the region and making...
9 Jan 20
People in Hong Kong are taking the future of work into their own hands.
19 Nov 19
Actively managed investment funds are important.
14 Nov 19
Asset Protection Trusts (APT) can be used by anyone to protect their assets.
14 Oct 19
No waiters, no diners: the food delivery boom is opening new doors for restaurants.
23 Sep 19
Today, most big businesses in Hong Kong will have some form of in-house legal function.
12 Sep 19
"Asian markets and customers are much too price sensitive!" "We are experiencing 20%+ growth.
3 Sep 19
There is no secret of the tumultuous times in Hong Kong right now.
30 Aug 19
Hong Kong topped the list as Asia’s most natural disaster-prone city in 2015, according to the Sustainable Cities Index.
13 Aug 19
Hong Kong’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate currently stands at 2.8% the same as it has done for fourteen quarters.
25 Jul 19
The new Individual Income Tax Law, which came into force in China on 1st January 2019 (“New Tax Law”), is a strong response to the...
25 Jun 19
Hong Kong citizens are heavy road users, with over 12.6 million passenger trips on public transport taken every day, and 354 licensed vehicles for...
14 Jun 19
According to Hong Kong Police statistics, financial losses due to cybercrime reached $2.77b in 2018 in the territory, almost doubling the figure...
7 Jun 19
Hong Kong is emerging as a digitally sophisticated nation being named by The Digital Evolution Index, the third most advanced digital economy in...
6 Jun 19
By Wen CHEN, Principal at Oliver Wyman With the evolution of international trade and advancements in domestic industrials, many...
6 May 19
There is an uncertainty in the retail landscape with wildly differing views on where 2019 is headed, as leading economists are writing off 2019 as...
8 Apr 19
The new international accounting standards on treatment of leases will have a serious impact on the financials and operations of many companies in...
1 Apr 19
The 2019 Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon saw a record number of participants take part in this annual race.
5 Mar 19
Data hacks, security breaches, vulnerable IT systems – these are all hot topics in Hong Kong at the moment.
27 Feb 19
Governments around the world are putting policies in place to curb carbon emissions in line with the Paris Agreement on climate change.
7 Feb 19
Over the past few years, Hong Kong has established itself as one of the hottest global hubs for startups.
7 Nov 18
E-commerce is Hong Kong’s number one side hustle pursuit, according to GoDaddy’s Gig Economy Survey in 2017, highlighting the city...
11 Sep 18
Two years ago, I shared with Hong Kong Business readers how we will be able to build smarter retail infrastructure through in-store artificial...