Energy & Offshore

15 Apr 21
The new partnership will create a number of new business growth opportunities.
13 Apr 21
The company has signed a cooperation framework agreement with CNOOC Gas and Power Group.
4 Dec 20
The two solar PV systems will generate 76,170 kWh electricity annually.
12 Aug 20
Relisting in China could allow a better mix of debt and equity funding.
6 May 20
Last month, the trader assured that it was not under financial stress.
5 Sep 19
It poses a problem on the government's renewables push.
22 May 19
The float could mark the start of more active share sale activity after a sluggish start.
11 Feb 19
Strong government support is pushing reliance away from natural gas-fired power.
11 Feb 19
Cost deflation for wind and solar could sustain the momentum of renewables.
21 Dec 18
Xinyi Energy Holdings cited a broader equity selloff in the country.
17 Oct 18
It aids in understanding related Feed-in Tariff application procedures.
11 Oct 18
It will transition to auctions for procurement of bigger solar projects.
25 Sep 18
The Hong Kong-listed company plans to enter the Middle East and North Africa markets.
27 Apr 18
Kaz Minerals was unable to find enough investors to support its endeavor.
23 Apr 18
Renewable energy certificates will be sold to corporations and the public.
8 Mar 18
A New York or a London listing is unlikely as Riyadh eyes closer Asian ties.
28 Feb 18
Car owners can choose to switch to an e-vehicle to enjoy $250,000 tax concession.
31 Jan 18
Over half of this population are willing to pay the equivalent of a 5% electricity bill hike.
26 Jan 18
This is due to the increasing threat of climate change.
12 Jan 18
Saudi Arabia's national oil company Aramco is seeking an international listing.
7 Dec 17
The heightened risk and higher environmental costs remain a pressing concern.
15 Aug 17
No thanks to volatile energy prices in Australia.
17 May 17
Natural gas' main component is 86 times more potent versus carbon dioxide.
17 Apr 17
It will rise to around 30 terawatt hours by 2026.
10 Apr 17
Gas-fired power's share in the overall mix is likely to surge to 66.4%.
23 Mar 17
This will be realised upon unit L11's commissioning in 2022.
20 Mar 17
Its Ampd Silo is innovative, safe, and highly reliable.
13 Mar 17
Blame it on the nearly 80% oil price hike from January 2016 to January 2017.
20 Dec 16
Hong Kong Electric Investment could be the most sensitive, analysts say.
30 Nov 16
E&P, however, is expected to stay weak.
22 Nov 16
Reorganisation of Daqing Oil Co., could add up to the hassle.
14 Jun 16
In line with economic rebalancing that's happening.
29 Mar 16
Analysts cringe at its earnings.
4 Mar 16
In the context of China's production restrictions.
17 Nov 15
More than 1,000 professionals from 280+ organizations based in 35 countries registered for GEN15.
22 Jun 15
The Environment Bureau has unveiled the Energy Saving Plan for the Built...
29 Aug 14
Hearing to determine consequences has been scheduled.