Markets & Investing

15 Jan 19
Mergers and acquisitions deals fell to 1,050 transactions with a combined value of US$87.93b in 2018, down from 1,252 transactions with a combined...
14 Jan 19
Its high-ticket clients include Lenovo, Ant Financial and the government.
14 Jan 19
The luxury cosmetics firm is building its UK and US foothold.
11 Jan 19
However, they failed to sustain the momentum as they trade below offer prices.
9 Jan 19
It is also launching a utility token called SLOT for in-game purchases.
9 Jan 19
Funding proceeds will be used to launch its Ztore App.
8 Jan 19
Youhug Media's share sale could raise at least US$100m.
19 Dec 18
The city's crammed IPO pipeline features a little over 200 applicants.
18 Dec 18
It accounted for five of the top ten exchanges globally by proceeds.
14 Dec 18
Expectations amidst investors were still 0.3% higher than the 9% forecast in 2017.
12 Dec 18
The double-digit growth came as Mainland firms beefed up their wealth businesses.
12 Dec 18
Proceeds from New York IPOs only hit US$205b as it settles for a tentative second place.
12 Dec 18
Ageing populations will boost demand for long-term investment and health coverage.
5 Dec 18
It could seal further muted gains by 2019.
5 Dec 18
The weak performance of earlier biotech listings may be to blame.
30 Nov 18
The 10 most popular stocks by retail subscription ratio fell 36% on average.
30 Nov 18
It is offering 214.2 million shares priced at $15.6 to $20 apiece.
30 Nov 18
Telco One97 Communications bagged the largest deal at US$365m.
28 Nov 18
The initial funding round has attracted companies such as the Berjaya Group, JG Summit Holdings, Inc.
28 Nov 18
Vietnam hauled $35.22b in IPO proceeds against Hong Kong's $18.18b.
28 Nov 18
The sub-district offers larger office spaces, affordable rent and good business amenities.
28 Nov 18
Vietnam’s IPO capital market was the top performer with $6.2b.
16 Nov 18
Reports abound that a large holder liquidated shares after a loan soured.
14 Nov 18
An Alibaba-backed share sale has already delayed its IPO plans.
13 Nov 18
It is pursuing a regular IPO instead.
12 Nov 18
Stock listing fees surged 29%.
12 Nov 18
There are 113 firms where a director serves on more than six boards.
7 Nov 18
Citizens lost an average of $19,661 in the first ten months of 2018.
7 Nov 18
The slowdown will break a four-year streak.
2 Nov 18
Fund managers will need to meet licensing conditions.
31 Oct 18
It will tap on machine learning and data to analyse stocks.
31 Oct 18
It aims to boost information sharing on northbound trades.
26 Oct 18
It sold 236.5 million shares at $13.98 apiece.
18 Oct 18
Investors trading callable bull/bear contracts made about $480m in profits.
10 Oct 18
The highest deal worth US$146m was closed in China.
3 Oct 18
The proceeds from share sales hit $240b as of Q3.
27 Sep 18
It is offering 180 million shares priced at $17 to $21.50 apiece.
26 Sep 18
A strong Q3 performance has boosted expectations of the SAR taking the top spot.
25 Sep 18
The number of residents pledging to save spare cash rose from 68% to 72% in Q2.
25 Sep 18
The firm sold 327.7 million shares priced at $14.70 apiece.