Markets & Investing

18 Sep 18
MICCI intends to be the premier advocate for the business community in Malaysia.
10 Jul 18
Majority of investments were pumped into real estate, energy, and technology.
5 Jul 18
Vietnam led the growth with a real estate developer listing of US$3.1b.
21 Jun 18
Overall initial public offering (IPO) value in the Asia Pacific region fell 21% to US$31.9b in the first half of 2018.
18 Jun 18 will put up product sale through Google shopping.
11 Jun 18
Hongkong, Brazil, and Singapore came next with US$104b, US$63b, and US$62b worth of FDI, respectively.
12 Apr 18
This marks the first breach since the range was imposed in 2005.
20 Mar 18
The losses began after authorities warned that the shares were concentrated amongst a small stockholder group.
14 Mar 18
The move aims to boost its derivative business which accounts for 18% of HKEX revenue in 2017.
5 Mar 18
The listing proposal is seen clashing with draft rules in the Mainland.
23 Feb 18
They’re even gunning for a permanent seat at the HKEX board.
22 Feb 18
Laura Cha sits as a non-executive director at HSBC.
16 Feb 18
Growth will be driven by the energy, power, industrial and materials sector.
16 Feb 18
This includes a six-month trading fee waiver.
16 Feb 18
The gains from its three-day advance is at 5.6%.
15 Feb 18
Its trading systems caused market disruptions in 2015 and 2016.
15 Feb 18
A late night rally drove stocks to their largest daily gain since May 2016.
14 Feb 18
It aims to give market participants in the HSI and HSCEI more investment choices.
13 Feb 18
This was dragged by lower fintech deals in China.
13 Feb 18
Technology and property companies led the charge.
12 Feb 18
The coal and cement industries are faring better following decapacity processes.
12 Feb 18
The HSI has moved at least 30% up or down during the canine Chinese zodiac.
9 Feb 18
This is due to the rising e-commerce market.
9 Feb 18
The two major equity indexes HSCEI and HSI plunged 9.9% and 13% respectively.
8 Feb 18
Over 96% of exchange participants who trade their equity index futures after-hours do it between 11:45pm to 1 am.
8 Feb 18
Investors sold $1.08m (869m yuan) in equities via the Shanghai and Shenzen exchange links on Wednesday.
6 Feb 18
Stock purchases from Mainland investors were able to offset bourse losses following a US slump.
5 Feb 18
This was highly driven by two massive $4b investments in China.
31 Jan 18
Morgan Stanley is eyeing a dip in the HSI within weeks.
26 Jan 18
Kuaisho is currently valued at about US$18b.
26 Jan 18
New stocks rose 23% on the first trading day, down from 605% for the year through January 2017.
25 Jan 18
The new securities trading system, which will launch in February, can support 60,000 transactions per second.
18 Jan 18
The Hang Seng Index climbed 1.8% to 31,904.75.
15 Jan 18
It facilitates the dual listing of Israeli companies in SGX and HKEX.
12 Jan 18
However, deal sizes may shrink as investors opt for minority stakes and joint ventures.
18 Dec 17
Pre-profit biotech companies are amongst those who will benefit from the expansion.
11 Dec 17
Total proceeds are forecasted at $130b, its lowest since 2012.
8 Dec 17
An original grant patent system is in the pipeline to support novel IT ideas.
4 Dec 17
It plans to identify orders at the client level for market monitoring purposes.