Media & Marketing

8 Apr 21
It will help sales professionals close deals faster.
30 Mar 21
Despite money currently heading in the wrong direction, the Group believes it can seize opportunities during the crisis.
19 Mar 21
Around 44% expect the decrease amidst likelihood of budget cuts in numerous sectors.
23 Feb 21
MeWe has gained popularity in Hong Kong since late 2020.
3 Dec 20
Brands can now partner with influencers to execute content-driven campaigns.
27 Nov 20
Choosing local doesn’t just help the economy; it also keeps cultural diversity alive in the community.
27 Aug 20
The COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed changes to our daily lives to an unprecedented scale in just a few months.
3 May 20
A 30-second ad gets 12% less in revenue compared to a 15-second ad.
3 Feb 20
Deadline of entries for the 2020 edition is on 17 April, Friday.
30 Jan 20
Deadline for nominations is on 17 April 2020, Friday.
28 Jan 20
Deadline of entries is on 26 June 2020, Friday.
16 Jan 20
Deadline for nominations is on 27 March 2020.
14 Jan 20
The advertising startup allows their users to earn cash rewards when watching ads on their platform.
4 Sep 19
The company designs sustainable jeans manufactured from recycled plastic bottles.
2 Sep 19
The company launched B2B branding revamp inspired by the Swiss design movement of the 1950s.
28 Aug 19
UOB Art Academy makes the community thrive through art whilst driving business sustainability.
28 Aug 19
The access solutions provider engaged shoppers with an activation campaign using AR.
28 Aug 19
The German giant’s open cloud-based IoT operating system helps lay the foundation for Hong Kong’s smart city evolution.
28 Aug 19
Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited (HAECO) launched a tracking solution for the company’s ground service equipment (GSE) at Hong...
28 Aug 19
The company’s skin rejuvenation pad experienced a 100% increase in sales growth in the last three years.
28 Aug 19
The company won in the Financial Technology category for its DatasiteOne platform.
28 Aug 19
The Hong Kong fine jeweller reveals a transformable crown necklace adorned with certified stones in 18K white gold.
28 Aug 19
The awards ceremony was graced by around 100 executives.
29 Jul 19
Only 7% of locals will choose homegrown brands over global ones, a study found.
7 Feb 19
Over the past few years, Hong Kong has established itself as one of the hottest global hubs for startups.
8 Oct 18
It is trying to plug losses from its international business.
4 Oct 18
Performance tracking mechanisms should be implemented.
19 Jun 18
The segment is expected to bring in US$285m in four years time.
7 Jun 18
The video games market is expected to be worth US$1b in four years time.
13 Mar 18
As a multiculturalist hub in Asia and due to its proximity with China, Hong Kong faces various challenges when it comes to develop a digital...
9 Mar 18
The advertising and PR industry is currently undergoing unprecedented change.
29 Jan 18
The Design Incubation Programme supports ventures in fashion, interior design and media amongst other creative fields.
17 Jan 18
More than 100 guests attended the awarding ceremony on 16 January.
10 Aug 17
The world of digital marketing never remains static.
28 Jul 17
The firm was recognised for its work on The Peninsula Hotels’ Festive Campaign.
26 Jul 17
Almost 100 executives attended the awarding ceremony on 25 July.
14 Feb 17
It boosted its offer price to $35.075 from $30.50.