Hotels & Tourism

15 Dec 20
Proposal to develop a new convention centre rejected due to uncertainties.
2 Dec 20
The hotel features over 200 rooms and suites.
27 Nov 20
The certification confirms that the hotel passed stringent hygienic assessments.
17 Nov 20
Both destinations have implemented hygiene, safety certification programmes.
29 Sep 20
Around 1,700 licensed travel agents will receive $5,000 per staff member.
30 Jul 20
We have no idea of when the COVID-19 will end.
9 Jul 20
This is in light of the gradual resumption of C&E activities in mid- and late July.
17 May 20
Some have resorted to offering rates cheaper than the city’s subdivided flats.
28 Apr 20
The industry posted an overall occupancy rate of 29% in February.
25 Feb 20
Organisers can get 100% venue rental costs for events at the HKCEC.
11 Feb 20
Arrivals amongst locals led the decline as it dropped 77%.
21 Jan 20
These were mostly under the hospitality, retail and logistics industries.
9 Dec 19
In August alone, tourist arrivals plunged 40% in its sharpest decline since the 2003 SARS crisis.
6 Dec 19
Its proximity to China, shopping options, and culture remain its key strengths to attract tourists.
10 Sep 19
Applications for general employment visas dropped 7% in August.
10 Sep 19
The social unrest which blocked airport and roads spooked tourists.
4 Sep 19
Arrivals from China dropped 5.5% in the same month.
18 Jul 19
Recent protests deterred would-be visitors from other Asian markets.
12 Jul 19
Citizens can enjoy visa-free access to 168 countries.
13 Jun 19
Mainland China visitors accounted for three-fourths of visitor arrivals.
11 Jun 19
The 840-room hotel draws aesthetic inspiration from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
9 May 19
This cross-platform collaboration will bring unprecedented convenience, comfort, and innovation to one’s travel experience.
6 May 19
China remains the top source market, accounting for 55.8% of Asian passengers.
22 Apr 19
This was based on the region’s high cost of goods and services, and expensive hotel prices.
5 Apr 19
Occupancy rate rose 3 ppt to 89%.
27 Mar 19
Hong Kong’s passport holders have visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 169 countries.
26 Mar 19
The Excelsior will be transformed into a mixed-use commercial building.
18 Mar 19
The lacklustre 2,500 new hotel room supply also supported the citywide occupancy of 91.4%.
14 Mar 19
The hotel’s new concept featured merging public and private spaces and a co-working space.
6 Mar 19
There were 5.54 million Mainland visitors.
20 Feb 19
There were over 5.12 million tourists from the Mainland.
19 Feb 19
Tourist visits will recover following the Phuket boat accident in last 2018.
6 Feb 19
The survey notes that the SAR does not have sufficient travel and outdoor activities.
6 Feb 19
The travel document will feature designs only visible in ultraviolet light.
9 Jan 19
The month witnessed a recovery in visitor arrivals from non-Chinese markets.
11 Dec 18
The proceeds will be used for the firm's business development.
6 Dec 18
Mainland tourists accounted for nearly 80% of monthly arrivals.
15 Nov 18
China, Japan and South Korea accounted for 70% of transaction volumes.
13 Nov 18
Tour guides operating without a license may soon be a criminal offence.
8 Nov 18
More Mainland tourists failed to offset declining volumes for the rest of Asia.