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5 Apr 21
This was based on consumer-initiated tests, performed by an independent online tool.
25 Mar 21
This was driven by higher demands and market share gains for hardware business.
9 Mar 21
Its profit, however, declined compared to its 2019 level due to lockdowns and reduced tourist arrivals.  Casino operator...
21 Jan 21
This is compared to a US$83.5m loss in FY2019.
12 Jan 21
 Heidi Yang will innovate the strategic initiatives of Asian and world art cluster.
21 Oct 20
The number of maximum attendees has been raised to 50 people.
20 Oct 20
The manufacturer is stepping up the allure of its Twenty~4 collection.
30 Jun 20
The company plans to offer ordinary shares of $1.63 to $1.87 apiece.
23 Jun 20
Only 1,000 of the commemorative 6007A-001 Calatrava are out in the market.
17 Jun 20
The 47-storey development building is slated to be the tallest CBD 2.0 building.
25 Feb 20
Organisers can get 100% venue rental costs for events at the HKCEC.
10 Sep 19
Smart and automatic watches are viewed as the most popular categories.
19 Aug 19
From 28 September to 13 October, Patek Philippe will showcase high-precision watch manufacturing in Singapore.
9 Aug 19
35% have been charged with bank fees, most of them because they forgot to pay.
18 Jun 19
It will run from 28 September to 13 October.
7 Jun 19
It will primarily be driven by the OTT segment’s 18.7% CAGR to $3.14b.
22 May 19
The event will feature 200 exhibitors and welcome over 18,000 visitors.
13 Mar 19
Whilst Hong Kong is rightly placed for the market-driven influx, the art scene may be reaching a saturation point.
9 Jan 19
It is also launching a utility token called SLOT for in-game purchases.
21 Dec 18
We're taking the time off!
13 Sep 18
Over 700,000 in sporting tickets were sold last year.
9 Aug 18
The move comes mere minutes after the firm broke ground.
18 Jul 18
It plays matchmaker to couples looking for wedding venues and vendors across Asia.
8 Jun 18
There will be a requirement to build cinemas in the Kai Tak and Sha Tin government land sales.
16 May 18
Purpose-built establishments are being constructed to cater to the global competitive gaming market and Hong Kong is no exception.
4 May 18
STX Entertainment seeks to capture China’s vast moviegoing market.
15 Jan 18
Maoyan Weying is backed by influential investors which includes Tencent and Meituan Dianping.
21 Dec 17
We're taking the time off!
29 Nov 17
Chinese tourism expenditure and regional market recovery will be key growth drivers.
27 May 17
It will be held from November 16-19.
3 May 17
Along with 8,000 new job vacancies.
27 Feb 17
The group is expanding globally, heading towards the 10th year.
10 Feb 17
As overall visitor numbers dropped 4.5%.
7 Feb 17
Travellers can save an average of 18% on airfares in this month.
23 Dec 16
Santa and his dearest cats are taking the time off!
23 Aug 16
Who could have imagined that in 2016, millions of Hong Kongers from 6 to 60 would be walking for kilometers...
25 May 16
Global Gaming Expo Asia (G2E Asia), Asia’s one-stop destination for gaming and entertainment decision makers and suppliers, co-organized by...
23 Nov 15
It's showing signs of stabilization.