Information Technology

30 Mar 21
Over 87% of Hong Kongers are aware that copyright, trademarks, and patents are protected under law.
25 Mar 21
Its total revenues amounted $573b (RMB482.06b) for the year.
11 Mar 21
Its latest platform Quandl identifies data sets from firms and builds investment models.
11 Mar 21
Deadline for submission of entries is on 25 June 2021.
8 Mar 21
The deadline for nominations is on 25 June 2021.
23 Feb 21
Only 50% of decision makers are incorporating cybersecurity in their strategies in the new normal.
17 Feb 21
It has been implemented in 65.3% of local firms.
5 Feb 21
Hong Kong organisations believe investing in sufficient security technology is key to success.
22 Jan 21
Businesses use such platforms as unapproved means of communication.
5 Jan 21
Safety measures to curb COVID-19 have hampered brick-and-mortar retail businesses.
9 Dec 20
It has over 20 megawatts and is located in a key hub.
8 Dec 20
It was also named as one of the 'stand out' economies for digital trust.
3 Dec 20
Lapses in security is due to lack of basic 'cyber hygiene'.
26 Nov 20
The initiatives are highlighted in the Chief Executive's 2020 Policy Address.
10 Nov 20
This will help to better connect Finastra with Hong Kong’s growing fintech ecosystem.
21 Oct 20
This will both benefit students and staff in HKUST.
25 Aug 20
One of the categories features 37 specific themes in different technology areas.
21 Aug 20
Companies are also allowing employees to use personal devices to conduct company work.
20 Aug 20
The coronavirus pandemic has vastly altered the way businesses operate.
19 Aug 20
The funding period for subscription-based IT solutions will be extended from six to 12 months.
30 Jul 20
We have no idea of when the COVID-19 will end.
29 Jul 20
SME clients will receive free devices and cloud solutions.
24 Jul 20
Under the new arrangement, both parties will foster the development of IoT PropTech for sustainable living.
21 Jul 20
Many are making contingency plans and restructuring their operations away from the market.
16 Jul 20
It has 4 million sqft of space either being leased or transacted.
10 Jul 20
Proactive steps to avoid data breaches In Hong Kong and around the world, data breaches are in the news with...
8 Jul 20
Firms such as Microsoft and Zoom suspended data requests from the local government.
2 Jul 20
Eligible firms may receive monthly allowances up to $32,000.
28 Jun 20
FDT is behind Asia’s first ​Rapid Settlement and Clearing Network (RSCN).
22 Jun 20
Setting up an ecommerce store is no easy feat.
16 Jun 20
Omnichat is a messaging platform and can also monitor ecommerce movements.
15 Jun 20
The strategic partnership will expand the global digital assets exchange platform.
10 Jun 20
This is Lawrence Ho’s first move in the medical IT space.
7 Jun 20
Spidfier offers a solution that could shorten the process of verifying fishes at a cheaper rate.
19 May 20
The index includes companies from the Mainland with a secondary listing in Hong Kong.
30 Mar 20
Not so long ago, having a business website, no matter how slapdash, was a big deal.
18 Mar 20
It is capped at $75,000 for each company, benefitting 400 incubatees.
28 Jan 20
Deadline of entries is on 26 June 2020, Friday.
23 Jan 20
In 2019, it’s surprising to see that many business owners are missing out on potential customers simply because they don’t have an...
23 Jan 20
Retailers gearing up for 2020 may have been urged to double down on technology to deliver the elusive optimal customer experience that hits all...