Information Technology

22 Jun 18
32% of Thai enterprises have tried implementing digital transformations in at least one area of their businesses.
20 Jun 18
The value of non-cash transactions in China hit 50% in 2016.
19 Jun 18
The segment is expected to bring in US$285m in four years time.
18 Jun 18
Mobile payment apps are expected to be the next high-value target.
7 Jun 18
The video games market is expected to be worth US$1b in four years time.
7 Jun 18
Poor R&D dragged the city to 10th place whilst Singapore snagged the crown.
31 May 18
Lack of clear guidelines from the central bank weighed on the city's competitiveness.
31 May 18
The central bank is aiming to award licenses towards the end of the year.
29 May 18
This may cover professors working on the Mainland for more than 183 days a year.
25 May 18
Closed networks are out; open networks are in.
24 May 18
Pick a market sector and the Internet of Things is present: manufacturing, smart cities, retail, transportation, healthcare, education.
15 May 18
Fintech firms will be compelled to be registered with authorities.
15 May 18
The virtual assistant BERI will be available on the bank’s website and mobile app.
15 May 18
President Xi ordered state agencies to lend assistance to local scientists.
11 May 18
The beauty of living in a place where the history and geographic location fuels inventive minds is very apparent here in Hong Kong.
10 May 18
It will be rolled out by the end of 2018.
10 May 18
It aims to accelerate the admission of overseas and Mainland R&D talent.
10 May 18
Instead of collecting income proof assessing creditworthiness, banks may use big data and other fintech.
2 May 18
In the high-paced city that is Hong Kong, the internet is alive, changing, and always moving towards new technologies and trends.
26 Apr 18
The unveiling by the HKSAR Government of its Smart City blueprint late last year gave an insight into the transformation that, if all goes to plan...
18 Apr 18
CCB and AIA collaborated to offer blockchain-powered bancassurance products.
18 Apr 18
The region has attracted more fintech investments than North America and Europe.
18 Apr 18
Mobile banking has grown at least twofold in Emerging Asia to outpace other e-banking types.
4 Apr 18
Ownership of wearable tech only stands at a dismal 9%.
4 Apr 18
Despite optimum business conditions and strong mobile penetration rates, Hong Kong's small population is halting the adoption of various...
2 Apr 18
Items from camping tents to sophisticated gadgets are rented out for $150 a day.
12 Mar 18
Smaller e-payments players are finding it hard to gain traction against the ubiquitous card.
5 Mar 18
Ma Huateng believes it will enhance trade in the region.
28 Feb 18
Almost half ($20b) is reserved for the Hong Kong-Shenzen Innovation and Technology Park.
28 Feb 18
It lays out a bilateral mechanism for companies entering one another’s markets.
27 Feb 18
It will replace the need for a physical security device.
21 Feb 18
Developers skilled in UI/UX/HTML/CSS can earn as much as $840,000 yearly.
15 Feb 18
Digital savvy clients may soon prefer to interact more with chatbots.
14 Feb 18
WeLab’s $220m series B funding round has some big-time backers including Alibaba.
13 Feb 18
The project aims to digitalise trade between the two cities.
12 Feb 18
In addition to enabling cryptocurrency transactions, app users can send fiat currencies for free and in real time.
9 Feb 18
The authority notes that ICOs are usually structured to escape regulatory scrutiny.
8 Feb 18
Attracting the top tech talent is key as Hong Kong rolls out its smart city vision.
7 Feb 18
The de facto central bank believes they promote fintech and financial inclusion.
6 Feb 18
This will result in greater industry collaboration between banks and e-commerce players.