Information Technology

Over 750,000 ransomware attacks HK firms monthly

Ransomwares like Revil and TrickBot were the usual suspect.
13 days ago

Over 750,000 ransomware attacks HK firms monthly

Ransomwares like Revil and TrickBot were the usual suspect.
13 days ago

HR Briefing: Will machines take over Hong Kongers’ jobs?

Around 56% say they are threatened by the rising dependence on automation by local business, but analysts say there will also be opportunities.
19 days ago

Johnson Electric’s sales climb 70% to US$877m in Q1

This is higher than US$517m in the same period last year.
21 days ago

Hong Kong raises fund for 5G deployment

The funding was raised to $100m from $50m.
30 days ago

SUGA net profit surges 186.1% to $79.3m amidst COVID

The group’s electronic products segment recorded a 24.3% increase to $1.69b.
1 month ago

Lenovo profit climbs to an “all-time high” of US$1.17b in 2021

This reflected a 77% increase compared to the previous year.
2 months ago

Five ways the Hang Seng-Cyberport alliance can help entrepreneurs

It is expected to open up opportunities for Cyberport community companies in the Greater Bay Area.
2 months ago

HKSTP rolls out programme for new gen AI, Data Science professionals

The programme will run from May to June 2021.
2 months ago

ASM Pacific Technology hits record US$1.01b bookings in Q1

It surpassed its US$700m booking guidance for the quarter.
3 months ago

Awareness of IP rules remains high: survey

Over 87% of Hong Kongers are aware that copyright, trademarks, and patents are protected under law.
4 months ago

Tencent Holdings gains 30% profit in 2020

Its total revenues amounted $573b (RMB482.06b) for the year.
4 months ago

China Technology Excellence Awards 2021 is now accepting nominations

Deadline for submission of entries is on 25 June 2021.
4 months ago

Cloud tech plays key role in future of HK businesses: report

It has been implemented in 65.3% of local firms.
5 months ago

Guangdong-Hong Kong TCFS open for applications

One of the categories features 37 specific themes in different technology areas.
11 months ago

Almost 82% Hong Kong businesses plan to keep remote working post-COVID-19

Companies are also allowing employees to use personal devices to conduct company work.
11 months ago

What Facets of Technology Have Powered Businesses During the Pandemic?

The coronavirus pandemic has vastly altered the way businesses operate. From physical meetings and seamless access to company servers, businesses worldwide have been forced to shift to virtual and remote working models. This paradigm shift has changed how people work, collaborate, access data and view work-life balance. Hong Kong was amongst the first cities in the world to enforce social distancing measures and many organisations were left scrambling to enable remote working to minimise operational disruption.
11 months ago