Information Technology

11 Dec 18
7 in 10 of the SAR's population have access to superfast internet connectivity.
13 Nov 18
The IT hub is expected to be around 1.2 million square metres.
12 Nov 18
The level of investment exceeds that of Singapore, he says.
7 Nov 18
Artificial intelligence and automation are the leading technologies infiltrating several industries in the region, Fitch Solutions said.
7 Nov 18
E-commerce is Hong Kong’s number one side hustle pursuit, according to GoDaddy’s Gig Economy Survey in 2017, highlighting the city...
6 Nov 18
Banks are especially vulnerable to threats.
19 Oct 18
There are already eight cases of fraudulent bank websites in October YTD.
4 Oct 18
'Orii' allows the visually-challenged to operate phones via voice technology.
26 Sep 18
Members can share best practices and insights to boost cyber resilience.
25 Sep 18
Facial recognition technology and biometric methods may be used.
25 Sep 18
They account for under 6% of Grade A office space in H1, one of Asia’s lowest.
21 Sep 18
The ministry also announced that unicorn startup SenseTime will set up an AI-powered platform.
20 Sep 18
The collaboration aims to provide digital assistance to businesses in APAC and Europe.
11 Sep 18
Two years ago, I shared with Hong Kong Business readers how we will be able to build smarter retail infrastructure through in-store artificial...
11 Sep 18
The two central banks will share information and lead joint innovation projects.
31 Aug 18
Deniz Güven has been appointed as its CEO.
30 Aug 18
This will enable faster cross-border fund transfers.
29 Aug 18
The Hong Kong Map Service 2.0 has digital versions of land survey records.
29 Aug 18
RobEx offers express courier and self-service storage.
22 Aug 18
According to the Global Financial Centre Index, Hong Kong ranks as the third leading global financial centre after London and New York.
20 Aug 18
The SAR fell to second place with a speed of 145.65 Mbps.
17 Aug 18
AlipayHK users have doubled to 1.5 million since March.
16 Aug 18
Two state-backed laboratories will be built in the SAR’s science park.
13 Aug 18
BEA’s ‘i-Payment hub’ can process different payment types in a single device.
9 Aug 18
Total fintech funding hit US$983.6m in 2017 versus Hong Kong's US$596.8m.
7 Aug 18
Computers were encrypted by ransomware, leaving some data inaccessible.
30 Jul 18
Watsons, EGL Tours and Fortress will integrate Citi Pay with Points API into their platforms.
30 Jul 18
This includes Standard Chartered Bank and online loan platform WeLab.
25 Jul 18
The app provides real-time traffic news and parking information.
25 Jul 18
WiFi is going to turn into an emerging marketing asset.
18 Jul 18
This involves the participation of the central bank and seven other lenders.
17 Jul 18
The central bank approved a pilot project creating a real-time remittance corridor.
9 Jul 18
Nearly 70% cite that they remain unfamiliar with the tech required to go cashless.
4 Jul 18
Candidates familiar with open source programming languages are expected to be in hot demand.
26 Jun 18
The firm is tying up with Philippine-based micropayment service GCash.
22 Jun 18
32% of Thai enterprises have tried implementing digital transformations in at least one area of their businesses.
20 Jun 18
The value of non-cash transactions in China hit 50% in 2016.
19 Jun 18
The segment is expected to bring in US$285m in four years time.
18 Jun 18
Mobile payment apps are expected to be the next high-value target.
7 Jun 18
The video games market is expected to be worth US$1b in four years time.