Transport & Logistics

16 Apr 21
This is amidst GDP growth in economies and control of local virus situations.
26 Mar 21
Shareholder profit for the year reached more than $2.89b.
18 Mar 21
It aims to achieve zero vehicular emissions before 2050.
12 Mar 21
The company has also expanded its services.
17 Dec 20
Around 85% of goods purchased from Taobao, Tmall are eligible for return.
14 Dec 20
The model is equipped with a racing exhaust system, made in partnership with Akrapovič.
25 Nov 20
There has been a massive growth in shipment volumes in the region.
22 Sep 20
The E-Class is the best-selling model series in the history of Mercedes-Benz.
15 Sep 20
The campaign donated 60,000 meals to Hong Kong’s most vulnerable.
11 Sep 20
Customers can visit its brand centre via a virtual showroom.
7 Sep 20
This provides riders with a space to voice their opinions directly.
24 Aug 20
It was originally set for 31 March 2021.
16 Jul 20
It is said to have almost fully recovered its high transaction volume pre-lockdown.
13 Jul 20
Warehouse vacancy continued to increase to 3.3% in Q2.
25 Jun 20
This A$1b fund will be used to develop strategically located sites in three cities.
23 Jun 20
The regulator expects to accept applications starting mid-July.
18 Jun 20
Joint investments of US$1b will be made by APG, CPP Investments, and ESR.
15 Jun 20
Government schemes are tipping the demand away from ICE vehicles.
18 May 20
An increase in the number of vegan restaurant partners has also been seen.
28 Apr 20
Air exports and imports record a downward trend due to decline in demand.
4 Mar 20
The car is priced to compete with Tesla’s Roadster.
21 Jan 20
These were mostly under the hospitality, retail and logistics industries.
21 Jan 20
Small and medium enterprises now represent a major engine of growth for Asia, comprising over 97% of all businesses in the region and making...
16 Oct 19
Double-digit declines were recorded for import volume from South Korea and China.
4 Oct 19
The Volvo S60 and V60 promises the ultimate dynamic driving experience.
3 Sep 19
The trade dispute with Japan may be pushing consumers to buy local.
28 Aug 19
Year-end vehicle sales is unlikely to reach 1.1 million-unit target.
28 Aug 19
It features the world's first active suspension system on a 48-volt basis.
16 Aug 19
Rise in upper-class population, high consumer confidence, and moderate inflation will spur high-ticket car purchases.
17 Jul 19
Warehouse rents edged up 0.5% QoQ despite the downbeat trading outlook.
9 Jul 19
It combines the best of comfort and luxury convenience with enhanced safety features.
27 Jun 19
It allows riders to avail of their earnings at any time.
25 Jun 19
Hong Kong citizens are heavy road users, with over 12.6 million passenger trips on public transport taken every day, and 354 licensed vehicles for...
24 Jun 19
Demand is likely to remain subdued in the second half of the year.
8 May 19
Cargo throughput is set to rise to 9 million tonnes by 2030.
17 Apr 19
1 in 3 deals focused on purchasing old industrial buildings for redevelopment.
3 Apr 19
The country’s prime yield stood at 3.4%, down 30 bps from 2017.
15 Feb 19
The car industry is boosted by strong demand from the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Vietnam.
6 Feb 19
The establishment of much-needed transport infrastructure like the Metro Manila Subway project are already underway.
14 Jan 19
Around 6,800 km of new railways will cement the sector's growth prospects.