Transport & Logistics

16 Aug 19
Rise in upper-class population, high consumer confidence, and moderate inflation will spur high-ticket car purchases.
17 Jul 19
Warehouse rents edged up 0.5% QoQ despite the downbeat trading outlook.
9 Jul 19
It combines the best of comfort and luxury convenience with enhanced safety features.
27 Jun 19
It allows riders to avail of their earnings at any time.
25 Jun 19
Hong Kong citizens are heavy road users, with over 12.6 million passenger trips on public transport taken every day, and 354 licensed vehicles for...
24 Jun 19
Demand is likely to remain subdued in the second half of the year.
8 May 19
Cargo throughput is set to rise to 9 million tonnes by 2030.
17 Apr 19
1 in 3 deals focused on purchasing old industrial buildings for redevelopment.
3 Apr 19
The country’s prime yield stood at 3.4%, down 30 bps from 2017.
15 Feb 19
The car industry is boosted by strong demand from the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Vietnam.
6 Feb 19
The establishment of much-needed transport infrastructure like the Metro Manila Subway project are already underway.
14 Jan 19
Around 6,800 km of new railways will cement the sector's growth prospects.
8 Nov 18
Sales are poised to grow by an average of 2.2% annually from 2019-2027.
29 Oct 18
The driving characteristics of the Mercedes-AMG G 63 can be individualised with the touch of a finger.
24 Oct 18
The 34-mile bridge was launched after nine years of construction.
17 Oct 18
The 50-stall Destination Charging facility can provide full charges within a few hours.
17 Oct 18
Leighton has been suspended over construction issues in a separate project.
8 Oct 18
They’re valid for ten years.
25 Sep 18
The US$11b rail project connects Hong Kong to the Mainland in less than 20 minutes.
18 Sep 18
The high-speed rail offers faster and cheaper transport option than flying by plane.
23 Aug 18
The SAR beats Paris, Seoul and London in public transport safety.
25 Jul 18
The app provides real-time traffic news and parking information.
20 Jul 18
The Mercedez-Benz Brand Centre on Hong Kong Island features over 20 display cars.
16 Jul 18
The firm also plans to move into the door-to-door delivery scene.
10 Jul 18
Users can refund deposits until 10 August.
5 Jul 18
He will share how AI can improve customer experience as seen through their new A-Class Limousine.
21 Jun 18
The move can save as much as $458m annually.
11 Jun 18
The Mercedes-Benz C 200 features state-of-the-art active driver assistance systems.
7 Jun 18
Cainiao Smart Logistics Network will hold 51% stake in the joint venture.
6 Jun 18
Travel permits and IDs would be linked to the app to facilitate border crossing.
25 May 18
The Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 will be available later this year.
24 May 18
He has been with Daimler since 2004.
12 Feb 18
Commuters can save up to 20% in transport fees.
2 Feb 18
Passengers traveling by air can take sea or land transport using the same air ticket.
1 Feb 18
The facilities upgrade aims to boost Hong Kong as a leading regional port hub.
31 Jan 18
It has air vents, LED intelligent light system and panoramic sliding sunroof.
11 Jan 18
It will monitor the service quality of about 18,000 taxis in Hong Kong.
14 Dec 17
External trading volumes also picked up signaling the market’s gradual normalisation.
13 Dec 17
It will include red minibuses, shuttle buses, staff busses and short-distance ferry services.