Financial Services

13 Aug 19
Loans for mortgages, building, and construction drove quarterly gains.
12 Aug 19
Employers are now looking for more data scientists and full stack developers for mobile and web applications that go beyond the traditional set of...
9 Aug 19
35% have been charged with bank fees, most of them because they forgot to pay.
6 Aug 19
The fintech startup helps its users save up to 3.5% on transaction fees and can even go as high as 5% in some cases.
31 Jul 19
Credit cardholders can settle one-off or recurring payments on the app whilst earning points.
31 Jul 19
Cutting down branches is one way of keeping costs down.
29 Jul 19
Users can request data on current rates and detect nearby FX ATMs.
12 Jul 19
Expats may turn to lower-paying options following Deutsche and Nomura's job cull.
9 Jul 19
It will provide financial support for cancer patients as early as Stage I/II.
9 Jul 19
Children’s education ranked as their highest financial stressor.
3 Jul 19
It aims to nurture financial leadership and encourage monetary and financial research.
3 Jul 19
Account fees, which were waived, represent only a negligible income source.
27 Jun 19
HSBC, BEA, StanChart, and Hang Seng did the move in anticipation of stiffer competition from virtual lenders.
26 Jun 19
A cup of coffee in Singapore costs about $39.04, compared to a $54.66 cup of coffee in Hong Kong.
25 Jun 19
A deal could value MetLife Hong Kong at less than US$400m.
11 Jun 19
The hottest roles will include data scientists, UI engineers, and full stack developers.
6 Jun 19
It ranks the fourth easiest place to do business in Asia.
4 Jun 19
Retail merchants can provide their customers with an additional contactless payment option at the point of sale.
28 May 19
Bupa MyFlexi VHIS Plan offers 270 days hospitalisation coverage.
22 May 19
Half of investors that placed orders came from Asia and nearly a third from Europe.
10 May 19
A unit backed by Chinese insurer Ping An also scored a license.
10 May 19
Businesses are also bearing the cost as the indirect cost of eldercare to employers hit $1.8b.
10 May 19
George Lung and Johnny Chan will serve as senior executive regional director.
10 May 19
George Lung and Johnny Chan will serve as senior executive regional director.
8 May 19
Only 47% cited quick and easy banking as their top priority.
8 May 19
HKMA is setting up a centre for green finance.
2 May 19
Loans for use inside Hong Kong rose by 1.2%.
26 Apr 19
The median of current individual total assets is only $750,000.
26 Apr 19
It singled out an unnamed Chinese lender that engaged in share pledging.
24 Apr 19
Hiring mandates for private equity, property, and venture capital rose 40%.
8 Apr 19
The new international accounting standards on treatment of leases will have a serious impact on the financials and operations of many companies in...
4 Apr 19
The first batch of licensees were granted to applicants with experience in running a deposit-taking and lending business.
1 Apr 19
The insurer will offer personal reimbursement for hospitalisation.
1 Apr 19
Trade finance loans fell for the sixth straight month to $477.7b.
27 Mar 19
Consumers are willing to share income, location, lifestyle habit data in exchange for tailored offers.
25 Mar 19
Fasting tracker Vora is part of the developer's offerings.
25 Mar 19
The startup digitises real-world assets.
25 Mar 19
The startup aims to make money management across markets easy and accessible.
21 Mar 19
The energy sector saw the most defaults of $6.94b.
21 Mar 19
The balances of Generation Z customers skyrocketed 89%.