13 Jan 21
They will utilize a new system to assist in COVID-19 vaccine distribution.
2 Dec 20
The delay is caused by COVID-19 cases remaining high in Hong Kong.
26 Nov 20
The company is grateful for the government’s commitment to the aviation hub development.
23 Nov 20
New launch dates will be decided after a two-week review.
17 Nov 20
Revenue passenger kilometres fell by 98% over last month.
5 Nov 20
Cathay Pacific recently axed 5,300 Hong Kong employees.
28 Oct 20
Cathay’s 2,200 pilots reportedly face having their salaries permanently halved or losing their jobs.
22 Oct 20
5,300 Hong Kong employees made redundant.
14 Sep 20
The airline is now burning billions in cash per month.
13 Aug 20
The airlines’ passenger business does not expect to make a recovery for some time.
21 Jul 20
The airline and its Cathay Dragon unit flew 27,106 passengers in June, down 99.1% from June 2019.
7 Jul 20
It is examining plans to store more than 50 widebody aircraft out of 236 planes outside Hong Kong.
18 Jun 20
Flights will only be offered three times a week.
14 Jun 20
Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon carried 99.4% fewer passengers in May of 2020.
10 Jun 20
Most will come from its preference shares and warrants issue.
9 Jun 20
The airlines is poised to announce a new CEO at Cathay Dragon.
27 May 20
This comes after some of its staff attended the anti-government protests in Hong Kong.
18 May 20
It expects daily passenger volume to remain low in May.
16 Apr 20
Revenue passenger kilometres likewise fell by 84.3%.
23 Mar 20
Skeleton flights to operate in April and May due to demand-drop and travel restrictions.
17 Mar 20
Average Lunar Year numbers of 90,000 dropped to only 20,000 this year.
16 Mar 20
It reinstated three flights between Hong Kong and London Heathrow in 17-21 March.
19 Feb 20
Performance slid due to booking cancellations amidst COVID-19.
18 Dec 19
Cathay Pacific Airways may have to cut as much as 1,000 jobs.
29 Oct 19
The authority warned to take action unless the situation improves.
13 Aug 19
Passenger traffic in Australia nearly ground to a halt whilst those in India fell below the 5% mark.
22 Jul 19
HK Express will reportedly remain a low-cost carrier.
18 Jul 19
Recent protests deterred would-be visitors from other Asian markets.
3 Jul 19
Overall yield comes under pressure with the declining travel demand.
24 Apr 19
Concerns over the airlines’ financial health are growing.
27 Mar 19
If the acquisition goes through, Cathay Pacific would control three of Hong Kong’s four passenger airlines.
17 Jan 19
Total cargo throughput grew 1.5% to 5.1 million tonnes.
21 Dec 18
The monthly surge was driven by passengers to and from Japan and North America.
7 Dec 18
Around 14,600 eligible employees can expect a 3-8% increase in wages.
20 Nov 18
The volume of visitors from Japan and Europe grew the largest.
12 Nov 18
The most common charge added to ticket cost is $1,304.
29 Oct 18
There were no flight movement for over 20 hours.
26 Oct 18
Around 860,000 passport numbers and 245,000 identity cards numbers were accessed.
24 Sep 18
Passenger volume rose 5.2% to 6.8 million visitors.
18 Sep 18
The high-speed rail offers faster and cheaper transport option than flying by plane.