Shipping & Marine

20 Apr 21
The rates are expected to reach even greater heights in the near term.
7 Apr 21
The company says its net profit will amount to over RMB15b.
31 Mar 21
The company recorded a net profit increase during the year, despite the impact of the pandemic.
19 Mar 21
Some Chinese delicacies found amongst the smuggled goods.
9 Mar 21
The logistics giant reported a US$353.7m profit.
5 Mar 21
The result for the fourth quarter of 2020 declined by 9.5% Total port cargo throughput in 2020 declined 5.3% to 249.3m tonnes, the...
5 Mar 21
Jefferies Hong Kong downgrades the company’s recommendation to 'hold'.
23 Nov 20
The Asia-Singapore route marked the highest increase at 10%.
10 Nov 20
The result is welcome, but still lower than the same period in 2019.
9 Sep 20
It was dragged down by a 20% decrease in outward port cargo.
8 Jun 20
But inward port cargo increased by 5.5% to 39 million tonnes.
11 Mar 20
But exports dropped 24% to 6.3 million in Q4 2019.
9 Sep 19
Tonnage of outward port cargo to Macao skyrocketed 79.2%.
11 Jul 19
Hong Kong dethroned London in 2018 to become the second best in the rankings.
19 Feb 19
The 36 superyachts at Yacht Haven Marina would cover a distance of 1,582 meters.
24 Jan 19
Filled vessels in Hong Kong fell 5.4% in 2018.
21 Jan 19
Ports in Shanghai and Shenzhen rank above the SAR.
7 Dec 18
Inward port cargo tonnage crashed in US, Japan and Korea.
21 Sep 18
The MoU aims to set arrangements for sea cargo customs clearance.
7 Sep 18
Blame double-digit declines in inward port cargo to SIngapore and Japan.
16 Jul 18
However, the city still fall shorts of Singapore’s dominance.
6 Jun 18
Tonnage of inward port cargo plunged in Singapore, Korea, Japan and Vietnam.
22 May 18
The move ensures that the local tax regime can compete with international maritime hubs.
21 Dec 17
It will provide a unified platform to control air pollution and improve air quality.
14 Dec 17
It is expected to be divided between Hong Kong, the Mainland and Macau.
6 Dec 17
However, total capacity increased 1%.
16 Nov 17
It will increase capacity to 125,000 shipments per hour.
7 Jun 17
Inward port cargo up 23.6% to 40m tonnes.
18 Apr 17
It is an important landmark in cementing its position as a global port.
13 Apr 17
Fares will be up by 8.9% starting July.
7 Mar 17
Total cargo for the past quarter reached 71m tonnes.
27 Feb 17
Firms face severe shortage on big data professionals.
13 Dec 16
OOCL has 2.7% of the world's market share.
26 Oct 16
NPAT attributable to unitholders drops 18% YoY in 3Q.
31 Aug 16
Despite profit attributable to stock holders dropping 28%.
19 Dec 15
Opinions mixed on whether Hong Kong should adopt a Singapore-style block exemption It's...
22 Oct 14
Overseas terminals grew the most.