Residential Property

20 Feb 19
The rental decline narrowed to 0.3% in January.
13 Feb 19
Pre-sales are tipped to inch up by a measly 2.2% in 2019.
13 Feb 19
Monthly sales need to hit 5,700 transactions to prop up slowing prices.
11 Feb 19
The sites are in Yuen Long and Kai Tak.
11 Feb 19
The total consideration for the 5,589 deals hit $72b.
11 Feb 19
New home supply at the Peak is set to fall to 13 units per year.
6 Feb 19
The society will build 6,600 flats across Kowloon from 2024-2026.
6 Feb 19
The aggregate value of mortgages in negative equity hit $1.19b in Q4.
21 Jan 19
It is designated for private residential purposes.
21 Jan 19
Sun Hung Kai discounted its Ma Tau Kok apartment complex by 50% on average.
17 Jan 19
Leasing costs may rise at a slower pace compared to the previous year.
17 Jan 19
Australian home prices may drop a further 5%.
10 Jan 19
The trade spat and China's economic slowdown hit demand.
10 Jan 19
The former airport area could provide homes for 35,100 residents.
8 Jan 19
The SSD, DSD, and BSD will remain in place.
21 Dec 18
The number of applications hit as high as 32,000 in the year to March 2015.
14 Dec 18
Slowing Chinese buyer demand and rising mortgage rates will drive down prices.
12 Dec 18
Building works for residential projects dropped 6.5% to $15.2b.
5 Dec 18
The total deal consideration was $43.3b.
27 Nov 18
Less than 500 homes were sold for the month as of 25 November.
19 Nov 18
As many as 2,545 flats will be provided.
14 Nov 18
The worst case scenario envisions residential property prices to crash by as much as 25%.
12 Nov 18
Market take-up, however, may not been as warm as it used to.
8 Nov 18
This is compared to a record-sale in the same area six months ago.
7 Nov 18
The two-year streak was broken after residential property prices fell 0.1%.
5 Nov 18
New-home sales in October fell to its lowest level in 16 months.
31 Oct 18
Locals took charge but failed to plug the gap left by Mainland counterparts.
31 Oct 18
Developers may start building larger projects sized between 400 to 600 sqft.
30 Oct 18
Posh home prices in Singapore rose 13% whilst Hong Kong’s ground to a halt at 5.5%.
30 Oct 18
The dismal take-up comes after banks hiked lending rates.
29 Oct 18
The value of small flats have crashed by as much as 20%.
26 Oct 18
It has been awarded to Jantix Realty (Hong Kong).
24 Oct 18
Apartments will be priced more conservatively in response to weakening sentiment.
24 Oct 18
It could be the largest mixed-use project in 21 years.
22 Oct 18
Members who opt for the option must shell out $150,000 in advance.
19 Oct 18
There are around 57 applicants competing for one flat.
17 Oct 18
The tendered premiums fell below reserve prices.
17 Oct 18
The deals had a total land premium of $1.6b.
4 Oct 18
There were only 4,799 deals in September.