Residential Property

14 Aug 18
It takes residents five years and three months to be allocated a flat.
14 Aug 18
Units no larger than 300 sqft compose 12.4% total apartment sales in the city.
13 Aug 18
Sun Hung Kai Properties rolled out 16% on its Park Yoho property.
10 Aug 18
Swire Properties could incur extra costs after a possible misstep.
9 Aug 18
BOC (Hong Kong), HSBC and Hang Seng Bank raised rates by 10bp.
7 Aug 18
A Sha Tin apartment was nearly sold out a week after the cooling measures took effect.
6 Aug 18
Sky-high rents are amongst the reasons pushing them to stay at the fast food joint.
1 Aug 18
Developers are switching unsold luxury flats from the sales to leasing market to escape the claws of vacancy tax.
1 Aug 18
However, the number of applications continued to rise to 14,579.
1 Aug 18
A secondary-market home price index rose 1.644% in June.
31 Jul 18
A number of job losses freed up home stock.
30 Jul 18
However, this may still be insufficient to cover skyrocketing home costs.
30 Jul 18
This is 3,000 less than the previous estimate.
27 Jul 18
Nearly 70% believe that home prices will climb in the next year.
25 Jul 18
From a peak of 21.6% in June 2017, home price growth have slowed to 14.7% in May.
20 Jul 18
Paliburg Holdings and Regal International started offering discounts on vacant units.
19 Jul 18
The surge comes after a report suggested that higher incomes can support steeper rents.
17 Jul 18
Sun Hung Kai Properties enjoyed a strong sale, with 1 unit left unsold.
11 Jul 18
Flat sizes have already shrunk about 40% in six years.
10 Jul 18
CE Lam affirmed her commitment to lend assistance to the Housing Society.
10 Jul 18
The total consideration of these deals hit $403.68b.
9 Jul 18
The pre-sale consent for residential developments could yield 3,861 units.
5 Jul 18
This translates to a total consideration of $80.8b.
5 Jul 18
The airport relocation enabled the redevelopment possibility of old Kowloon homes, said CE Lam.
4 Jul 18
The residential sites can yield 1,850 flats.
3 Jul 18
However, the number of mortgage applications fell to 14,491.
3 Jul 18
Secondary-market residential prices rose 1.67%.
2 Jul 18
Homes under the HOS will now be based on a median monthly income of $39,500.
2 Jul 18
The venture redevelopment can provide 450 units.
2 Jul 18
It will not trigger the expected price fall but will only slow the fast pace of growth.
26 Jun 18
Capital outflows from China, Hong Kong, and Singapore that totalled US$71.9b secured APAC's top spot.
26 Jun 18
The levy is expected to be focused on newly built units.
25 Jun 18
Of this number, 23,100 new flats and 11,700 refurbished flats will be available.
14 Jun 18
The aggressive bidding is expected to push property prices in Singapore's Orchard Road.
12 Jun 18
They accounted for $17.9b and $12.8b respectively.
12 Jun 18
Demand for small to medium sized units continue to strengthen.
5 Jun 18
Skyrocketing property prices may have finally dampened demand.
4 Jun 18
Hong Kong's housing shortage has bred several creative residential solutions.
1 Jun 18
However, the number of mortgage applications rose to 14,898.
31 May 18
Secondary market home prices rose 1.84%.