Residential Property

25 Jun 18
Of this number, 23,100 new flats and 11,700 refurbished flats will be available.
14 Jun 18
The aggressive bidding is expected to push property prices in Singapore's Orchard Road.
12 Jun 18
They accounted for $17.9b and $12.8b respectively.
12 Jun 18
Demand for small to medium sized units continue to strengthen.
5 Jun 18
Skyrocketing property prices may have finally dampened demand.
4 Jun 18
Hong Kong's housing shortage has bred several creative residential solutions.
1 Jun 18
However, the number of mortgage applications rose to 14,898.
31 May 18
Secondary market home prices rose 1.84%.
30 May 18
They snapped up to 90% of home sales in the first four months of 2018.
30 May 18
There was no significant increase in such transactions from 659 cases to 663 in February to April.
28 May 18
Vacancy rates fell to 3.7% in 2017, indicating little sign of idling private residential units.
22 May 18
Mainland buyers snapped up posh homes, buoying luxury transactions growth to 44%.
21 May 18
A third (34%) of mortgage applicants in 2H2017 were millennials born from 1980 to 1994.
16 May 18
The purchase represents the most expensive land sold by lump price.
14 May 18
Even with the steady supply, waiting time for housing applicants has increased.
4 May 18
Residential units accounted for three quarters of the monthly sales.
4 May 18
Home ownership in Hong Kong has plunged to alarmingly low levels.
2 May 18
It’s one of the top five fastest growing districts in terms of affluence.
30 Apr 18
Sewage plants and reservoirs can be relocated to caverns to build more homes.
30 Apr 18
This represents 1,000 less flats than the previous estimate.
27 Apr 18
The government has identified 18 land supply options to plug the severe shortfall.
25 Apr 18
Hong Kong's expensive housing market has bred an unconventional low-cost housing alternative.
24 Apr 18
Only 49.2% of households own their occupied homes, representing the lowest level since 1999.
23 Apr 18
HSBC and BOC have already stopped offering the package whilst ICBC will stop on May 1.
19 Apr 18
Residential prices rose 1.6% in March, extending the uptrend since April 2016.
19 Apr 18
Secretary Frank Chan Fan believes that regulations may raise home prices.
17 Apr 18
Flats of less than 20 square meters accounted for 4% of private homes completed in 2017.
16 Apr 18
Consumers may shoulder higher mortgage repayments soon.
5 Apr 18
Total consideration for sales and purchase agreements fell to $50.5b.
5 Apr 18
Analysts expect the momentum to slow from 16.1% to 14% in 2018.
2 Apr 18
Loans for primary transactions plunged18.2% whilst loans for secondary transactions dropped 13.2%.
2 Apr 18
Maximum total amount is estimated at $2.45b and $50m for domestic and non-domestic licensees.
29 Mar 18
A luxury apartment at the Peak sold for almost $130,000 per sq ft at $590.19m.
27 Mar 18
More than half were for apartment developments.
16 Mar 18
If interest rates rise, lower property prices may only hurt mortgage payers.
15 Mar 18
They can maintain their credit profiles even if prices were to plunge by 30%.
15 Mar 18
Analysts waved off concerns that interest rates will immediately rise following the Fed’s tightening policies.
13 Mar 18
The gross value of home projects rose 1.4% in nominal terms to $66.1b.
13 Mar 18
Market prices increased for the 15th consecutive month but a slowdown may be looming.
13 Mar 18
Wheelock & Co. sold all 750 apartments amidst a slew of 9,800 applications.