Building & Engineering

12 Apr 21
Designers must be adaptive to the changing times in creating spaces.
24 Mar 21
A change in people’s daily habits is causing a shift in what’s important to have in an office space.
15 Mar 21
Construction work at private sector sites recorded the highest drop in 2020.
10 Mar 21
Its revenues also recorded an increase of 16.1% to $221.2m this year.
24 Jul 20
Under the new arrangement, both parties will foster the development of IoT PropTech for sustainable living.
13 Jul 20
This comprises the construction of buildings and is expected to cost about $5.67b.
11 Jun 20
This is due to the uptick of investment activity in real estate and infrastructure.
14 Feb 20
A handful of uncompleted railway projects in 2019 are set to pick up in 2020.
10 Feb 20
The industry ranks poorly out of 141 territories globally.
16 Dec 19
Value of work at public sector sites fell to $15.5b.
25 Sep 19
Another 110,548 sqm of new buildings will be added to the supply pipeline.
23 Sep 19
Steep land acquisition costs are partially to blame.
20 Sep 19
Urban redevelopment projects will drive growth amidst shrinking housing demand.
13 Sep 19
The value of construction projects for public sector sites crashed 26.9% YoY.
23 Aug 19
However, the sector will grow in the long term as more projects achieve completion.
15 Aug 19
Gross margins of the two top producers improved.
25 Jun 19
Project delays result in cost overruns, with multi-state projects being hit the hardest.
9 May 19
Its low technology adoption rate is driving up construction costs.
9 May 19
It will provide information and technical support on redeveloping sites to building owners.
25 Mar 19
It offers a one-stop shop including a physical outlet stocked with tools and an online marketplace.
20 Feb 19
The total investment is almost double that recorded in end-2016.
14 Jan 19
Around 6,800 km of new railways will cement the sector's growth prospects.
12 Dec 18
Its government will spend an additional US$26.5b to upgrade infrastructure affected by natural disasters.
7 Nov 18
Growing collaboration will push the Philippine construction sector to grow by 8.8%.
23 Oct 18
More than half of the units will be located in the New Territories.
8 Oct 18
Residential developments dominated quarterly figures.
27 Sep 18
Owners can learn about maintenance work from relevant authorities themselves.
30 Aug 18
But it could recover amidst the government's policy easing.
25 Jul 18
The changes will take effect on July 30.
28 May 18
The city has been slow to integrate digital solutions which could bring costs down.
13 Mar 18
The gross value of home projects rose 1.4% in nominal terms to $66.1b.
9 Mar 18
The MOU was signed by Permanent Secretary for Development Hon Chi-Keung.
7 Mar 18
It will build a 390-metre-long tunnel in Yau Ma Tei to ease traffic congestion in the area.
28 Feb 18
It’s expected to grow 1.8% annually between 2018 and 2022.
13 Feb 18
It’s a good time to be an electrical, mechanical, structural and building services engineer.
24 Jan 18
It will build an underwater tunnel in Kowloon Bay to slash travelling time during peak hours.
13 Dec 17
Residential building projects amounted to $16.3b in the same quarter.
19 Jul 17
Five of these are in the New Territories.
21 Jun 17
Four on Hong Kong Island, five in Kowloon and six in the New Territories.
26 May 17
The Murray is a contemporary urban chic hotel, but it is not just any other hotel.