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Small businesses: What your customers want from your brand experience

In today's digital marketplace, a new wave of consumers is reshaping how brands approach the customer experience. Meet the Discovery Generation: a group of digital natives who are seeking unique and personalised experiences online.

Raised on social media, influenced by global trends, and driven by a desire for authenticity and sustainability, the Discovery Generation represents a significant shift in consumer behaviour. Understanding what motivates them is key for businesses aiming to capture their attention and business. Here's how you can adapt your brand experience to the world of digital discovery.

Make it hyper-convenient

Today's customers demand seamless e-commerce experiences. They choose brands that offer ease and flexibility in browsing, payment and delivery. To meet this need, businesses must integrate user-friendly digital platforms, diverse payment options and flexible delivery solutions. This approach minimises friction, reducing the likelihood of cart abandonment, and fosters customer loyalty.

Personalise the e-commerce experience

The Discovery Generation – your new brand advocates – crave personalised experiences. They value brands that understand their unique preferences and anticipate their needs. Utilising data analytics to tailor your product recommendations and marketing messages can increase customer engagement. This personalisation elevates the shopping experience, making your customers feel valued and understood.

Embrace digital discovery 

In an age where inspiration drives purchasing decisions, businesses must innovate to capture attention. Engaging content and interactive online experiences can help your business attract and retain customers. In fact, 68% of digital consumers discover new products through online inspiration and influence, making digital platforms an essential part of your marketing strategy. This broadens your customer base and strengthens your brand as a source of inspiration.

A two-step approach to win over the Discovery Generation

Experience is everything to your customers. It’s why two-thirds of businesses that prioritised customer needs and experiences outpaced peers in their sectors. With a two-step approach to smarter, digitised commerce, you can deliver a winning customer experience to the Discovery Generation.

Step one is to automate and streamline the e-commerce experience. Digital tools like FedEx Ship Manager empower your team with information about shipping rates, capabilities and shipment status, so they can serve customers better, faster and smarter. 

Step two is to take your shipping digital to deliver faster. With FedEx® Electronic Trade Documents you can quickly upload and submit documents ahead of your shipment to make customs clearance straightforward. 

FedEx's commitment to digital innovation empowers small businesses to deliver exceptional brand experiences. By partnering with FedEx, your products can reach customers worldwide swiftly and securely. This reinforces the reliability and global reach of your brand.

The shift towards a hyper-convenient, personalised and digitally inspired shopping landscape presents exciting opportunities for businesses. By understanding the behaviours of the Discovery Generation and leveraging FedEx's expertise, you can elevate your brand experience to meet the expectations of today's consumers. Embrace the new rules of the digital world, and watch your business thrive on a global scale. For more resources and guidance to empower your business, visit the FedEx Small Business Center today.

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