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Hong Kong jobless likely to further drop in May: gov’t

But full employment is still a long way ahead.
1 day ago

Hong Kong jobless likely to further drop in May: gov’t

But full employment is still a long way ahead.
1 day ago

Hong Kongers asked: What makes an ideal employer?

More than 3 in 5 Hong Kongers sought “attractive salary and benefits” from ideal employers.
8 days ago

10 firms that made it in HK’s most attractive companies

The Hong Kong Jockey Club topped the list for the first time in 2021.
11 days ago

Green Employment Scheme to create 800 new jobs

Of this, 500 are time-limited whilst 300 are subsidised jobs.
12 days ago

HR Briefing: Will machines take over Hong Kongers’ jobs?

Around 56% of Hong Kongers are threatened by automation.
14 days ago

Gov’t-led job fair opens up to 2,400 opportunities

The recruitment event will be held on 1 and 2 June.
15 days ago

Hong Kong workforce sees lowest pay hike since 2008: Survey

Salary increments this year only averaged +0.4%, according to JobsDB.
21 days ago

Citi eyes 1,000 new Hong Kong hires, amidst growth in wealth clientele

The will include  550 new relationship managers and private managers over the next five years.
29 days ago

Government sees “significant” drop in Hong Kong jobless

The unemployment rate stood at 6.8% in March, down from the record of 7.2%.
29 days ago

Automation threatens 56% of the Hong Kong workforce

Fears over automation putting jobs at risk remains prominent amongst Hong Kongers.
1 month ago

Four in 10 Hong Kongers received salary increases in 2020

Most of these saw their salaries rise by between 3% and 5%.
1 month ago

Find out which jobs to seize in the Greater Bay Area

KPMG has identified three major sectors that will create the most opportunities.
1 month ago

HKMCI starts 100% personal loan guarantee scheme applications

The government will accept applications for six months.
1 month ago

Worst is over? Hong Kong's jobless rate drops from 7.2% peak

Despite an uneven recovery, the unemployment rate will likely enter a sustained decline, OCBC has said.
1 month ago

Here are 2021's hybrid work trends you need to know

The work-from-home setup is unlikely to be going away just yet.
1 month ago

Jobless rate fell to 6.8% in March, as fourth wave receded

This represents an improvement from the record high of 7.2% between December 2020-February 2021.
1 month ago

Struggling Gen Zs need to be 're-energized': study

More than 50% of Generation Z workers in Hong Kong say they are struggling.
1 month ago