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Gov’t OKs $10b wage subsidies for 1.2 million workers

It represented about 86% of all applications received from workers.

Joblessness drops to 5.1% in May

The total number of unemployed people stands at 191,400.

Majority of full-time workers received pay hike: study

The remaining workers had unchanged pay or reduced salary.

Over 95% workers at risk of burnout due to unfair treatment by peers

Four in 10 employees said they experience unequal treatment.

Overworked? Study finds that 72% of Hong Kong employees are unhappy

Employees in Hong Kong work an average of 41 hours each week.

Work-life balance beats salary as top employee demand

Over 6 in 10 workers want jobs with work-life balance.

Here's why more women want work-life balance than men

More than 6 in 10 women demand work-life balance.

Unemployment rate rises to 5.4% from February to April

The total number of unemployed people stands at 206,100.

Hong Kong rise to 4th in Asia-Pacific in 2021 women entrepreneurs index

It posted a 64.7 score which is an unchanged status from 2020.

7 in 10 Hongkongers find upskilling choices difficult

Only 12% feel that they don't need to upskill to keep their jobs. 

76% of employers consider salary hikes in 2022: Hays

However, data showed people are expecting higher than what employers can give.

7 of 10 Hongkongers priotise compensation in career choice: Randstad

Non-financial employee benefits were found rarely considered.

Here are the 5 key trends that will shape the labour market

This is against the backdrop of an era-defining hybrid phenomenon, IWG said.

Competing for the best talent in Hong Kong’s shrinking talent pool

About 85% of employers are concerned about the talent shortage.