HR & Education

22 Oct 18
Parents need to pay an average of $177,591 annually.
22 Oct 18
This translates to 117,800 unemployed persons.
22 Oct 18
Law enforcement and government officials will receive their IDs first.
19 Oct 18
Companies are looking for VP, CFO and finance heads in past months.
8 Oct 18
Insurance and travel were amongst the industries with poor satisfaction rates.
8 Oct 18
It also aims to launch a micro-satellite on a Chinese rocket in 2019.
28 Sep 18
The average wage rate inched up 1.2%.
21 Sep 18
Vacancy levels surged 14% to 79,200 in June.
20 Sep 18
Those born pre-1964 appreciate the productivity benefits of non-conventional work.
19 Sep 18
This translates to around 117,400 unemployed Hong Kongers.
12 Sep 18
This is part of the pledge to increase R&D expenditure to GDP to 1.5% by 2022.
12 Sep 18
Once a thriving expat hub, the SAR has plunged to 56th place in the global expat life rankings.
10 Sep 18
Engineers and developers are all in short supply.
6 Sep 18
Nearly half plan to offer attractive lifestyle packages to lure top talent.
3 Sep 18
Bosses hiring those aged 60 or above can get monthly allowance of up to $4,000 per employee.
31 Aug 18
Naval architects are amongst those who may enjoy prioritised immigration treatment.
30 Aug 18
Companies need to improve retention initiatives like regular salary reviews.
28 Aug 18
It has weakened firms' appetite for investments in the country.
24 Aug 18
It's part of the Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions/Sectors.
23 Aug 18
They have a higher number of counteroffers to choose from.
21 Aug 18
Their belief in their niche expertise skills drives them to demand more.
20 Aug 18
This translates to around 114,700 unemployed Hong Kongers.
15 Aug 18
Firms may be failing to exhaust all available support options.
14 Aug 18
There are around 35,000 Australian expats in the SAR.
10 Aug 18
The Greater Bay Area project has fuelled demand for such candidates.
7 Aug 18
The maximum on-the-job training allowances for employers will also be raised to $4,000.
1 Aug 18
Workers believe managers treat colleagues from various ages differently.
24 Jul 18
Women are more open to the setup than men.
23 Jul 18
They are amongst the sectors expecting a turn for the worse in coming quarters.
20 Jul 18
This translates to 112,400 unemployed persons.
19 Jul 18
HKMA hopes it can serve as a hub for monetary and financial research.
16 Jul 18
Permanent contracts await top-performing contractual employees.
9 Jul 18
There were a total of 85,449 new company registrations in the first half of the year.
4 Jul 18
Candidates familiar with open source programming languages are expected to be in hot demand.
29 Jun 18
Japan's salary surge could cost as much as US$468b by 2030.
29 Jun 18
Several large-scale infra projects will drive up demand for such talent.
27 Jun 18
Payroll per person also inched up 1.3%.
27 Jun 18
A liter of gasoline, unleaded 95 octane costs the most in Hong Kong at $15 (US$2).
26 Jun 18
Hong Kong is the world's most expensive city whilst Tokyo, Singapore, and Seoul also made it to the list.
25 Jun 18
There were a total of 12,030 vacancies.