HR & Education

22 Jun 18
Workers are more inclined to stay amidst hefty paychecks.
20 Jun 18
This translates to 112,300 unemployed persons.
14 Jun 18
There is shortage of employees in healthcare, construction, and transport.
14 Jun 18
About one in three believe that they are not well-trained for the digital economy.
13 Jun 18
Employees in the upper band and directorate will enjoy 4.06% higher wages.
13 Jun 18
Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai have overtaken the city in cost of living rankings.
11 Jun 18
Finance managers in the 95th percentile can enjoy as much as $720,000 yearly.
7 Jun 18
Foreigners could help counter labour shortage in construction and agriculture.
7 Jun 18
Women in their 30s earn 11% less whilst those in their 50s earn 25% less than men.
5 Jun 18
Job applications should also be mobile friendly.
29 May 18
A typical pay package is valued at US$268,514 versus Singapore’s US$223,095.
25 May 18
The financial sector continues to churn out generous compensation packages.
18 May 18
Higher employment in the education sector kept the job market tight.
17 May 18
Almost 90% believe that a reasonable waiting period for feedback is up to one month.
10 May 18
It aims to accelerate the admission of overseas and Mainland R&D talent.
9 May 18
The city’s competitiveness could be easily eroded within a decade if companies do not act soon.
27 Apr 18
Recruiters are not future-proofing their human resources for the disruption AI brings.
27 Apr 18
They believe companies don’t have existing policies promoting financial well-being.
24 Apr 18
They expect both output and employment levels to rise.
20 Apr 18
The number of unemployed persons rose by 5,200 but was offset by labour force growth.
19 Apr 18
It’s not just about the hefty paychecks.
19 Apr 18
It’s a deciding factor in hiking the salaries of fresh IT graduates.
18 Apr 18
Specialised roles in talent acquisition, management and compensation are highly sought after.
16 Apr 18
Professionals switching to digital jobs can expect as much as 25% salary increase.
5 Apr 18
These could take the form of tax rebates or subsidies.
28 Mar 18
Payroll per person also increased 2.6% in Q4.
26 Mar 18
The industry had roughly 12,120 vacancies.
21 Mar 18
Six in 10 recruiters are opting for such temporary hiring strategies.
9 Mar 18
The number of women on HSI boards rose to 13.8% but Canada and US boards are over 20% female.
9 Mar 18
They believe greater transparency can help address this.
8 Mar 18
Almost a fifth of expats are employed in the lion city compared to 14% in Hong Kong.
5 Mar 18
More male employees are optimistic about a wage hike.
28 Feb 18
This will translate to more scholarships and new public school lifts.
27 Feb 18
31% aim to leverage the expertise of other businesses by partnering with digital agencies.
27 Feb 18
49% have expressed dissatisfaction with their compensation package.
27 Feb 18
They also receive more competitive salaries at USD148,410 than Singapore expats at USD117,904.
23 Feb 18
This translates to 106,600 unemployed persons.
22 Feb 18
However, the increase will only range from 3 to 6%.