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Labour Department to offer 4,500 'quality job vacancies'

Monthly pay ranges from $13,000 to $21,000.
5 days ago

Labour Department to offer 4,500 'quality job vacancies'

Monthly pay ranges from $13,000 to $21,000.
5 days ago

Unemployment rate rises to 2.9%

There were 115,800 unemployed people from August to October.

Hong Kong emerges as 2nd highest-paying city for marketers

The average annual marketing salary in Hong Kong is $756,359.04 (£79,155.27).

Hong Kong  real wages to rise by 1.7% in 2024 

Next year's growth is slightly lower than 2023's record.

Nine in 10 firms lost staff members in H1

Higher salary is still the top reason why people are changing jobs.

More than 150 positions open in GBA fintech internship

Successful applicants will get a monthly subsidy of $12,000.

Unemployment rate remains at 2.8% in July-September

The underemployment rate was the same at 1%.

Overall average turnover percentage ranges from 8.9% to 26.4%

The higher the employee level, the lower the turnover percentage was recorded.

Hong Kong employees record the highest salary hike in GBA: study

HK fresh graduates with engineering function was the highest with $20,950.

Gov’t opens applications for tech scheme

The government allocated $10b for the scheme aiming to commercialise research and development (R&D) outcomes.

Gov’t increases pay for helpers by 3%

The new minimum wage and food allowance will apply to all contracts signed from 30 September.

1 in 2 young professionals seeking to work overseas: survey

Over 1 in 10 wants to move out “as soon as possible,” Robert Walters Hong Kong found.

4 Hong Kong universities fell in global top 100 university rankings

Only one Hong Kong university climbed in the rankings

Microsoft, Education Bureau join hands to advance AI education in HK

Amongst Microsoft’s efforts is to make Generative AI accessible to K-12 schools in the city.

Unemployment rate sits at 2.8%

There were 112,100 unemployed people from June to August.