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22 Jan 21
87% said remote working options became top priority following the pandemic.
21 Jan 21
The fourth wave of infections weighed on local consumption and business sentiment.
18 Jan 21
Purchase decision will shift towards casualisation.
13 Jan 21
They want to retain the positives which emerged whilst working from home.
11 Jan 21
But 67% admit soft skills need improvement.
18 Dec 20
We're taking the time off!
14 Dec 20
Millennials to usher in an era of efficiency.
4 Dec 20
Three reasons why Hong Kong needs a corporate wellness paradigm shift now and five ways to make it happen in your company Hong...
2 Dec 20
Meanwhile, 47% of respondents said they were unsure.
26 Nov 20
Salary hikes will be few and far, but it’s not all doom and gloom as companies transition to the new normal.
20 Nov 20
Employers are cautiously optimistic on the recovery for next year.
19 Nov 20
Lowest salary increase in 10 years also predicted for the year.
10 Nov 20
55% of middle management said their companies provided support.
28 Oct 20
Cathay’s 2,200 pilots reportedly face having their salaries permanently halved or losing their jobs.
21 Oct 20
Outlook remains bleak for the labour market as the global pandemic rages on.
16 Oct 20
The ongoing pandemic has highlighted the importance of employee wellbeing.
25 Sep 20
Only 27% considered mental health support from employers as adequate.
21 Sep 20
F&B unemployment rate remained high at 14.4% during this period.
21 Sep 20
F&B unemployment rate remained high at 14.4% during this period.
10 Sep 20
The COVID-19 pandemic and continuing social unrest sparked by pro-democracy protests have converged to deal a dramatic blow to Hong Kong’s...
20 Aug 20
It eased in the information and communication, professional and business services sector.
24 Jul 20
Underemployment rate similarly inched up to 3.7%.
15 Jul 20
Enterprises have been forced to reduce wage expenses to maintain financial health.
15 Jul 20
City officials have detected 40 local cases on 14 July.
12 Jul 20
Staggered return and split teams may not be enough to squash their employees’ concerns.
8 Jul 20
This batch will receive an average wage subsidy of about $460,000.
6 Jul 20
Almost half believe that their employers will re-skill and find them another position.
30 Jun 20
Employers received a total of $6.5b to get through from June to August.
30 Jun 20
Only 39% of the companies reported a decline in wage rates.
24 Jun 20
Total number of vacancies saw a shortfall of 4,960 compared to the same time previous year.
23 Jun 20
In today’s business environment, many companies are adopting to the ‘new normal’ of remote operations to minimise disruption.
18 Jun 20
The retail, accommodation, and food services sector hit its highest jobless rate since SARS.
15 Jun 20
As pay gets more conservative, some would rather take matters into their own hands.
8 Jun 20
It offers 300 roles for students graduating in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree.
7 Jun 20
Many universities have closed their campuses amidst the double whammy of protests and COVID-19.
29 May 20
The ceremony gathered 78 incubation and 30 pre-incubation STEP start-up graduates.
26 May 20
This is despite 86% of employees concerned about job security.
20 May 20
Around three quarters of job seekers are considering a career change.
20 May 20
Working from home arrangement found by most employees as flexible.
21 Apr 20
Food and beverage suffered the most with an 8.6% increase in unemployment rate.