HR & Education

20 Aug 18
This translates to around 114,700 unemployed Hong Kongers.
15 Aug 18
Firms may be failing to exhaust all available support options.
14 Aug 18
There are around 35,000 Australian expats in the SAR.
10 Aug 18
The Greater Bay Area project has fuelled demand for such candidates.
7 Aug 18
The maximum on-the-job training allowances for employers will also be raised to $4,000.
1 Aug 18
Workers believe managers treat colleagues from various ages differently.
24 Jul 18
Women are more open to the setup than men.
23 Jul 18
They are amongst the sectors expecting a turn for the worse in coming quarters.
20 Jul 18
This translates to 112,400 unemployed persons.
19 Jul 18
HKMA hopes it can serve as a hub for monetary and financial research.
16 Jul 18
Permanent contracts await top-performing contractual employees.
9 Jul 18
There were a total of 85,449 new company registrations in the first half of the year.
4 Jul 18
Candidates familiar with open source programming languages are expected to be in hot demand.
29 Jun 18
Japan's salary surge could cost as much as US$468b by 2030.
29 Jun 18
Several large-scale infra projects will drive up demand for such talent.
27 Jun 18
Payroll per person also inched up 1.3%.
27 Jun 18
A liter of gasoline, unleaded 95 octane costs the most in Hong Kong at $15 (US$2).
26 Jun 18
Hong Kong is the world's most expensive city whilst Tokyo, Singapore, and Seoul also made it to the list.
25 Jun 18
There were a total of 12,030 vacancies.
22 Jun 18
Workers are more inclined to stay amidst hefty paychecks.
20 Jun 18
This translates to 112,300 unemployed persons.
14 Jun 18
There is shortage of employees in healthcare, construction, and transport.
14 Jun 18
About one in three believe that they are not well-trained for the digital economy.
13 Jun 18
Employees in the upper band and directorate will enjoy 4.06% higher wages.
13 Jun 18
Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai have overtaken the city in cost of living rankings.
11 Jun 18
Finance managers in the 95th percentile can enjoy as much as $720,000 yearly.
7 Jun 18
Foreigners could help counter labour shortage in construction and agriculture.
7 Jun 18
Women in their 30s earn 11% less whilst those in their 50s earn 25% less than men.
5 Jun 18
Job applications should also be mobile friendly.
29 May 18
A typical pay package is valued at US$268,514 versus Singapore’s US$223,095.
25 May 18
The financial sector continues to churn out generous compensation packages.
18 May 18
Higher employment in the education sector kept the job market tight.
17 May 18
Almost 90% believe that a reasonable waiting period for feedback is up to one month.
10 May 18
It aims to accelerate the admission of overseas and Mainland R&D talent.
9 May 18
The city’s competitiveness could be easily eroded within a decade if companies do not act soon.
27 Apr 18
Recruiters are not future-proofing their human resources for the disruption AI brings.
27 Apr 18
They believe companies don’t have existing policies promoting financial well-being.
24 Apr 18
They expect both output and employment levels to rise.
20 Apr 18
The number of unemployed persons rose by 5,200 but was offset by labour force growth.
19 Apr 18
It’s not just about the hefty paychecks.