HR & Education

13 Jun 19
The proposed adjustment took into account cost of living and pay claims, amongst others.
11 Jun 19
WeWork Go users need only scan a QR code upon arrival to start working.
11 Jun 19
The hottest roles will include data scientists, UI engineers, and full stack developers.
7 Jun 19
Employees are not given promotions due to a lack of managerial capabilities.
4 Jun 19
Jobs in public relations, digital marketing and insurance saw the highest pay hikes.
28 May 19
It is offering 435.8 million shares priced at $9.80 to $12.26 apiece.
24 May 19
More than half of offices are hesitant to adopt AI operations.
22 May 19
Although it ranks high in tertiary education, the city’s R&D and patent generation investments fell short.
22 May 19
This comes with an average salary of nearly US$87,000.
21 May 19
This translates to 112,300 unemployed persons.
10 May 19
Businesses are also bearing the cost as the indirect cost of eldercare to employers hit $1.8b.
8 May 19
Poor performance is not the only reason.
30 Apr 19
Job postings in the industry rose 8%.
24 Apr 19
The retail, accommodation, and food services sectors saw improved employment situations.
16 Apr 19
Finance managers can earn as much as $720,000.
10 Apr 19
They felt unequipped to manage their knowledge in machine learning, AI and blockchain.
5 Apr 19
Almost all or 91% of companies have employed temporary or contract staff over the past year.
13 Mar 19
Close to three in 10 are actively seeking new positions.
13 Mar 19
A majority or 73% anticipate an annual bonus of up to two months.
5 Mar 19
But 64% also claim to be satisfied about their salaries.
1 Mar 19
Information security, big data analytics and digital product development were cited as the most critical roles.
1 Mar 19
It aims to nurture financial leadership and encourage applied research in cross-sectoral areas.
8 Feb 19
Some local brokers had to make do with a lai see.
6 Feb 19
Vaccination grievances climbed four times amidst the inadequate supply of the HPV vaccine.
21 Jan 19
This translates to 105,400 unemployed Hong Kongers.
9 Jan 19
The demand will be driven in large part by fintech, as banks apply for their virtual banking licenses.
19 Dec 18
This translates to 110,800 unemployed persons.
12 Dec 18
A third of firms had employees resign in their first month.
11 Dec 18
7 in 10 of the SAR's population have access to superfast internet connectivity.
29 Nov 18
40% are willing to sacrifice part of their wages for a better retirement benefit scheme.
27 Nov 18
There's a hot demand for risk managers and tech talents going into 2019.
20 Nov 18
The SAR's invests only 3.3% of GDP into education.
19 Nov 18
This translates to around 116,000 unemployed persons.
12 Nov 18
It will focus on healthcare technologies, AI and robotics.
30 Oct 18
Around 400,000 workers came via the scheme whilst 300,000 were the migrating Mainland spouses.
30 Oct 18
Those in the building and construction segment had the largest salary gains.
29 Oct 18
A Belt & Road scholarship for Myanmar citizens will also be offered.
24 Oct 18
They are more content with local employment opportunities.
22 Oct 18
This translates to 117,800 unemployed persons.