15 Apr 21
This was attributed to the impact of the pandemic.
23 Mar 21
The company’s 2020 profit is 37% higher year-on-year.
15 Mar 21
The decrease were mainly attributed in the food, beverages, and tobacco industry.
26 Feb 21
The company's revenue growth was driven by digital transformation amidst the pandemic.
15 Dec 20
Winners of the Made in Hong Kong and Designed in Hong Kong Awards were lauded via virtual presentations.
16 Sep 20
The producer price index also fell 1.3% during the quarter.
28 Aug 20
The company has revealed the extent of its research and development as part of a webinar on sustainability in Asia.
5 Aug 20
New orders, input prices and business confidence deteriorated at a quicker rate.
16 Jun 20
This is despite a 10.1% fall in output from the F&B and tobacco industry.
24 Mar 20
Government subsidies of $280 to $420 provide limited support to the industry.
17 Mar 20
Production suspension in China affects supply chain in the whole region.
16 Dec 19
This was driven by a rise in output volumes in the food, beverages, and tobacco industry.
16 Sep 19
Its producer price index also inched up 0.8% YoY.
22 Aug 19
Fiercer competition looms as the influx of Chinese goods may depress prices.
29 Apr 19
A buildup of investors has led to an oversupply in the electronics sector.
7 Nov 18
The sector’s growth is driven by increase in client demand.
5 Nov 18
The index reading was the lowest recorded in 15 months.
20 Sep 18
The surge in chemical material and oil segment revenue boosted the growth.
17 Sep 18
Food, beverages and tobacco output volume led the quarterly growth.
10 Sep 18
Some Taiwanese firms with China operations have transferred their manufacturing hubs to Southeast Asia.
1 Aug 18
Slower sales led firms to scale back their production volumes.
15 Jun 18
Output volume from food, beverages and tobacco industry rose 2.4%.
8 Mar 18
It fears that a hefty tariff might prompt a trade war later on.
26 Feb 18
It shifts the burden of recycling of old and unwanted appliances to suppliers.
8 Feb 18
The Swiss-listed chipmaker saw its profits balloon after it supplied the optical sensors for Apple’s iPhone X.
2 Feb 18
But growth remains fragile.
26 Jan 18
Output volume has expanded at the quickest rate in almost four years.
24 Jan 18
Despite advances in technology, Hong Kong's production structure ranked 58th out of 100 surveyed economies.
17 Jan 18
The turnaround was evident in higher levels of client demand and purchasing activity.
11 Jan 18
Production growth of ferrous and non-ferrous metals came in at lower levels in 2017.
21 Dec 17
Companies have raised production levels at the fastest rates since March.
18 Dec 17
Food, beverage and tobacco output volume rose 2.8%.
8 Dec 17
Strong sales since 2016 will support demand over the next quarter.
8 Dec 17
Total new orders continued its decline this month.
6 Dec 17
Korea hit a four-year high after posting 51.2 PMI last month.
6 Dec 17
The service will be officially implemented in the third quarter of next year.
13 Sep 17
No thanks to unregulated pricing regime.
12 Sep 17
As it eyes to capture dual cam driven market growth.
8 May 17
PMI rose from 49.9 to 51.1 in April.