22 Jun 18
It climbed from 14th place in 2017.
22 Jun 18
Prices for food and basic utilities rose steeply at 4.7% and 3.4%.
21 Jun 18
Worsening credit-to-GDP gaps are putting the city in danger territory.
21 Jun 18
They believe US-China trade tensions will have little to no impact on export activity.
19 Jun 18
Their total wealth climbed 14.8% to US$21.6t.
18 Jun 18
There was a 20.7% YoY import increase in the energy sector.
13 Jun 18
Sluggish employment is experienced in the country.
12 Jun 18
Business receipts rose by almost a third at 28.7%.
11 Jun 18
Hongkong, Brazil, and Singapore came next with US$104b, US$63b, and US$62b worth of FDI, respectively.
8 Jun 18
E-commerce orders ballooned 46.1% due to higher smartphone use.
7 Jun 18
Foreigners could help counter labour shortage in construction and agriculture.
7 Jun 18
Companies turned to price discounts to offset sluggish sales.
29 May 18
Trade volumes to traditional trade partners like Taiwan, Singapore, and China rose.
25 May 18
The deal states the allocation of taxing rights between jurisdictions.
25 May 18
Its ranking in infrastructure slipped to 23rd place.
22 May 18
Prices for food and basic utilities like electricity, gas and water continue to rise.
14 May 18
Strong private consumption levels and exports buoyed the domestic economy.
11 May 18
Double digit growth was posted in export volume to the Mainland.
11 May 18
The credit rating agency noted that China's governance standards are lower than Hong Kong's.
10 May 18
The subdued growth forecast is tied to the slowdown in Mainland China.
4 May 18
The latest reading represents the weakest showing in nine months.
27 Apr 18
Trade outflows to Asia rose 9.4% but plunged in India (-35.3%) and Taiwan (-7.4%).
24 Apr 18
Blame higher prices of packaged tours.
11 Apr 18
This was the weakest showing in five months.
11 Apr 18
It enables Mainland cargoes shipped through Hong Kong eligible for preferential tariffs.
10 Apr 18
Merchandise trade accounted for 157.4% of 2017 GDP.
3 Apr 18
The trading and logistics industry, which employs over 700,00 people, remains highly vulnerable.
29 Mar 18
It aims to subside the technological solutions of local, non-listed enterprises.
28 Mar 18
Trade outflows to Malaysia and Philippines buoyed monthly figures.
26 Mar 18
Almost half (48%) admitted that technological investment boosted company profits.
26 Mar 18
The two economies will encourage the development of businesses with technology focus.
21 Mar 18
This is equivalent to 3.98m unemployed persons.
21 Mar 18
The price of basic utilities rose for the second consecutive month.
21 Mar 18
It aims to avoid double taxation on trade activities.
14 Mar 18
Business costs are more expensive in the Asian financial centre than the lion city.
8 Mar 18
There are 5,140 individuals in Hong Kong and China worth over US$50m.
8 Mar 18
It fears that a hefty tariff might prompt a trade war later on.
8 Mar 18
The dominance of the large, listed companies so long at the heart of Hong Kong’s economic and business culture is under threat, challenged...
7 Mar 18
Inward load from Mainland China, Malaysia and Singapore boosted year-end figures.
7 Mar 18
The recent budgets delivered in Singapore and Hong Kong show differing paths to deal with an ageing society.