21 Aug 19
This is due to decreases in weighted funding costs of deposits and interbank funds.
21 Aug 19
Hungry Hongkongers won’t be happy with the inflation rate of 12.8% for food prices.
21 Aug 19
Declining exports weighed heavily on economic growth.
19 Aug 19
Real GDP is expected to grow by a dismal 0-1% by the end of the year.
16 Aug 19
The move comes after the economy grew by 5.5% in Q2.
16 Aug 19
Exports fell for the fourth straight month in June.
15 Aug 19
The number of residents rose by 73,100.
13 Aug 19
Vietnam’s textile sourcing rose 13% YoY in Q1 2019.
13 Aug 19
Exports to key markets including, ASEAN, UK, EU and South Korea showed positive growth.
9 Aug 19
Private consumption and government consumption both slowed down.
8 Aug 19
Ongoing social unrest and the escalating trade tensions place downward pressure on economic growth.
7 Aug 19
Ongoing security concerns may hinder growth, but infra spending could provide support.
6 Aug 19
This is due to sharp declines in both business activity and new orders and fall in input stocks.
2 Aug 19
This is due to weak performance of investments and low external demand.
29 Jul 19
Total trade exports and imports decreased by 3.6% and 4.5% in H1.
23 Jul 19
Surging pork prices drove inflation levels up.
22 Jul 19
Retail, accommodation and food services, and real estate sectors are bracing for the worse.
17 Jul 19
Large IPOs in the pipeline and reduced aggregate balance still make liquidity conditions volatile.
17 Jul 19
Total export and import volumes went down as prices increased.
17 Jul 19
The manufacturing sector and tariffs are expected to drag down real GDP growth to 6.3% in 2019.
12 Jul 19
Total good exports fell 2.5% for the first five months of the year.
11 Jul 19
China accounted for 53% of the region’s decline.
11 Jul 19
Hong Kong is now home to nearly 1.4 million companies.
9 Jul 19
The total value of exported goods dropped 2.4%.
9 Jul 19
Children’s education ranked as their highest financial stressor.
25 Jun 19
The prices of electricity, gas and water fell.
13 Jun 19
The proposed adjustment took into account cost of living and pay claims, amongst others.
11 Jun 19
The search is on for the leading exporters in Asia.
7 Jun 19
It will primarily be driven by the OTT segment’s 18.7% CAGR to $3.14b.
29 May 19
The city had stellar scores in government and business efficiency.
28 May 19
Meteoric property prices put Hong Kong behind cheaper Asian cities.
28 May 19
Double digit export volume declines were recorded in India, Taiwan and the US.
28 May 19
Higher prices for food, housing and transport offset declines in utilities.
22 May 19
More than one in ten invoices were left unpaid.
21 May 19
Double digit export volume declines were recorded to mainland China and India.
8 May 19
Private consumption and investment growth will prop up the struggling economy.
3 May 19
Both exports and imports of goods continued to see declines.
30 Apr 19
Its international positioning and robust data protection framework make it the ideal location for the region.
24 Apr 19
Consumer prices for food, housing, and alcohol rose and offset declines in utilities.
17 Apr 19
Deadline for entries is on 12 July 2019.