22 Jan 21
This is despite a decline in deal numbers last year.
21 Jan 21
Continued travel ban may have a significant impact on the country’s GDP.
21 Jan 21
Export volumes to Taiwan recorded a double-digit increase during the month.
19 Jan 21
The finance secretary said the current situation is still severe.
5 Jan 21
Hong Kong’s recovery is dependent on local and global economies.
4 Jan 21
Total exported goods hit $379.6b, whilst total imported goods reached $405.2.
10 Dec 20
The index has recorded growth for the third consecutive quarter.
9 Dec 20
The awards were handled via digital presentations.
9 Dec 20
Hong Kong businesses said to be flourishing for the past two months.
4 Dec 20
The November PMI stands as the highest reading since March 2018.
4 Dec 20
Three reasons why Hong Kong needs a corporate wellness paradigm shift now and five ways to make it happen in your company Hong...
2 Dec 20
But 50% still intends to increase investment in their business next year.
27 Nov 20
Choosing local doesn’t just help the economy; it also keeps cultural diversity alive in the community.
24 Nov 20
The indexes enrich the index suite of HSTECH.
23 Nov 20
15 countries have recently signed the largest regional free-trade agreement.
17 Nov 20
However, year-to-date export volumes are still lower than that of 2019 YTD.
6 Nov 20
Private consumption expenditure improved to 7.7% from Q2.
5 Nov 20
The IT sector performed best in the Hang Seng Composite Index.
30 Oct 20
Total import value for the territory was $392b, whilst total export value was $379.3b.
30 Oct 20
Other sectors with rising wages include gas supply, construction, financing, and insurance.
28 Oct 20
Deflation was due to waivers of public housing rentals from the housing authority.
28 Oct 20
Hiring in manufacturing, retail expected to decrease during the quarter.
21 Oct 20
August 2020 statistics showed a decrease by 1.2% and 4.5%, respectively.
21 Oct 20
The number of maximum attendees has been raised to 50 people.
21 Oct 20
Some businesses are confident that their business will soon recover.
14 Oct 20
Vacancies decrease by 47% over the preceding year.
14 Oct 20
This is Hong Kong’s 45th comprehensive avoidance of double taxation agreement.
29 Sep 20
Total exports pursues cutback for the eighth-month.
21 Sep 20
F&B unemployment rate remained high at 14.4% during this period.
21 Sep 20
F&B unemployment rate remained high at 14.4% during this period.
15 Sep 20
Total income earned by residents fell 7.5%.
26 Aug 20
Cinemas, beauty parlors and selected outdoor outdoor sports premises will reopen.
25 Aug 20
The average cost of employing a mid-level expatriate worker in the region is at $2.23m.
24 Aug 20
The government’s payment of public housing rentals dragged it down.
24 Aug 20
The CBIRC assures that Hong Kong’s standing will not weaken.
20 Aug 20
It eased in the information and communication, professional and business services sector.
18 Aug 20
Private consumption expenditure fell 14.2% during the period.
18 Aug 20
Total exports continued to decline for the fourth-straight month in June.
5 Aug 20
New orders, input prices and business confidence deteriorated at a quicker rate.
3 Aug 20
The decline softened as the local epidemic abated during the month.