19 Apr 21
Total imports also increased 27.2% in the same period.
16 Apr 21
The city is still amongst the top 10 territories with the wealthiest populations.
13 Apr 21
Diffusions index in March dropped slightly to 44%.
9 Apr 21
Aviation and basic research are amongst the areas of growth for the city.
6 Apr 21
In its monthly report on Hong Kong, OCBC said the economy was showing signs of recovery.
5 Apr 21
The exclusive bidding will help to benefit children with critical illnesses through Make-A-Wish® UK.
25 Mar 21
The tension between China and the United States, however, may pose threats.
23 Mar 21
Exporter sentiments also improve over economic recovery forecasts.
23 Mar 21
Its gross external debt, however, rose by $506.6b.
23 Mar 21
The enhanced scheme will raise maximum loans and repayment period.
23 Mar 21
Only 21% of respondents expect their business to grow this year.
22 Mar 21
The government has noted consumer prices are volatile around the Lunar New Year celebration.
22 Mar 21
Approximately 2.68 million people were employed in December.
19 Mar 21
Price of total exports decreased 0.4%.
18 Mar 21
But it will take time, the HSBC Global Research says.
17 Mar 21
The city’s wealth dropped 5% in 2020, the Census and Statistics Department reported.
12 Mar 21
Exports for outward processing decreased by 10% in 2020.
11 Mar 21
MPFA's subsidiary is targeted for completion by the end of 2022.
11 Mar 21
Deadline for submission of entries is on 25 June 2021.
10 Mar 21
Major service industries saw decreases of different magnitudes for 2020.
10 Mar 21
All surveyed sectors saw an increase in diffusion index in February 2021.
8 Mar 21
If approved, the new stamp duty rate will take effect in August 2021.
8 Mar 21
But Asia Pacific trails behind other regions.
4 Mar 21
Total retail sales amounted $32.6b in January 2021, partially linked to the Lunar New Year celebration.
2 Mar 21
The ultra wealthy population is expected to grow by another thousand by 2025.
2 Mar 21
This is higher than the global average of 27% rise in ultra wealthy population.
2 Mar 21
The Greater Bay Area’s economy is seen to reach over US$4.7t by 2030.
1 Mar 21
Here’s how EY, Deloitte, PwC and KPMG weighed in on the increased stamp duty and more.
26 Feb 21
The country’s value of total export and increased both increased YoY.
25 Feb 21
Citizens will receive a $0.1 rebate for each beverage container returned.
24 Feb 21
The Hong Kong government sees 3.5%-5.5% economic growth in 2021.
24 Feb 21
The government has asserted the US ban on 'Made in Hong Kong' markings counters WTO rules.
23 Feb 21
COVID-19 measures and tax rationalization lead firms’ proposals for Hong Kong’s 2021 spending plan.
23 Feb 21
Prices of electricity, gas, and water recorded the most increase for the month.
22 Feb 21
More than 66% surveyed believe the world will not recover from the pandemic in 2021.
19 Feb 21
Total volume of exports and imports rose by 11.6% and 13.7%, respectively.
19 Feb 21
Census and Statistics Department said the rise to 7% unemployment rate is the highest in 17 years.
18 Feb 21
Almost 3 in 10 worry over losing jobs, struggling financially.
10 Feb 21
But they saw a slight improvement compared to December 2020.
29 Jan 21
Exports to mainland China have increased notably.