13 Jun 19
The proposed adjustment took into account cost of living and pay claims, amongst others.
11 Jun 19
The search is on for the leading exporters in Asia.
7 Jun 19
It will primarily be driven by the OTT segment’s 18.7% CAGR to $3.14b.
29 May 19
The city had stellar scores in government and business efficiency.
28 May 19
Meteoric property prices put Hong Kong behind cheaper Asian cities.
28 May 19
Double digit export volume declines were recorded in India, Taiwan and the US.
28 May 19
Higher prices for food, housing and transport offset declines in utilities.
22 May 19
More than one in ten invoices were left unpaid.
21 May 19
Double digit export volume declines were recorded to mainland China and India.
8 May 19
Private consumption and investment growth will prop up the struggling economy.
3 May 19
Both exports and imports of goods continued to see declines.
30 Apr 19
Its international positioning and robust data protection framework make it the ideal location for the region.
24 Apr 19
Consumer prices for food, housing, and alcohol rose and offset declines in utilities.
17 Apr 19
Deadline for entries is on 12 July 2019.
3 Apr 19
Deadline for nominations is on 12 July 2019.
1 Apr 19
The growth was mainly driven by agriculture, forestry and fishery, industry and construction, and services.
20 Mar 19
Most of the region’s exports are being absorbed by China.
20 Mar 19
Hong Kong moved from the 4th place last year to the top in 2019.
20 Mar 19
This was the slowest pace of GDP growth since 2016.
8 Mar 19
The country is aiming to build a commodity circulation system that fits the modern economic system.
6 Mar 19
Three in five SMEs operate in Hong Kong only.
6 Mar 19
Output dropped for the eleventh straight month.
5 Mar 19
The exports of manufacturing and mining goods underpinned export growth.
1 Mar 19
Q4 2018’s slower GDP growth was mainly driven by a significant drop in fixed investment growth to -5.4% YoY.
28 Feb 19
This was partly blamed to weakened revenues of land premium and stamp duties.
20 Feb 19
It was significantly lower compared to the 3.7% increase in the first three quarters.
19 Feb 19
Respondents lament small wages and overspending in meeting their financial goals.
19 Feb 19
Exports to EU, Japan, South Korea and ASEAN have recovered.
15 Feb 19
Companies that supply parts and components to China were hit by weak demand.
13 Feb 19
This is the tenth consecutive month of deterioating private business conditions.
13 Feb 19
Higher tariffs will hit consumers right in the pocket.
12 Feb 19
The government is actively spending for railway, highways, airports and water conservancy projects.
12 Feb 19
The construction sector will receive a boost as the government's resumes infrastructure spending.
7 Feb 19
The decrease came as the government is tipped to splash out $250b to boost job growth.
6 Feb 19
Vaccination grievances climbed four times amidst the inadequate supply of the HPV vaccine.
31 Jan 19
The SAR had stellar scores in trade and monetary freedom.
30 Jan 19
Trade volumes to India crashed 35.9%.
23 Jan 19
The growth in food prices hit 3.8%.
23 Jan 19
The figure is 62% higher than the government estimate.
22 Jan 19
Half of the region's top execs expect growth to improve in 2019 despite economic uncertainties.