Hong Kong sees exports rise 1.1% in April 

Total exports of goods stood at $389b.
5 hours ago

Hong Kong sees exports rise 1.1% in April 

Total exports of goods stood at $389b.
5 hours ago

Around 1 in 10 Hong Kongers show PTSD symptoms one year after COVID

Unemployment and time spent watching pandemic news were linked to the symptoms.
1 day ago

Unemployment rate rises to 5.4% from February to April

The total number of unemployed people stands at 206,100.   The unemployment rate rose by 0.4 percentage points to 5.4%  from February to April, when...

GDP shrinks by 4% YoY in Q1

This is a reversal from the growth in the previous four quarters.

Hong Kong GDP to shrink by 4.0% YoY in Q122: estimates

This will mark the first contraction since Q4 2020.

HK CEOs less optimistic about economic growth than their global counterparts

Executives' confidence in their revenue growth also declined.

Over half of Hong Kong SMEs expects to overcome 5th COVID-19 wave

Whilst 57% see their revenue will remain the same or grow in the next three months.

Businesses OK lifting of flight ban on 9 countries, says gov’t

Businesses also welcomed the government’s shortened hotel quarantine period.

Government to launch next phase of Employment Support Scheme

The next round will be focused on helping SMEs. 

SME receipts diffusion index dips to 29.9 for February

The logistics and real estate sectors saw the most dips at 20 and 25.9, respectively.

OLA to continue subsidy efforts under Anti-Epidemic Fund's 6th round

The application period is set to last until 17 March.

Hong Kong falls 19 places to 77th in latest liveability rankings

COVID-19 restrictions and tightened press freedom contributed to the dip in the list. 

SMEs to receive half-price concession measures

It applies to new R&Ds, consultancy projects, and testing services.

Fifth Covid wave to lower residential sales volumes and retail sales: Moody's

Companies are expected to weather out disruptions for up to 6 months.

Gov't postpones retail green bonds launch

The postponement aimed to decrease the risk of COVID-19 spread.

About $1.26b of budget earmarked for tourism support

This follows the $3.8b earlier investment to make HK a tourism destination.