20 Aug 18
Two-way trade between the pair is around $93.44b.
20 Aug 18
This translates to around 114,700 unemployed Hong Kongers.
17 Aug 18
Cardholders will enjoy same access to public services as Mainland counterparts.
17 Aug 18
US cherries sold in the SAR in August were around 10% cheaper than last summer.
15 Aug 18
Homegrown firms have trouble accessing new markets which could open the doors for talent and suppliers.
15 Aug 18
Birth numbers (55,000) outweighed mortality rates (47,300).
14 Aug 18
The SAR is at 35th place whilst the Lion City is at 37th.
13 Aug 18
Around $136b of total exports stand at risk.
10 Aug 18
The fall comes from a 12.9% expansion in May.
3 Aug 18
Business sentiment plunged to a near two-year low.
27 Jul 18
This comes from 12.9% expansion in May.
26 Jul 18
SME sentiment tracker remained at 49.7.
24 Jul 18
Food prices rose steeply by 5.2%.
20 Jul 18
Trade to the Mainland and Japan registered double-digit growth.
18 Jul 18
Rising disposable income could spur spending on skin-care, make-up, and accessories.
17 Jul 18
Inflation levels for purchase costs hit a six year high.
17 Jul 18
The second round of tariffs could hit $130b worth of Chinese exports to the US via Hong Kong.
11 Jul 18
Its ASEAN-bound FDIs have surpassed China-bound FDIs since 2015.
9 Jul 18
The US accounts for 20% of Japan's total exports.
6 Jul 18
The SAR ranks 18th globally whilst the lion city is second only to London.
5 Jul 18
Immediate damage would be felt by export-dependent economies like Hong Kong.
3 Jul 18
Australia and New Zealand placed second and seventh in the global transparency rankings.
3 Jul 18
Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, and Japan will be amongst the most affected by US tariffs on Chinese goods...
2 Jul 18
They will be engaged in a shared network and mentorship programmes.
29 Jun 18
Japan's salary surge could cost as much as US$468b by 2030.
29 Jun 18
Georgia will eliminate import tariffs on 96.6% of its tariff lines for Hong Kong products.
27 Jun 18
The move will release liquidity valued at around US$100b to support the economy.
27 Jun 18
SEA and South Asia tourist arrivals rose 10% and 9%, respectively.
27 Jun 18
Trade volumes to Singapore and Malaysia surged 43%.
22 Jun 18
It climbed from 14th place in 2017.
22 Jun 18
Prices for food and basic utilities rose steeply at 4.7% and 3.4%.
21 Jun 18
Overall initial public offering (IPO) value in the Asia Pacific region fell 21% to US$31.9b in the first half of 2018.
21 Jun 18
Worsening credit-to-GDP gaps are putting the city in danger territory.
21 Jun 18
They believe US-China trade tensions will have little to no impact on export activity.
19 Jun 18
Their total wealth climbed 14.8% to US$21.6t.
18 Jun 18
There was a 20.7% YoY import increase in the energy sector.
13 Jun 18
Sluggish employment is experienced in the country.
12 Jun 18
Business receipts rose by almost a third at 28.7%.
11 Jun 18
Hongkong, Brazil, and Singapore came next with US$104b, US$63b, and US$62b worth of FDI, respectively.
8 Jun 18
E-commerce orders ballooned 46.1% due to higher smartphone use.