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31 Jul 19
Companies that run into a dispute can gain access to funding partners - such as publicly listed firms and high-net-worth individuals in China....
25 Jul 19
The new Individual Income Tax Law, which came into force in China on 1st January 2019 (“New Tax Law”), is a strong response to the...
10 Apr 19
The Court of First Instance of the High Courts ruled that trading or granting space for village-type development was unconstitutional.
27 Mar 19
It will cut sections including bankruptcy, securities and futures, and intellectual property.
20 Mar 19
The expansion follows the firm’s launch in Australia and Singapore.
6 Mar 19
The plan is expected to benefit the 500 individuals who work from itslocations in Sai Wan and Causeway Bay.
6 Jul 18
Five key questions to ask when signing Belt and Road contracts The 2018 Asian Financial Forum, held in Hong Kong at the beginning of the...
13 Mar 18
No robot could ever replace a good lawyer, according to our legal experts.
21 Dec 17
Users can already choose from more than 6,000 providers.
3 May 17
Hays said investment, retail, and private banking firms will need them.
10 Mar 17
Hong Kong charges high fees to access the corporate registry.
3 Mar 17
HK rides InsurTech wave amidst ageing population.
3 Mar 17
Firms seek younger lawyers willing to drop old ways.
22 Jun 16
She'll handle the company's growing HK business.
26 Apr 16
Offsetting slower remittance growth.
22 Apr 16
Anti-bribery crackdowns, the rise of patent litigation, greater transparency into Asian banking practices, more stringent privacy regulations, and...
25 Jan 16
He has extensive experience in post-financial crisis bank restructuring.
23 Jul 15
This company enters Hong Kong storage wars.
22 May 15
They think their digital proficiency is average.
16 Mar 15
Hong Kong on a hunt for corporate lawyers If you are a Mandarin-speaking lawyer with a strong financial and litigation background, then...
15 Dec 14
In just two years, it has raised a total of $US3.7m in seed and series A funding.
13 Nov 14
Find out who can make the cut.
13 Nov 14
Are younger talents being elbowed aside?.
9 Oct 14
Altitude Labs will make your ideas happen – Silicon Valley-style.
27 May 14
But agencies are increasing.
4 Mar 14
Mayer Brown emerged as the largest law firm in the city.
28 Feb 14
Thomas, Mayer & Associés take legal practice to new heights.
6 Dec 13
"Before it's too late," warns expert.
6 Dec 13
But here's what it should improve more on.
5 Dec 13
Patent applications have been rocketing.
4 Dec 13
Awareness among start-ups still premature.
4 Dec 13
Another initiative to propel Hong Kong as an IP trading hub.
5 Nov 13
You will be surprised.
6 Sep 13
It will be held on September 7-8.
5 Sep 13
"Violates basic law and undermines Hong Kong economy".
12 Jul 13
To put some teeth into Copyright law.
14 Jun 13
They'll be in full effect today.