3 Dec 20
AIA Hong Kong clients will enjoy the service next year.
29 Sep 20
This makes it JD Group's third affiliate to go public in 2020.
25 Sep 20
First time users will get a waiver on consultation fees, two days’ basic medication, and free delivery.
25 Sep 20
The spin-off is aimed at achieving better growth.
21 Jul 20
The listing looks to raise about $1b.
16 Jul 20
It offers a diabetes management programme and a steps tracker.
30 Apr 20
More than half of respondents believe that it is the same as generic medicine.
1 Apr 20
Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine tops the list with a 10.7% weighting.
25 Mar 20
Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine tops the list with a 10.19% weighting.
23 Mar 20
It will fund R&D trials related to detection, diagnosis or surveillance of the virus.
11 Mar 20
It has invited pitches from investment banks to lead the platform’s listing.
11 Mar 20
The total deal size in Southeast Asia surged to $2.4b.
24 Feb 20
Hong Kong is one of the markets expected to exceed the Asia Pacific’s average medical inflation.
3 Feb 20
Medical staff can perform lung CT scans faster for patients in quarantine.
14 Jan 20
The company specialises in remote teeth straightening therapy.
19 Nov 19
The fund will allot investments into private biotech companies.
22 Oct 19
The app offers 24/7 pre-diagnosis and e-claim services.
12 Sep 19
It is keen to make inroads into the ageing city.
9 Sep 19
It will conduct basic research on stem cells.
8 Aug 19
The plan by the State Council to cut high-value medical consumables prices deals a heavy blow.
6 Aug 19
PHASE Scientific's product portfolio has expanded to include major infectious diseases such as hepatitis and influenza.
6 Aug 19
Pulse will provide health tools and consultations for 11 markets in Asia.
19 Jun 19
The situation isn't any easier for Singapore where costs grew 10%.
4 Jun 19
The new clinic features a dedicated space to hold educational health talks for medical tourist agents and patients.
10 May 19
Businesses are also bearing the cost as the indirect cost of eldercare to employers hit $1.8b.
9 May 19
The drug discovery platform attracted retail orders for about 107 times the shares initially available.
4 Apr 19
Features include coverage extended to unknown pre-existing conditions and no limitations on ‘lifetime benefit'.
5 Mar 19
Approximately $700m will go to doctors, nurses and the Hospital Authority’s supporting staff.
1 Mar 19
The Hong Kong Genome Institute will also be established to promote the clinical application research on genomic medicine.
26 Feb 19
Hospital-based care accounted for total health expenditure of $75.1b in 2018.
17 Jan 19
It is aiming to reduce smoking prevalence from the current 10% to 7.8% by 2025.
8 Jan 19
This includes pharmaceutical firm Takeda’s $58b acquisition of Ireland’s drug company Shire.
14 Dec 18
The impact is largely seen in junior employees who have just jumpstarted on their careers.
12 Dec 18
Ageing populations will boost demand for long-term investment and health coverage.
26 Nov 18
The plan to cover the health insurances of 84% of the population could drive investment growth.
26 Nov 18
China raised more than US$1.1b in Q3.
31 Oct 18
Total healthcare spending will surge to US$2.27t by 2026.
17 Oct 18
The first clinic will be located in Kwai Tsing.
10 Oct 18
The highest deal worth US$146m was closed in China.