Telecom & Internet

8 Apr 21
The company plans to build two additional data centres at the site in Osaka.
7 Apr 21
The social media giant has reportedly had an issue involving the personal data of some 500 million users.
31 Mar 21
The service will help expats living in Hong Kong to send mobile top-ups to their families back home.
29 Mar 21
The bank has estimated China Mobile's mobile service revenue dropped 7% year-on-year.
25 Mar 21
The company’s smartphone and IoT products revenue grew by 24% and 8%, respectively.
12 Mar 21
The company also achieved successful 5G network 'co-build co-share'.
5 Mar 21
The company’s total dividends per share rose 5% YoY to 21 cents.
19 Oct 20
Consumers can enjoy super high-speed connections at ultra-low latency.
28 Jul 20
It also aims to discuss the spectrum utilisation fee for the provision of public mobile services.
4 Jun 20
The asset could attract interest from other telecom companies as well as private-equity funds.
28 Jan 20
Deadline of entries is on 26 June 2020, Friday.
16 Oct 19
The company will build a territory wide 5G network.
16 Oct 19
It will take effect on April 2020.
4 Oct 19
The big three are aggressively monetising data services.
12 Aug 19
Around 1,000 government premises will open for applications.
9 Aug 19
Bharti Infratel - Indus Towers, Reliance Jio, and American Tower command a market share of 80%.
25 Feb 19
China Tower Corp, Xiaomi Corp and Meituan Dianping had the largest IPOs in H2 2018.
12 Feb 19
The service revenues of the country's big 3 players will also inch up by 1% following a flattish year.
25 Jan 19
Operators are looking to make way for 4G and eventually 5G data networks.
4 Oct 18
The government eyes to launch two million Wi-Fi hotspots in rural areas.
20 Aug 18
The SAR fell to second place with a speed of 145.65 Mbps.
9 Aug 18
The private equity firms that own WTT would own around 11.66% stake each in HKBN.
4 Jun 18
This gives Hong Kong the status of being one of the first to adopt such advanced mobile tech.
13 Sep 17
One of the operators slashed monthly package fee by 25%.
16 Jun 17
It also unveiled a new logo.
9 Mar 17
It can translate up to 90 different languages.
6 Feb 17
Now home to more than 3,000 buildings that qualify as skyscrapers, Hong Kong’s first structures of notable height stood just six stories...
21 Oct 16
Industry revenue may only rise 7-8% in 2016.
13 Sep 16
Membership is growing 20% week on week.
7 Sep 16
Possibly affecting CK Hutchison share price positively.
7 Sep 16
Mobile payment sector is relatively less developed.
23 Aug 16
Who could have imagined that in 2016, millions of Hong Kongers from 6 to 60 would be walking for kilometers...
4 Aug 16
Soft launch will begin as early as August 2016.
17 May 16
Hongkongers sure love keeping in touch.
22 Mar 16
It's saying the acquisition will be synergistic.
17 Mar 16
Gone are the days of dull and drab cubicle spaces.
23 Nov 15
It could boost subscriber acquisitions.
10 Nov 15
Rather than on ARPU.
27 Sep 15
Will recontracting trend among telco players be affected?