Commercial Property

16 Aug 18
It was awarded to Ace Alliance Development Limited.
15 Aug 18
It’s also planning to raise around US$200m in its series D round.
8 Aug 18
Wanchai/Causeway Bay dethroned Central as rental growth driver.
8 Aug 18
They committed to 300,000 sqft in the first half of the year alone.
2 Aug 18
Transaction volume surged 155% to US$3.4b in April-June.
31 Jul 18
Mid-range industrial units worth $10m to $10m are likely casualties.
27 Jul 18
It will be built in Entertainment City, Manila.
27 Jul 18
It’s the only major market where returns are lower than a 10-year US Treasury Bond.
26 Jul 18
It was awarded to Macro Topper Limited.
23 Jul 18
This translates to an average monthly rent of $73.9 psf.
20 Jul 18
Apartment developments dominated last month’s construction plans.
18 Jul 18
The eXellerator houses a usability testing lab to try out emerging technologies.
17 Jul 18
The deals had a total land premium of $2.06b.
11 Jul 18
Massive en-bloc office sales of W Square, Octa Tower and Cityplaza Three & Four buoyed half-year figures.
10 Jul 18
The total consideration of these deals hit $403.68b.
9 Jul 18
The pre-sale consent for residential developments could yield 3,861 units.
9 Jul 18
Sustained leasing demand from Chinese financial firms buoyed half-year figures.
9 Jul 18
A notable deal includes Alibaba's US$1.53b investment in a Hong Kong logistics hub.
6 Jul 18
The average parking space cost has ballooned more than six times since 2006.
4 Jul 18
It ranks 3rd in APAC and 13th globally.
26 Jun 18
Capital outflows from China, Hong Kong, and Singapore that totalled US$71.9b secured APAC's top spot.
26 Jun 18
Co-working operators from the Mainland continued to snap up office space.
22 Jun 18
Hong Kong prime offices are the world's most expensive at US$306.57 per sqft per annum.
22 Jun 18
Occupancy costs per sqft are higher than London and New York at $2,505.
22 Jun 18
Apartment and commercial developments dominated monthly construction plans.
22 Jun 18
This marks one of the least penetration rates in APAC.
15 Jun 18
The buyer is Hengli Investment Holding Group.
12 Jun 18
They accounted for $17.9b and $12.8b respectively.
5 Jun 18
Skyrocketing property prices may have finally dampened demand.
31 May 18
The land shortage exceeded the government estimate of 1,200 hectares.
30 May 18
The city was the only market that ranked in the top five across all five property sectors - office, industrial, retail, apartment and hotel.
25 May 18
Apartment developments dominated future construction activities.
24 May 18
Imports and exports rose 10.7% and 8.7% respectively in March.
24 May 18
The office sector continues to enjoy heated interest from investors.
23 May 18
The two markets accounted for over three quarters of new office lettings last month.
21 May 18
There are more than 50 operators covering over 1m sq ft in land area.
16 May 18
Purpose-built establishments are being constructed to cater to the global competitive gaming market and Hong Kong is no exception.
11 May 18
HSBC and Standard Chartered have even started offering mortgages for these products.
4 May 18
Residential units accounted for three quarters of the monthly sales.
3 May 18
It was awarded to Westlink Investments.