Food & Beverage

Restaurant receipts value drop 1.8% YoY to $24.1b in Q3

Amongst restaurant types, bars had the biggest drop in total receipts.

6 in 10 customers want restaurants  to use sustainable packaging for takeaway food

Nearly half of the restaurants, however, have yet to adopt suitable packaging.

Gov’t further eases distance measures for catering business, scheduled premises

Starting 3 November, restrictions on the operating and dine-in hours will be lifted.

What Hong Kongers want in food delivery services

On-time delivery and having options are amongst the qualities consumers value.

Here’s how much Hong Kongers spend on food delivery 

The average monthly spending increased by 22% in 2022.

Party time! Gov’t eases distancing measures in bars, clubs

The new measures will take effect on 6 October.

$50,000 fine awaits dining premises found violating health code rules

The warning was issued following the expiry of the 14-day adaptation period of the codes.

Total restaurant receipts down 5.5% in Q2 22

A government spokesman said business improved visibly.

Around 2 in 5 Hong Kong restaurants confident about F&B industry’s future

The performance satisfaction score of 6.4 is the highest posted in two and a half years.

Haidilao eyes spin-off and listing of overseas unit in HKEX

The hotpot company will be listing the spin-off by way of introduction.

HK retains operation restrictions on restaurants, bars 

Chief Executive Lam said there will be no relaxation before the end of June.

Deliveroo expends $2m in plastic-free incentives with restaurants

This was the result of a partnership between the delivery company and Sustainabl.

Food delivery is a necessity to 60% of Hong Kongers: survey

Catering to customers’ “craving” moments is key to business growth.

7 of 10 Hong Kongers think food affects mental health: Deliveroo

The report also showed 55% growth in food delivery during the pandemic.