Food & Beverage

20 Apr 21
This represents a jump in growth from the 33% of restaurants that improved results in the the previous quarter.
4 Feb 21
The price reduction was driven by a surge in sales and production.
26 Jan 21
86% of restaurants are not optimistic for the economy in Q1 2021.
7 Dec 20
Almost 300 of the megastore’s items are made available for Deliveroo customers.
3 Dec 20
A selection of wines will be available through their partner Vinopolis Hong Kong.
6 Nov 20
Total restaurant purchases also hit 33.4% decline.
15 Oct 20
The industry earned $8b in revenue.
5 Aug 20
The declines narrowed from Q1 as social distancing measures eased.
29 Jul 20
People may now order food beginning 7:45AM on weekdays.
29 Jun 20
This new feature facilitates cross-district delivery from over 50 catering partners.
22 Jun 20
The feature will allow customers to roundup their bills and make financial donations.
1 Apr 20
The app also recently launched “PickUp” feature for users.
16 Mar 20
Rising middle class and the new levy on sweetened products will boost its demand.
7 Feb 20
Q4 marked the largest fall since the outbreak of SARS in Q2 2003.
29 Jan 20
However, only two in 10 businesses have reported profit growth.
7 Nov 19
Japanese soy sauce is a likely target of the fund.
6 Nov 19
This is the worst year-on-year decline recorded since the SARS outbreak in 2003.
21 Oct 19
Unemployment levels in consumption and tourism-related segments were at the highest in two years.
14 Oct 19
No waiters, no diners: the food delivery boom is opening new doors for restaurants.
23 Sep 19
Food prices soared 14.2% in August.
21 Aug 19
Hungry Hongkongers won’t be happy with the inflation rate of 12.8% for food prices.
6 Aug 19
Receipts of bars, Chinese restaurants and non-Chinese restaurants fell during the quarter.
8 May 19
Non-Chinese restaurants saw $9.58m in receipts.
17 Apr 19
Its annual growth rate would moderate from 6% to 5.5% by 2023.
11 Apr 19
Subscribers can have unlimited free delivery for HK$98 a month.
11 Feb 19
Non-Chinese restaurants saw strong year-end figures.
9 Jan 19
South Korean conglomerate Lotte plans to invest $1.2b in Japan to expand its confectionery products.
6 Nov 18
Bars outperformed other food segments after receipts grew 10.1% in value.
29 Oct 18
It aims to cement the city’s role as the region’s leading wine centre.
2 Oct 18
With its dedication to quality and well-balanced nutrition, FriesdlandCampina’s range of beloved dairy products has been the trusted by...
6 Aug 18
The total value of bar sales outpaced that of Chinese restaurants.
8 May 18
Thanks to strong performance from Chinese and fast food shops.
1 May 18
A flurry of restaurants caved under mounting competition from international brands.
26 Mar 18
The industry had roughly 12,120 vacancies.
6 Feb 18
Thanks to receipts growth in non-Chinese restaurants and fast food shops.
11 Dec 17
According to insider sources, it seeks to fetch US$100m from the disposal.
27 Nov 17
Positive consumer sentiment buoyed sales.
5 Apr 17
It will boost cooperation in wine trading and investment promotion.
6 Feb 17
The value of total receipts increased 2.9% to $107.4b in 2016.
11 Jan 17
Citic and Carlyle Group will take 80% holding in the deal.