Transport & Logistics

1 Nov 17
It scored the highest in terms of its transport system's human implications.
7 Aug 17
This is to urge users to leave bikes at designated areas.
26 Jul 17
It has trained 40 drivers and conductors.
8 Jun 17
These will be for areas with less people but high growth potential.
1 Jun 17
Politicans are not reacting quickly enough to come up with right policies for automated vehicles.
31 May 17
What must governments do to brace themselves from the impact?
29 May 17
Messy parking sparked calls and complaints against the service.
5 May 17
The industry, as it turned out, needs more players.
4 May 17
The last part of the project is being implemented.
28 Apr 17
Transport Advisory Committee has expressed its support.
27 Apr 17
But the city's cabbies are against this.
17 Apr 17
He will take charge starting May 1.
17 Apr 17
The 12km-long road has been fraught with difficulties.
13 Apr 17
Fares will be up by 8.9% starting July.
10 Apr 17
Charges increased by $2 for the flag fall.
10 Apr 17
Legal arrangements for co-location are still being discussed.
6 Apr 17
Kwoon Chung Bus and Sun Bus are also interested.
3 Apr 17
They fear that only cash-rich mainland investors will benefit.
27 Mar 17
Investors are on standby for the next moneymaking opportunities.
23 Mar 17
This will be in the next six years.
17 Mar 17
Hong Kong is planning to allow additional 600 taxis to charge 50% more.
10 Mar 17
It will now be easier to bid for premium cab franchise.
8 Mar 17
It was 8.9% in 2009, and rose to just 12.4% in 2017.
27 Feb 17
They are trying to fend off competition from Uber.
8 Feb 17
It is scheduled to be implemented on April 9.
3 Feb 17
Average rent in the suburbs is half of that in Central.
31 Jan 17
It will participate in the $2.58b bid for operating the Southwest link.
18 Jan 17
Slade has been with the group for 14 years.
17 Jan 17
Some countries would like to have its services for their rail projects.
9 Dec 16
Blame it on the Chinese economic slowdown.
21 Nov 16
Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong Limited is holding a launch event for the newly developed racing car which complies with the FIA’s GT3 race rules...
1 Sep 16
Following its successful launch in the USA, Audi at home is now officially available for the first time in Asia after its debut in March this year...
27 Jun 16
To mark the arrival of the Most Intelligent Business Sedan, The all-new E-Class, Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong Limited hosted an exclusive...
10 May 16
Mercedes-Benz announced the newly renamed compact roadster the SLC which signifies state-of-the-art technology and out-of-this-world appearance....
25 Apr 16
The revolution enters the next round – the smart forfour has undergone improvements in virtually all areas and is markedly more comfortable...
15 Mar 16
LegCo approves Express Rail Link extra budget.
22 Feb 16
Chief executive Jujudhan Jena speaks about Asia’s long term growth prospects.