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24 Feb 15
But there's still good news.
5 Feb 15
There is no doubt that Hong Kong is a digital city.
21 Jan 15
23 companies were recognised in the prestigious event's 11th year.
19 Nov 14
As one of the best places to do business in the world, Hong Kong is a paradise for buyers and sellers, producers and consumers.
15 Oct 14
Not many people would argue that Hong Kong is becoming a 'social media city' – with our social circles and business lives...
29 Jul 14
With the thrill of the FIFA World Cup 2014 now behind us, Hong Kong is getting back to work.
30 Jun 14
You’d be asking hundreds of people just to like your page no more.
6 Jun 14
Hong Kong is world famous for being a ‘shoppers’ paradise’, thanks to its compact geography, easy access to shopping malls, and...
8 May 14
Each year hundreds of companies in Hong Kong redesign their websites.
5 May 14
Hong Kong's notorious rainy season is poised to begin.
2 May 14
The Hong Kong start-up scene is booming.
21 Apr 14
Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to consult Hong Kong public and private sector clients on the use of Analytics on social media...
25 Mar 14
Social media provides companies with a wealth of opportunities to increase visibility, improve consideration, strengthen internal communication...
19 Mar 14
Unified carrier licence is no exemption.
4 Mar 14
Here’s a look at the city’s biggest up-and-comers offering products and services ranging from an online marketplace to...
27 Jan 14
Patek Philippe believes that the skills required to service, repair and restore Patek Philippe watches are much the same as those required to...
22 Jan 14
Find out who are the crème de la crème.
19 Dec 13
A recent article by says, “…an incremental 241% ROI can be generated by applying data to business decision.
5 Dec 13
Recently, our aging population has been a hot topic in Hong Kong.
6 Nov 13
Hong Kong is a multicultural city with three major languages: Cantonese, English and...
23 Oct 13
As a world-class city, Hong Kong plays host to an impressive number of sports and entertainment events.
11 Oct 13
Police already tapped to investigate.
10 Oct 13
Fundamental shifts in technology, business and society have no doubt changed the way we make buying decisions.
8 Oct 13
Hong Kong is an extremely competitive business environment in which developments come and go in a fast pace.
8 Oct 13
Content marketing is about owning –not renting –your brand’s conversation with its audience.
8 Oct 13
Content marketing is the strategy of developing and distributing valuable and relevant content to engage, acquire and attract target customers in...
7 Oct 13
Public warned against the address
2 Oct 13
Two new stamps also issued.
24 Sep 13
According to a release, Spink & Son, the world’s leading collectables auction house, announced a major development in its...
18 Sep 13
Traditionally, the events and exhibitions industry in Hong Kong has been more focused on being business-friendly than being eco-friendly.
11 Sep 13
‘Big data’ is all the craze at the moment where multinational corporations are cleverly making use of the data they have collected...
5 Sep 13
Over 19,000 users joined in just 11 months.
3 Sep 13
Have over US$14 billion for overseas real estate investment.
2 Aug 13
Customer loyalty is a hugely important topic for Hong Kong businesses, yet it is often overshadowed by other, more high profile issues.
21 Jun 13
Getting ahead in Hong Kong business used to be about who you knew.
20 Jun 13
With the Hong Kong’s summer convention and exhibition season in full swing, many executives are thinking about their company’s next...
13 Jun 13
It only has 3% market share in China's TV ad industry.
3 Jun 13
City management to be a key topic.