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21 Aug 17
Their top five holiday travel destinations are Taipei, Osaka, Seoul, Bangkok, and Tokyo.
7 Aug 17
28% said they needed to be alone.
13 Jul 17
It aims to provide efficient business-ready travel service based on corporate travel policies.
7 Jul 17
Investments into Hong Kong and Australia amounted to US$1.5b altogether.
30 Jun 17
Occupancy at medium tariff hotels edged up to 89%.
2 May 17
These companies aim to "personalise" travel experiences.
28 Apr 17
The Disney Explorer’s Lodge will open on April 30.
25 Apr 17
Competition heats up amidst limited supply and increasing demand.
18 Apr 17
They're among the world's top 10 tourism spenders.
10 Mar 17
Visitor arrivals are forecast to drop 2% this year.
24 Feb 17
The government allocated $17m to encourage projects.
17 Feb 17
The number of visitors to this attraction rose 5.5% in 2016.
6 Feb 17
It was reflected in the improved retail sales as well.
3 Feb 17
It's a "pretty strong trend" according to Secretary Gregory So.
27 Jan 17
It had 26.7m international visitors in 2015.
12 Jan 17
Singh will take over three Hong Kong properties.
21 Dec 16
They plan trips as early as 2 and a half months ahead.
26 Oct 16
Improved infrastructure greatly needed too.
26 Oct 16
Along with other proposed changes.
7 Sep 16
It's 20% more expensive than Singapore.
31 May 16
Even if there's more information available.
11 Apr 16
All rooms have harbour view.
9 Feb 16
Travel budgets increase in 2016 for this holiday.
2 Feb 16
Clue: It's a popular Asian tourist destination.
19 Jan 16
But tourist growth is up by a measly 37%.
10 Sep 15
To help hotel residents make the best out of their stay in Hong Kong.
16 Jul 15
Check out who the winners are.
9 Jun 15
This company has built SaaS digital marketing systems for boutique hotels.
4 Jun 15
What should they do to meet higher guest expectations this year?
7 Apr 15
Australia had an extraordinary year, though.
4 Feb 15
Find out which country willl stand out.
22 Jan 15
With a passion for perfection, Zchron Designs is all about bringing a beautiful vision of the perfect home or commercial space to life....
22 Jan 15
With its nurturing approach to management, Rhombus International Hotels Group once again takes home the accolade for Best Hospitality &...
22 Jan 15
A great holiday can be few and far between for those who lead a hectic work life.
22 Jan 15
As one of Hong Kong’s first boutique hotels, Lan Kwai Fong Hotel @ Kau U Fong is not only leading the industry, but constantly reinventing...