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22 Jan 15
With its nurturing approach to management, Rhombus International Hotels Group once again takes home the accolade for Best Hospitality &...
22 Jan 15
A great holiday can be few and far between for those who lead a hectic work life.
22 Jan 15
As one of Hong Kong’s first boutique hotels, Lan Kwai Fong Hotel @ Kau U Fong is not only leading the industry, but constantly reinventing...
22 Jan 15
Bringing a sense of ease and comfort to the travel experience is what InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong is all about.
22 Jan 15
Corporate responsibility is nothing new.
28 Oct 14
Leisure travellers want more multi-city itineraries.
28 Oct 14
China remains one of APAC’s biggest markets.
28 Oct 14
This has been observed in recent years.
28 Oct 14
It's only a quarter of overall volume.
27 Oct 14
Check out the new London-style suites and its award-winning Artesian Bar.
22 Oct 14
Growth was mainly driven by mass revenues.
22 Oct 14
This covers the past nine months.
13 Oct 14
October mass revenues could go up, meanwhile.
30 Sep 14
It's the lowest since September 2012.
30 Sep 14
Improvement came from mass hold rate normalization.
22 Sep 14
Beating the previous month's record.
6 Sep 14
Hyatt Regency Incheon finally gets rebranded to Grand Hyatt Incheon with the much-awaited opening of its new West Tower on September 1, in time...
27 Aug 14
It's based on a retirement protection report.
15 Aug 14
Average daily rate also increased.
15 Aug 14
Regional markets showed most significant y-o-y growth.
15 Aug 14
Post-World Cup, it's an improvement.
14 Aug 14
Hint: One is a popular sports event.
5 Aug 14
He has a wealth of hospitality experience.
24 Jul 14
It's worse than was expected.
24 Jul 14
Everybody just got disappointed.
15 Jul 14
But Hong Kong is nowhere in the list.
14 Jul 14
Find out what he thinks about leading a 5-star hotel.
14 Jul 14
Just like in June.
7 Jul 14
Weaker VIP volumes were partly to blame.
4 Jul 14
Featuring new family-friendly amenities.
27 Jun 14
Blame it on the World Cup fever.
2 Jun 14
Hong Kong’s 25 largest hotels have maintained their rankings in 2014 with their number of rooms remained unchanged from last year, data...
26 May 14
Guess which tops the list at HKD158,000 a night.
5 May 14
It was created in collaboration with Tosca.
3 Apr 14
Majority of them are from China.
26 Mar 14
Thanks to travellers from emerging markets.
19 Mar 14
This is a whopping 21.8% of GDP.
6 Mar 14
Transaction value contributed 19.1%.