15 May 18
The marginal growth represents the first quarterly expansion in four years.
4 May 18
Sales of jewellery, watches, clocks and valuable gifts led the charge.
30 Apr 18
‘Mercedes me’ features a wide array of goods, accessories and gifts from the brand’s exclusive collection.
23 Apr 18
The A-Class Saloon and C-Class saloon both have ample space and comfort features for long drives.
19 Apr 18
This is in celebration of the 50th birthday of its second oldest watch, Golden Ellipse.
18 Apr 18
Retailers took advantage of affordable rents which are only recovering from a protracted decline.
4 Apr 18
Consumer spending hit a seasonal high before the Chinese New Year Festival.
13 Mar 18
Rising borrowing costs is pushing the brakes on passenger car sales.
12 Mar 18
The brand is backed by Louis Vuitton’s private equity firm L Catterton Asia.
5 Mar 18
Consumer sentiment rose despite difference in the timing of the Chinese New Year.
7 Feb 18
Retailers should tap into this goldmine as the consumer preference of Hong Kongers increasingly turns digital.
2 Feb 18
However, if retailers want to stay afloat, they should look for revenue sources other than mainland tourism.
31 Jan 18
But it may cause disruptions in ASEAN economy.
26 Jan 18
The sector is poised for a rebound following a bullish global economic outlook.
17 Jan 18
Retailers should be ready to revamp their stores into unique lifestyle concepts to battle e-commerce.
9 Jan 18
Medicine and cosmetics rose 12.5%.
21 Dec 17
It’s Hong Kong’s top online shopping festival.
21 Dec 17
Tourist arrivals are recovering after a two-year decline.
20 Dec 17
Companies have been battered by higher costs and slower sales in 2017.
20 Dec 17
Base rents for second tier malls rose compared to a decline in tier-one retailers.
11 Dec 17
It's amongst the three sectors that survived the retail slump.
11 Dec 17
Higher tourist arrivals contributed to the gradual normalisation.
8 Dec 17
Sales of commercial vehicles will continue to race ahead of the passenger cars.
4 Dec 17
India is a market to watch out for with a projected value of US$82.7b.
1 Dec 17
Thanks to the ongoing recovery of inbound tourism.
23 Nov 17
The region is expected to enjoy a CAGR of 6.6%.
23 Nov 17
Two thirds of e-commerce players use these online channels.
20 Nov 17
It took place in Geneva last November 11.
15 Nov 17
More people prefer to start businesses online than start with brick-and-mortar.
24 Oct 17
Alibaba is tapping more affluent households with its new Luxury Pavilion for high-end brands.
24 Oct 17
Only 17% receive rewards for sharing their personal information.
4 Oct 17
Volumte of total retail sales inched up by 3.2%.
4 Sep 17
Analysts say it could be due to tourist rebound when summer started.
30 Aug 17
Analysts caution reading too much into one month’s print.
30 Aug 17
Sales value of jewellery also inched higher by 12.9%.
21 Aug 17
More realignments for retail stores are to be expected in the coming days.
16 Aug 17
The company disallowed returns and exchanges of all products bought online.
4 Aug 17
Sales of jewellery and valuable gifts inched up 0.8%.
2 Aug 17
The company won in the Health Products and Services category.