In Focus

18 Apr 18
China Energy Reserve & Chemicals Group pulled out of a deal to acquire Li Ka-Shing's The Center in Central.
11 Apr 18
Their combined IPO proceeds accounted for more than half of total proceeds at $32.11b.
4 Apr 18
Despite optimum business conditions and strong mobile penetration rates, Hong Kong's small population is halting the adoption of various...
27 Mar 18
Total funds raised hit $24.4b which is nearly a quarter of NYSE's overall IPO proceeds.
21 Mar 18
Six in 10 recruiters are opting for such temporary hiring strategies.
14 Mar 18
Business costs are more expensive in the Asian financial centre than the lion city.
12 Mar 18
The Asian financial centre has one of the worst credit-to-GDP gaps globally.
7 Mar 18
They welcome the convenience and all-day accessibility of digital alternatives.
28 Feb 18
The budget address disappointed residents waiting for a repeat of the 2011 handout scheme.
28 Feb 18
It posts one of the largest loan growth in Asia, easily beating Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.
21 Feb 18
Slowing trade and high labour costs is dragging Hong Kong’s competitiveness.
15 Feb 18
Digital savvy clients may soon prefer to interact more with chatbots.
14 Feb 18
WeLab’s $220m series B funding round has some big-time backers including Alibaba.
7 Feb 18
Retailers should tap into this goldmine as the consumer preference of Hong Kongers increasingly turns digital.
6 Feb 18
The $220m capital infusion for fintech startup WeLab was the ninth largest year-end deal in Asia.
31 Jan 18
The biggest deal from this sector was valued at $40.3b.
24 Jan 18
Despite advances in technology, Hong Kong's production structure ranked 58th out of 100 surveyed economies.
17 Jan 18
Retailers should be ready to revamp their stores into unique lifestyle concepts to battle e-commerce.
9 Jan 18
Only 1 in 10 or 11.5% of total households will be able to afford an average private housing by 2019.
20 Dec 17
Young professionals can rent beds for around HK$3,500 to HK$5,500 each.
11 Dec 17
It's amongst the three sectors that survived the retail slump.
5 Dec 17
Robotics mostly serves as a stop-gap measure to overcome flaws in tech infrastructure.
29 Nov 17
Half believe that growth is buoyed by Mainland China’s economy.
22 Nov 17
Its new bank resolution regime was only introduced in July.
21 Nov 17
Hong Kong's greatest strength lies in its finance skills.
13 Nov 17
They expect to make an average annual return of 9%.
8 Nov 17
Thanks to stable residential sales and commercial rents.
1 Nov 17
33% of employers worry that employees don't work hard as much.
24 Oct 17
Chatbots can now manage applicant profiles and organise interviews.
18 Oct 17
52% say their finance teams can't easily adapt to newly implemented technologies.
11 Oct 17
But the number of IPOs increased 52% to 114.
4 Oct 17
Will 'bots be taking over the world of headhunting?
27 Sep 17
52% of CFOs say blockchain improved their businesses.
19 Sep 17
The people aged 65 and over will hit 1.9m by 2027.
13 Sep 17
No thanks to unregulated pricing regime.
6 Sep 17
The government is implementing a revised bank resolution regime.
30 Aug 17
Analysts caution reading too much into one month’s print.
23 Aug 17
The prevalence of high-LTV second mortgages increases default risks for homebuyers.
16 Aug 17
That is in response to the move towards more stringent regulatory requirements.
9 Aug 17
Coworking market almost doubled in size in the past two years.