In Focus

21 Jan 21
Continued travel ban may have a significant impact on the country’s GDP.
19 Jan 21
The finance secretary said the current situation is still severe.
12 Jan 21
New fines may stifle small businesses, court watchers have warned.
6 Jan 21
Sales of department store commodities showed biggest fall.
11 Dec 20
Leasing demand remains subdued with -2.5 million square feet net absorption.
4 Dec 20
The November PMI stands as the highest reading since March 2018.
1 Dec 20
But sales may deteriorate again after Hong Kong registers fourth wave of COVID cases.
26 Nov 20
Salary hikes will be few and far, but it’s not all doom and gloom as companies transition to the new normal.
26 Nov 20
The neobank has outlined a bold plan to kickstart a new generation of virtual-savvy customers.
24 Nov 20
The pandemic measures in Hong Kong have aggravated its preexisting economic problems.
19 Nov 20
Compliance work remains their strongest suit, but the way they do it drastically changed.
17 Nov 20
Around 2.8m people plan to shop during the current festive season sales.
13 Nov 20
Lenders scramble to ramp up digital offerings amidst a new normal of remote banking.
10 Nov 20
55% of middle management said their companies provided support.
6 Nov 20
Private consumption expenditure improved to 7.7% from Q2.
28 Oct 20
Hiring in manufacturing, retail expected to decrease during the quarter.
21 Oct 20
Some businesses are confident that their business will soon recover.
15 Oct 20
Grade A CBD rents continued to dip by 5.1%.
29 Sep 20
Around 1,700 licensed travel agents will receive $5,000 per staff member.
22 Sep 20
Companies with more than 500 staff are most likely to consider reducing space.
21 Sep 20
F&B unemployment rate remained high at 14.4% during this period.
15 Sep 20
Total income earned by residents fell 7.5%.
9 Sep 20
Property prices in The Harbourside are now 10.6% compared to January 2019.
5 Sep 20
Hong Kong investors are predicting annual returns of 10.3% from their stock market investments.
26 Aug 20
Cinemas, beauty parlors and selected outdoor outdoor sports premises will reopen.
18 Aug 20
Private consumption expenditure fell 14.2% during the period.
12 Aug 20
Relisting in China could allow a better mix of debt and equity funding.
5 Aug 20
New orders, input prices and business confidence deteriorated at a quicker rate.
12 Jul 20
Is there really a capital exodus from Hong Kong to Singapore?
12 Jul 20
The bank’s slogan of co-creation belies a strong charm offensive of attractive deposit rates.
12 Jul 20
Staggered return and split teams may not be enough to squash their employees’ concerns.
6 Jul 20
Startups are getting a lot of opportunities from various subsidies and partnerships.
17 Jun 20
Hong Kong IPO markets are set to have remained strong in H1.
10 Jun 20
The posh homes segment continues to dominate the overall property scene.
7 Jun 20
Many universities have closed their campuses amidst the double whammy of protests and COVID-19.
31 May 20
Hong Kong business leaders reveal how they are coping, and adapting, to the new environment.
31 May 20
The total value of startup deals hit $9.84b, a 39% YoY drop compared to last year.
31 May 20
VC investors have yet to see the end of their woes, even as domestic volatility has already dragged investment down.
26 May 20
Exports in non-metallic mineral manufactures led the decline.
17 May 20
Exodus of corporate clients, mortgage risks, and dropping credit card use pose a big threat on revenues.