In Focus

17 Apr 19
Banks and co-working facilities hit the brakes on their expansion plans.
3 Apr 19
Strong office investments offset sluggish retail and industrial investment volumes.
26 Mar 19
The industrials sector received the highest number of IPOs with seven deals with a total of US$263m.
20 Mar 19
This was the slowest pace of GDP growth since 2016.
13 Mar 19
Whilst Hong Kong is rightly placed for the market-driven influx, the art scene may be reaching a saturation point.
6 Mar 19
The stock market rout slashed the growth of posh property prices to just 1.8%.
27 Feb 19
However, the number of deals picked up 27% as deals diversified.
27 Feb 19
SenseTime and Tinklabs closed billion-dollar funding rounds.
13 Feb 19
One family office has devoted 15% of US$70m capital into tech investments.
6 Feb 19
Buying sentiment remained cautious.
30 Jan 19
The protracted trade dispute has dimmed outlook for traditional real estate.
23 Jan 19
Undaunted by trade jitters, operators are actively expanding in Tseung Kwan O.
16 Jan 19
Office rents will slow to 2-4% growth in 2019 from 8-10% expansion in the previous year.
9 Jan 19
The demand will be driven in large part by fintech, as banks apply for their virtual banking licenses.
19 Dec 18
The city's crammed IPO pipeline features a little over 200 applicants.
12 Dec 18
Proceeds from New York IPOs only hit US$205b as it settles for a tentative second place.
5 Dec 18
The total deal consideration was $43.3b.
28 Nov 18
The sub-district offers larger office spaces, affordable rent and good business amenities.
21 Nov 18
Its dominance, however, may be challenged by deepening trade tensions.
14 Nov 18
The worst case scenario envisions residential property prices to crash by as much as 25%.
7 Nov 18
The two-year streak was broken after residential property prices fell 0.1%.
31 Oct 18
The SAR still needs to work on extending APIs for banking needs.
24 Oct 18
Apartments will be priced more conservatively in response to weakening sentiment.
17 Oct 18
Investment volume ballooned 259.4% in Q2 thanks to aggressive Mainland investors.
4 Oct 18
With total funds raised at $54.8b, Hong Kong holds the fifth spot in the global IPO league.
3 Oct 18
The proceeds from share sales hit $240b as of Q3.
26 Sep 18
A strong Q3 performance has boosted expectations of the SAR taking the top spot.
19 Sep 18
There are only around 20.1 million sq ft of potential office space from GLS.
12 Sep 18
Once a thriving expat hub, the SAR has plunged to 56th place in the global expat life rankings.
5 Sep 18
Fintechs and telco firms are lining up to get a cut of the city's banking market.
29 Aug 18
The nano flat supply is 35% higher than 2015-2017, indicating strong market takeup.
22 Aug 18
Primary sales volume have crashed after the 2016 peak due to the absence of large-scale launches.
15 Aug 18
Homegrown firms have trouble accessing new markets which could open the doors for talent and suppliers.
8 Aug 18
They committed to 300,000 sqft in the first half of the year alone.
1 Aug 18
Developers are switching unsold luxury flats from the sales to leasing market to escape the claws of vacancy tax.
25 Jul 18
From a peak of 21.6% in June 2017, home price growth have slowed to 14.7% in May.
18 Jul 18
Despite accounting for 90% of the city’s patients, public hospitals only employ 40% of the SAR’s doctors.
16 Jul 18
However, the city still fall shorts of Singapore’s dominance.
11 Jul 18
Massive en-bloc office sales of W Square, Octa Tower and Cityplaza Three & Four buoyed half-year figures.
4 Jul 18
There were, however, double the number of listings as small to medium sized companies rushed to list.