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11 Feb 19
The sites are in Yuen Long and Kai Tak.
21 Jan 19
It is designated for private residential purposes.
17 Jan 19
It is aiming to reduce smoking prevalence from the current 10% to 7.8% by 2025.
15 Jan 19
It aims to encourage collaboration amongst its 2,400 employees with communal areas and flexible workstations.
14 Jan 19
Its high-ticket clients include Lenovo, Ant Financial and the government.
14 Jan 19
The luxury cosmetics firm is building its UK and US foothold.
8 Jan 19
Youhug Media's share sale could raise at least US$100m.
21 Dec 18
Xinyi Energy Holdings cited a broader equity selloff in the country.
12 Dec 18
The fund became short of over a million shares in Great Wall Motor Company in 2015.
11 Dec 18
The proceeds will be used for the firm's business development.
5 Dec 18
Its Chopard Cannes Model - SCHC68 celebrates the iconic Cannes Film Festival whilst epitomising the excellence of the Swiss fine jewellery Maison...
5 Dec 18
The up and coming beauty brand's 2018 roadshow showcased it philanthropic positioning and exceeded sales targets.
5 Dec 18
Century Tuna brand has established itself locally and internationally through advocating a healthy, fit and sexy lifestyle.
4 Dec 18
The executive has established Southeast Asia as the third global hub for Profero.
4 Dec 18
The 168 Team enhanced collaboration and incorporated Hong Kong's heritage into the firm's anniversary memorabilia.
30 Nov 18
AlipayHK's innovative grab-and-go model pioneers unmanned retail store in Hong Kong.
28 Nov 18
The initial funding round has attracted companies such as the Berjaya Group, JG Summit Holdings, Inc.
28 Nov 18
Their electronics manufacturing services are tailored to suit the needs of the world's most demanding original equipment manufacturers (OEMs...
27 Nov 18
Its coal mining production from medium and low-calorie coals to high CV calorie coals is not only innovative but also sustainable.
26 Nov 18
Sanitarium’s So Good Regular Soy Milk contains protein and essential minerals and gives customers the added benefit of calcium and vitamin D...
26 Nov 18
Their low-protein rice is used for dietary therapy, particularly for kidney patients and patients who are instructed to restrict protein intake....
26 Nov 18
The product is sourced from handpicked family farms in Eastern Australia and are sold usually in 400g net weight portions that are delicious,...
26 Nov 18
Their Jet Ball Joints smoothly replaces the full performance of vehicles’ original ball joints.
26 Nov 18
Their fuel treatment and delivery system project in Indonesia was completed in only five months—a record for this type of project.
26 Nov 18
The TROX chilled beam system uses water to transfer energy, which provides a healthier indoor environment by eliminating the need to recirculate...
22 Nov 18
Its IF Local Sensation 100% Coconut Water brings delightful, preservative-free coconut water in the convenience of a PET bottle.
19 Nov 18
The free trade and investment deal are expected to be sealed by H1 2019.
19 Nov 18
As many as 2,545 flats will be provided.
13 Nov 18
It is pursuing a regular IPO instead.
12 Nov 18
It will focus on healthcare technologies, AI and robotics.
8 Nov 18
They will assist in online and offline distribution.
6 Nov 18
The owner of Earls Court estate is demerging its business.
31 Oct 18
It will tap on machine learning and data to analyse stocks.
29 Oct 18
The driving characteristics of the Mercedes-AMG G 63 can be individualised with the touch of a finger.
29 Oct 18
It aims to cement the city’s role as the region’s leading wine centre.
29 Oct 18
A Belt & Road scholarship for Myanmar citizens will also be offered.