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19 Aug 19
From 28 September to 13 October, Patek Philippe will showcase high-precision watch manufacturing in Singapore.
7 Aug 19
Almost 4 out of 5 also expect their employers to invest in developing their digital skills.
31 Jul 19
Credit cardholders can settle one-off or recurring payments on the app whilst earning points.
17 Jul 19
Most new leases were by mid-range retailers in the personal care and sporting goods categories.
11 Jul 19
Hong Kong is now home to nearly 1.4 million companies.
9 Jul 19
It combines the best of comfort and luxury convenience with enhanced safety features.
9 Jul 19
It will provide financial support for cancer patients as early as Stage I/II.
18 Jun 19
It will run from 28 September to 13 October.
11 Jun 19
The 840-room hotel draws aesthetic inspiration from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
7 Jun 19
The firm is estimated to clinch $9.12b through the offering.
3 Jun 19
The expansions will see the firm adding 1,500 capacity cabinets.
31 May 19
The two nations will do joint research projects and cross-share experiences and best practices.
28 May 19
Bupa MyFlexi VHIS Plan offers 270 days hospitalisation coverage.
23 May 19
The last iBond index constituent will mature in June 2019.
22 May 19
The event will feature 200 exhibitors and welcome over 18,000 visitors.
9 May 19
This cross-platform collaboration will bring unprecedented convenience, comfort, and innovation to one’s travel experience.
11 Apr 19
Subscribers can have unlimited free delivery for HK$98 a month.
1 Apr 19
The insurer will offer personal reimbursement for hospitalisation.
20 Mar 19
The expansion follows the firm’s launch in Australia and Singapore.
20 Mar 19
The bank’s key focus will be on harnessing the power of fintech to bring more breakthroughs in digital services and channels.
14 Mar 19
The hotel’s new concept featured merging public and private spaces and a co-working space.
6 Mar 19
The plan is expected to benefit the 500 individuals who work from itslocations in Sai Wan and Causeway Bay.
5 Mar 19
CS Global LTL Services runs a freight forwarding business out of a cloud platform that enables shippers to quote, book and manage their door-to-...
1 Mar 19
Hong Kong Disneyland Resort's CastApp integrates admin modules and communication channels for staff members.
28 Feb 19
Hong Kong Business honoured Asia's leading companies in technology innovation during the inaugural Technology Excellence Awards (TEA) last...
28 Feb 19
To protect the customer data and profitability of a client in the gaming industry, Vastcom proposed a superior security strategy in line with...
28 Feb 19
The most advanced air-quality monitor in the market, uHoo promotes health and well-being through better indoor air.
28 Feb 19
Synergy’s ASTRA Automation Accelerator Framework was conceived and developed to address the immediate needs of process transformation...
28 Feb 19
To provide exceptional service, Sands China launched its Procure-to-Pay system, which enables paperless business processes throughout the...
27 Feb 19
To simplify operations and increase efficiency, the Hong Kong Exchange leveraged the Nintex Platform to successfully transform its business...
27 Feb 19
A true testament to its speed, the company handled 8 million orders and 11.32 million units during China’s “Single’s Day...
27 Feb 19
Lexis Advance® Hong Kong elevates online...
27 Feb 19
The tech company's payment solutions secured its recognition in the inaugural edition of TEA Hong Kong Business honoured Asia's...
27 Feb 19
DRun helps last mile logistics service provider to track the parcel and optimize their fleet management and also utilise their resources to...
11 Feb 19
The sites are in Yuen Long and Kai Tak.
21 Jan 19
It is designated for private residential purposes.
17 Jan 19
It is aiming to reduce smoking prevalence from the current 10% to 7.8% by 2025.
15 Jan 19
It aims to encourage collaboration amongst its 2,400 employees with communal areas and flexible workstations.
14 Jan 19
Its high-ticket clients include Lenovo, Ant Financial and the government.