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What HK students want: Top 3 ideal employers for new talents

University students have their eyes on tech firms Google and Apple, and even public work.

HKMCI approves $1b in personal loan

More than 14,000 applications were approved, as of 25 June.

More than 2,600 job vacancies open in HKTDC expo

The Education & Careers Expo will run from 15 to 18 July.

Wage rate rises in March but at slowest pace in 11 years

The average wage rate across sectors increased 0.9% in nominal terms in March.

How vocational training shapes Hong Kong workforce

PwC Hong Kong said it has helped reduce youth unemployment rate to 10% in 2019.

Job vacancies in Hong Kong reach 39,000 in March

This is a 7% drop compared to the previous year.

HR Briefing: Are the Gen Zs alright?

A study has found Gen Zs are struggling in the workplace.

HK ends 3-year streak as world's most expensive city

Ashgabat unseats Hong Kong as the costliest city for expats.

Jobless rate eases further to 6% in May

There are still around 233,000 unemployed in Hong Kong,

Using technology and culture to build employee engagement

Employee engagement and wellness is key to ensuring employers thrive, and that technology has a major role to play

Hong Kong jobless likely to further drop in May: gov’t

But full employment is still a long way ahead.

Hong Kongers asked: What makes an ideal employer?

More than 3 in 5 Hong Kongers sought “attractive salary and benefits” from ideal employers.

10 firms that made it in HK’s most attractive companies

The Hong Kong Jockey Club topped the list for the first time in 2021.

Green Employment Scheme to create 800 new jobs

Of this, 500 are time-limited whilst 300 are subsidised jobs.

HR Briefing: Will machines take over Hong Kongers’ jobs?

Around 56% of Hong Kongers are threatened by automation.