HR & Education

8 Mar 18
Almost a fifth of expats are employed in the lion city compared to 14% in Hong Kong.
5 Mar 18
More male employees are optimistic about a wage hike.
28 Feb 18
This will translate to more scholarships and new public school lifts.
27 Feb 18
31% aim to leverage the expertise of other businesses by partnering with digital agencies.
27 Feb 18
49% have expressed dissatisfaction with their compensation package.
27 Feb 18
They also receive more competitive salaries at USD148,410 than Singapore expats at USD117,904.
23 Feb 18
This translates to 106,600 unemployed persons.
22 Feb 18
However, the increase will only range from 3 to 6%.
21 Feb 18
Developers skilled in UI/UX/HTML/CSS can earn as much as $840,000 yearly.
20 Feb 18
The massive waste problem must be resolved to realise its Smart City vision.
16 Feb 18
Even if it means going beyond the $5b additional funding, said CE Lam.
13 Feb 18
It’s a good time to be an electrical, mechanical, structural and building services engineer.
13 Feb 18
Almost half (43%) consider it as top factors when considering a job offer.
12 Feb 18
Business development specialists are also needed in the bancassurance channel.
12 Feb 18
Salaries are also set to rise amidst stronger industry demand.
12 Feb 18
Those with AML and KYC skills are poised to be the most sought-after.
9 Feb 18
Government efforts are likely to take effect.
8 Feb 18
Frustrated Hong Kongers would not recommend these firms to peers.
5 Feb 18
Most employers believe that skill shortages will hamper their daily operations in 2018.
31 Jan 18
From this number, only 10% ensured that all their employees received their bonuses.
31 Jan 18
Over half of this population are willing to pay the equivalent of a 5% electricity bill hike.
30 Jan 18
The current IT pool is therefore not well-equipped to meet the demands of the workforce.
29 Jan 18
This is equivalent to a salary increase of more than 6%.
25 Jan 18
A fourth of the respondents are willing to give up these luxuries to set foot in European cities.
23 Jan 18
The battered retail sector is expecting better days with the start of the new financial year.
22 Jan 18
Jobs in Hong Kong were up 78% and number of job seekers rose 56% YoY.
19 Jan 18
It’s the first time the unemployment rate dropped below 3% mark in almost twenty years.
10 Jan 18
Contractual business analysts and PMO specialists are projected to be in high demand.
20 Dec 17
A total of 13,700 people got a job in this sector.
19 Dec 17
The underemployment rate also remained unchanged at 1.1% over the same period.
18 Dec 17
One in five say a pay hike will make them happier.
18 Dec 17
They believe their IT teams aren't equipped to effectively achieve business goals.
18 Dec 17
Their projected salary increase is well above the national wage growth.
18 Dec 17
The affluent Hong Konger invests 17 times more than the average person.
13 Dec 17
It’s back in the top ten after falling short at eleventh place last year.
13 Dec 17
Thus, younger workers are delaying retirement to increase savings.
11 Dec 17
Compared to other Greater China regions, Hong Kongers are more optimistic about the developing technology.
11 Dec 17
Those with solid multi-language skills have an edge over competitors.
11 Dec 17
The insurance industry in particular is hiring one-year contractor positions.