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Restaurant receipts down 25.9% to $21.2b in Q2

The declines narrowed from Q1 as social distancing measures eased.

Restaurant receipts down 25.9% to $21.2b in Q2

The declines narrowed from Q1 as social distancing measures eased.

Deliveroo rolls out breakfast service

People may now order food beginning 7:45AM on weekdays.

Deliveroo rolls out catering services

This new feature facilitates cross-district delivery from over 50 catering partners.

Deliveroo pilots in-app feature allowing users to donate

The feature will allow customers to roundup their bills and make financial donations.

Deliveroo signs up over 1,500 new restaurants

The app also recently launched “PickUp” feature for users. Deliveroo has seen over 1,500 new restaurants join the platform since January, according...

Total restaurant receipts down 5.9% to $112.5b in 2019

Q4 marked the largest fall since the outbreak of SARS in Q2 2003.

37% of restaurants saw revenue growth in Q4 2019

However, only two in 10 businesses have reported profit growth.

Restaurant receipts down 11.7% to $26.4b in Q3

This is the worst year-on-year decline recorded since the SARS outbreak in 2003.

Delivering the Virtual Restaurant of Tomorrow

No waiters, no diners: the food delivery boom is opening new doors for restaurants.

Restaurant receipts down 0.4% to $28.7m in Q2

Receipts of bars, Chinese restaurants and non-Chinese restaurants fell during the quarter.

Restaurant receipts rose 3% to $31.5b in Q1

Non-Chinese restaurants saw $9.58m in receipts.

Food spending to hit $291.6b by 2023

Its annual growth rate would moderate from 6% to 5.5% by 2023.

Deliveroo Hong Kong launches ‘Plus' subscription plan

Subscribers can have unlimited free delivery for HK$98 a month.

Hong Kong restaurant receipts hit $30.4b in Q4

Non-Chinese restaurants saw strong year-end figures.

Restaurants continue to thrive as receipts hit $29.9b in Q3

Bars outperformed other food segments after receipts grew 10.1% in value.

Hong Kong seals wine deal with Bordeaux

It aims to cement the city’s role as the region’s leading wine centre.

FrieslandCampina: Championing childhood nutrition through innovation and unmatched expertise

With its dedication to quality and well-balanced nutrition, FriesdlandCampina’s range of beloved dairy products has been the trusted by generations.