Food & Beverage

7 Jul 14
Giving Hong Kongers reasons to chill out.
17 Jun 14
Suspension is for 2 weeks.
1 Jun 14
It was sponsored by Vinexpo Asia-Pacific.
12 Mar 14
According to a release, spring is just around the corner, and with it Fatty Crab brings its Southeast Asian flavours to the table for Fatty...
1 Mar 14
The Lunar New year is fast-approaching and that better way to celebrate it than indulging yourself and your loved ones in the creations of the...
5 Feb 14
It's estimated at $25.4b.
13 Jan 14
It'll be closed for 3 weeks.
4 Dec 13
Due to avian influenza scare.
2 Dec 13
In a recent debate over where the future of wine in China lies, the message was very clear – the one who can reach the masses (and in...
20 Nov 13
As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, come on over to Old Bailey Street, and join the Fatty Crew for some good ‘ol fashioned...
18 Nov 13
It breached the Food Business Regulation.
7 Nov 13
It surpassed last year's record.
4 Nov 13
It’s a GPS-enabled social menu app.
29 Oct 13
About 300 booths to be set up.
16 Oct 13
It illegally extended business area.
16 Oct 13
Feared to contain glass fragments.
16 Oct 13
Due to avian influenza scare.
10 Oct 13
For illegally extending business area.
1 Oct 13
With autumn quickly moving in and its first six months under its belt on Shanghai’s prestigious Bund, Napa Wine Bar & Kitchen is...
4 Sep 13
Venue will be the Island Shangri-La and Grand Hyatt Hong Kong.
30 Aug 13
It was also fined $11,000.
26 Aug 13
It violated several regulations.
21 Aug 13
For illegal extension of business area.
19 Aug 13
Amidst H7 avian influenza scare.
5 Aug 13
It illegally extended its business area.
2 Aug 13
Only a slight increase from Chinese restaurants.
1 Aug 13
It illegally extended its business area.
30 Jul 13
In a release, Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers unveiled its...
30 Jul 13
They can threaten your nervous system.
23 Jul 13
Cleaning and disinfection measures are on-going.
22 Jul 13
They repeatedly breached food business rules.
11 Jul 13
It repeatedly breached regulations.
8 Jul 13
Two-week suspension due to regulation breaches.
1 Jul 13
Beware of Milk Raisins and Dark Raisins.
1 Jul 13
For illegally extending business areas.
28 Jun 13
According to a release, Sheraton Hong Kong & Towers - Oyster & Wine Bar’s Chef de Cuisine Oscar Chow...
26 Jun 13
Is it popping the champagne for cheaper drinks?
19 Jun 13
According to a release, contemporary Japanese restaurant Hikari Japanese Cuisine is launched at Henry House in...
18 Jun 13
After illegally extending its business area.
10 Jun 13
It'll take effect on 10 June.