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8 Mar 13
He brings with him years of experience in commercial litigation.
20 Feb 13
It may be a little early for moon cakes, but  as we are well into the season of gifting, and where businesses are receiving gifts,...
19 Feb 13
When you are told to “slip carefully” instead of be careful because of the slippery floor or you see people dining at a place called...
15 Feb 13
 HK partners Bryant Edwards and Eugene Lee take the lead.
22 Jan 13
Just as everyone else is scrambling to set up in China to get a piece of the country’s booming economy, French law firm Thomas, Mayer...
21 Jan 13
Perhaps it is not in our culture to openly admit our emotional needs, articulate our feelings and seek help… perhaps invincible people...
10 Jan 13
Foreign Correspondent's Club appeals against Companies Ordinance.
4 Jan 13
Baker & McKenzie has topped Hong Kong Business inaugural top 25 law firm rankings for 2012, beating out Deacons and Mayer Brown, who took...
2 Jan 13
The Hong Kong Government estimates that between 2009 and 2011, the financial loss to businesses in the SAR from computer crime more than trebled...
11 Dec 12
More capital management measures expected in the coming months.
10 Dec 12
Will the new Companies Ordinance improve Hong Kong’s score?
10 Dec 12
60% of Singapore companies fail to mention a code of conduct in their publications.
3 Dec 12
Justice Rimsky Yuen encouraged adoption of HK law.
20 Nov 12
There is a lot of commentary on the HKD10 million investment-for-residence Hong Kong Capital Investment Entrant Scheme (“HKCIES”)...
7 Nov 12
He will also be the chairman of each of Audit Committee.
5 Nov 12
You only have till December 14.
29 Oct 12
It's partially for the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area.
24 Oct 12
A replacement for Li Jialin  has already been decided.
23 Oct 12
The change will be effective from October 26.
22 Oct 12
He has taken over starting 19 October.
15 Oct 12
Lawrence Lee exits as Paul Tan enters the scene.
15 Oct 12
The move is part of plans to offer more diverse services to customers.
12 Oct 12
Mr Kevin Lam will take over starting 15 October.
11 Oct 12
Guess what country took the most coveted post.
22 Aug 12
Despite the tough times, 82% of financial professionals now in Hong Kong would rather stay put until the global financial crisis blows over....
12 Jul 12
Almost 9 in every 10 professionals would spend time for physical fitness during free time gained from flexible working...
12 Jul 12
Would you be more productive if you work at your own convenience?
3 Apr 12
As Asia continues to grow in economic prominence, one of the region’s most established international arbitration venues is also raising...
21 Mar 12
Should Uncle Sam start giving bows instead of handshakes?.
22 Feb 12
Product suite eyed be the first swap-based synthetic ETF platform managed by a local Hong Kong manager.
22 Feb 12
Mr. Hilton  is already experienced in managing operational teams and technical facilities throughout the region.
2 Feb 12
In Hong Kong, gone are the days when we were chained to our desk from 9 to 5.
30 Jan 12
The law firm affirms its Hong Kong team members bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in their respective fields.
19 Jan 12
New concepts of mobility increase functionality and take advantage of modular design innovations Managing...
19 Jan 12
Expansion into Mainland China and Europe does not slow down the development and construction of the company’s new Hong Kong...
19 Jan 12
As they celebrated their 15th birthday, the lawyers of Thomas Mayer & Associés (TMA) decided to do something unprecedented...
5 Dec 11
Mr. Martyr led the growth of the Group which will have more than 2,900 lawyers in 43 offices by next year.
21 Nov 11
His new role will take effect from December 17.
8 Nov 11
 Four Hong Kong residents who arranged bogus marriages were jailed when they appeared in the District Court.