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13 Nov 14
Find out who can make the cut.
13 Nov 14
Are younger talents being elbowed aside?.
9 Oct 14
Altitude Labs will make your ideas happen – Silicon Valley-style.
27 May 14
But agencies are increasing.
4 Mar 14
Mayer Brown emerged as the largest law firm in the city.
28 Feb 14
Thomas, Mayer & Associés take legal practice to new heights.
6 Dec 13
"Before it's too late," warns expert.
6 Dec 13
But here's what it should improve more on.
5 Dec 13
Patent applications have been rocketing.
4 Dec 13
Awareness among start-ups still premature.
4 Dec 13
Another initiative to propel Hong Kong as an IP trading hub.
5 Nov 13
You will be surprised.
6 Sep 13
It will be held on September 7-8.
5 Sep 13
"Violates basic law and undermines Hong Kong economy".
12 Jul 13
To put some teeth into Copyright law.
14 Jun 13
They'll be in full effect today.
4 Jun 13
With only one real accelerator program in Hong Kong (AcceleratorHK focusing mainly on mobile startups, ChinaAccelerator in Dalian and JFDI in...
30 May 13
As probe on Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange progress.
20 May 13
It included electronic products and endangered species specimens.
19 May 13
In international business, Hong Kong is a financial centre, bridging the East with the West.
17 May 13
From cigarette smuggling and money laundering cases.
15 May 13
Overall crime rate in Hong Kong dropped 5.2%.
30 Apr 13
The Personal Data (Privacy) Amendment Ordinance (“Amendment Ordinance”) was passed in October 2012, with the provisions...
12 Apr 13
To establish a successful and sustainable business in this sector, Hong Kong business people should consider adopting the principle of “...
4 Apr 13
International Women’s Day took place on Friday 8th March 2013, giving many women a platform from which to promote women’s rights and...
2 Apr 13
Application is until June 29.
1 Apr 13
Deadline for registration is on May 16.
19 Mar 13
The doom mongers haven’t long left.
19 Mar 13
Everyone wants to look great and feel great, men & women.
12 Mar 13
It will be a 2-year term.
11 Mar 13
Check out how the rest of services sector fared.
8 Mar 13
He brings with him years of experience in commercial litigation.
20 Feb 13
It may be a little early for moon cakes, but  as we are well into the season of gifting, and where businesses are receiving gifts,...
19 Feb 13
When you are told to “slip carefully” instead of be careful because of the slippery floor or you see people dining at a place called...
15 Feb 13
 HK partners Bryant Edwards and Eugene Lee take the lead.
22 Jan 13
Just as everyone else is scrambling to set up in China to get a piece of the country’s booming economy, French law firm Thomas, Mayer...
21 Jan 13
Perhaps it is not in our culture to openly admit our emotional needs, articulate our feelings and seek help… perhaps invincible people...
10 Jan 13
Foreign Correspondent's Club appeals against Companies Ordinance.
4 Jan 13
Baker & McKenzie has topped Hong Kong Business inaugural top 25 law firm rankings for 2012, beating out Deacons and Mayer Brown, who took...