Information Technology

22 Oct 19
The app offers 24/7 pre-diagnosis and e-claim services.
16 Oct 19
66% of local businesses shared plans to use virtual connections to support overseas expansions.
16 Oct 19
Globally, 78% of business leaders predict an uphill battle in training staff on new tech.
2 Oct 19
Consequently, talent acquisition is a challenge for 2 in 3 fintech firms.
19 Sep 19
This is based on the official price of iPhone 11 Pro 64GB and monthly salary.
4 Sep 19
E-commerce platform Alibaba delivered triple-digit growth in revenue.
22 Aug 19
It aims to lure tech companies to Hong Kong.
13 Aug 19
Hong Kong’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate currently stands at 2.8% the same as it has done for fourteen quarters.
7 Aug 19
Almost 4 out of 5 also expect their employers to invest in developing their digital skills.
14 Jun 19
According to Hong Kong Police statistics, financial losses due to cybercrime reached $2.77b in 2018 in the territory, almost doubling the figure...
7 Jun 19
Hong Kong is emerging as a digitally sophisticated nation being named by The Digital Evolution Index, the third most advanced digital economy in...
31 May 19
The two nations will do joint research projects and cross-share experiences and best practices.
24 May 19
More than half of offices are hesitant to adopt AI operations.
22 May 19
Although it ranks high in tertiary education, the city’s R&D and patent generation investments fell short.
9 May 19
The latest funding round puts the value of the company at around US$4b.
9 May 19
Its lack of investments in an AI-enabled workforce and analytics infrastructure is weighing on its ambitions.
30 Apr 19
Its international positioning and robust data protection framework make it the ideal location for the region.
4 Apr 19
Over half of APAC manufacturing organisations have experienced a cyber breach.
1 Apr 19
The 2019 Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon saw a record number of participants take part in this annual race.
5 Mar 19
Data hacks, security breaches, vulnerable IT systems – these are all hot topics in Hong Kong at the moment.
21 Feb 19
The firm plans to buy a 51% equity interest.
13 Feb 19
There were 62 cases of phishing last year.
28 Jan 19
However, 22% admit that the former are less trustworthy than old-guard lenders.
22 Jan 19
Half of the region's top execs expect growth to improve in 2019 despite economic uncertainties.
9 Jan 19
The demand will be driven in large part by fintech, as banks apply for their virtual banking licenses.
11 Dec 18
7 in 10 of the SAR's population have access to superfast internet connectivity.
13 Nov 18
The IT hub is expected to be around 1.2 million square metres.
12 Nov 18
The level of investment exceeds that of Singapore, he says.
7 Nov 18
Artificial intelligence and automation are the leading technologies infiltrating several industries in the region, Fitch Solutions said.
7 Nov 18
E-commerce is Hong Kong’s number one side hustle pursuit, according to GoDaddy’s Gig Economy Survey in 2017, highlighting the city...
6 Nov 18
Banks are especially vulnerable to threats.
19 Oct 18
There are already eight cases of fraudulent bank websites in October YTD.
4 Oct 18
'Orii' allows the visually-challenged to operate phones via voice technology.
26 Sep 18
Members can share best practices and insights to boost cyber resilience.
25 Sep 18
Facial recognition technology and biometric methods may be used.
25 Sep 18
They account for under 6% of Grade A office space in H1, one of Asia’s lowest.
21 Sep 18
The ministry also announced that unicorn startup SenseTime will set up an AI-powered platform.
20 Sep 18
The collaboration aims to provide digital assistance to businesses in APAC and Europe.
11 Sep 18
Two years ago, I shared with Hong Kong Business readers how we will be able to build smarter retail infrastructure through in-store artificial...
11 Sep 18
The two central banks will share information and lead joint innovation projects.