Information Technology

8 Feb 18
Attracting the top tech talent is key as Hong Kong rolls out its smart city vision.
7 Feb 18
The de facto central bank believes they promote fintech and financial inclusion.
6 Feb 18
This will result in greater industry collaboration between banks and e-commerce players.
2 Feb 18
It aims to assist businesses seeking capital and overseas expansion in each other's markets.
1 Feb 18
The move is in line with the authority’s push towards an era of Smart Banking.
1 Feb 18
It holds the second fastest global average internet connection speed at more than 140 mbps.
31 Jan 18
AI, biomedicine and fintech are amongst key development areas in its bid to be the next Silicon Valley.
31 Jan 18
They believe that Hong Kong lags behind in fostering a technology and innovation culture.
30 Jan 18
A public education campaign was jointly launched by the FSTB and IEC.
30 Jan 18
The current IT pool is therefore not well-equipped to meet the demands of the workforce.
30 Jan 18
This comes amidst a crackdown on cryptocurrency trading by Chinese authorities.
26 Jan 18
Kuaisho is currently valued at about US$18b.
24 Jan 18
Despite advances in technology, Hong Kong's production structure ranked 58th out of 100 surveyed economies.
18 Jan 18
The recent investment made in Hong Kong-based artificial intelligence company SenseTime Group by US mobile chip giant Qualcomm Technologies was...
16 Jan 18
It aims to facilitate digital disruption in the financial services industry.
12 Jan 18
It is part of the agency’s initiatives to transition into an era of smart banking.
11 Jan 18
Dori and Haro can communicate in Chinese, English and understand Cantonese.
18 Dec 17
Their projected salary increase is well above the national wage growth.
18 Dec 17
This includes the pilot installation of smart lampposts which can collect real-time city data.
11 Dec 17
It aims to accelerate the development of smart city solutions.
8 Dec 17
It aims to facilitate financial innovation between the two markets.
5 Dec 17
The industry is entering a new era of Smart Banking.
4 Dec 17
It’s an effort to embrace disruptive technology for future smart city applications.
27 Nov 17
They prefer to deal with the risks as they come.
24 Oct 17
Chatbots can now manage applicant profiles and organise interviews.
29 Sep 17
Find out how your company can prevent the next cyberattack that could cost you billions.
13 Jun 17
The Lok Ma Chau Loop is the largest proposal of its kind by Hong Kong.
11 May 17
Only 1 in 5 firms has technologists in leadership roles.
10 May 17
They are in demand as companies step up protection against data security risks.
20 Apr 17
“We are more than just a middleware company,” says Gerber.
15 Mar 17
Application developers topped the list.
9 Mar 17
Visitors can enjoy 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi.
15 Feb 17
In 2011, Marc Andreesen, the well-known super angel investor...
10 Feb 17
Companies have become aggressive and protecting data.
11 Nov 16
Self-learning systems – also known as machine learning – use AI techniques to foster pattern recognition that’s fast and...
16 Sep 16
There are four categories judged by IT gurus, VCs, technology media and analysts.
10 Aug 16
As the development of Internet of Things (IoT) continues to mature, we see these new technological advances are...
28 Jul 16
In 2013, the UBM’s Future Cities...