Hotels & Tourism

6 Dec 18
Mainland tourists accounted for nearly 80% of monthly arrivals.
15 Nov 18
China, Japan and South Korea accounted for 70% of transaction volumes.
13 Nov 18
Tour guides operating without a license may soon be a criminal offence.
8 Nov 18
More Mainland tourists failed to offset declining volumes for the rest of Asia.
31 Oct 18
There were 9.03 million international overnight visitors.
29 Oct 18
The low supply of hotel rooms will push prices up.
22 Oct 18
Their meeting spaces can be tailored fit for specific event requirements.
9 Oct 18
The redevelopment will cost Mandarin Oriental about $5.09b in a span of six years.
1 Oct 18
Sustained influx of Mainland visitors drove tourism levels.
1 Oct 18
Visitors can stay in the country for up to 30 days.
25 Sep 18
Bangkok topped the list with 20.05 million international tourists in 2017.
4 Sep 18
There was a notable decline in Asian tourist volume particularly in Indonesia and Philippines.
21 Aug 18
The completion delay of Ocean Park Marriott would've boosted supply figures more.
20 Aug 18
Citywide occupancy hit 91% in H1.
3 Aug 18
A water park will also be completed by the end of the year.
3 Aug 18
The move comes amidst threats of the falling yuan and heating trade tensions.
2 Aug 18
Rising number of Mainland visitors offset softening tourism from rest of Asia.
25 Jul 18
New Zealand's airfares could rise 7.5%.
24 Jul 18
This is double the global average of 2.5 trips in the past 24 months.
2 Jul 18
Visitors from the Mainland hit 3.82 million.
27 Jun 18
SEA and South Asia tourist arrivals rose 10% and 9%, respectively.
8 Jun 18
A continued recovery in Mainland tourism boosted monthly figures.
24 May 18
Passport holders can enjoy visa-free access to 169 countries.
24 May 18
The office sector continues to enjoy heated interest from investors.
23 May 18
Ongoing recovery in Mainland tourism buoyed headline figures.
16 May 18
Declining tourist arrivals almost pushed Henderson Land to exit the Hong Kong hotel scene.
18 Apr 18
Expenses cost $3,971 per day (US$508).
21 Mar 18
Hong Kongers can visit the country for up to 30 days.
28 Feb 18
Finance Secretary Paul Chan pledged the financial assistance to boost the city's tourism.
14 Feb 18
However, they can only stay for up to two weeks.
5 Feb 18
The influx of tourists from the Mainland contributed significantly to the year-end figures.
1 Feb 18
This is equivalent to over 58 million tourists.
11 Jan 18
Passport holders can enjoy visa-free access to a total of 155 countries.
11 Jan 18
Singapore is the region’s best-performing passport with visa-free access to 176 countries.
5 Dec 17
Visitors from South Korea and Japan posted the largest growth.
4 Dec 17
The lack of major events may have been the cause of stabilisation.
29 Nov 17
The industry also generated 77,000 jobs in the same period.
9 Nov 17
The city registered 25.7 million arrivals this year.
3 Nov 17
11 deals worth US$1.5b have been made so far.
27 Sep 17
Immigration Department will boost manpower at control points.