Financial Services

10 Aug 20
But family remains the top source of advice amongst wealthy residents.
10 Aug 20
"Unilateral sactions" has no legal status in the city, the HKMA said.
6 Aug 20
40% reported heavy usage of digital payments.
5 Aug 20
Clients can open an account in five minutes.
30 Jul 20
A bill to transfer risk to capital markets was introduced in March.
30 Jul 20
Neobanks are advised to partner with mobile wallets and offer credit cards to boost adoption.
30 Jul 20
The city has one of the highest levels of insurance awareness.
20 Jul 20
"Politically exposed persons" can have a hard time accessing banking services.
12 Jul 20
Is there really a capital exodus from Hong Kong to Singapore?
12 Jul 20
The bank’s slogan of co-creation belies a strong charm offensive of attractive deposit rates.
1 Jul 20
The firm expects companies to back moves supporting human rights.
1 Jul 20
Hong Kong customers may apply for mortgage loan for properties within the GBA.
30 Jun 20
It allows residents to invest in wealth products offered by banks in the area.
28 Jun 20
FDT is behind Asia’s first ​Rapid Settlement and Clearing Network (RSCN).
24 Jun 20
The two methods are rising at CAGR of 12% and 11%, respectively.
23 Jun 20
The survey will look into business sentiment across the Greater Bay Area.
18 Jun 20
Enrollment age limit for pets has been raised to 11 years old.
16 Jun 20
Products will be available to customers starting 15 June.
15 Jun 20
The bank offers savings, time deposit, and personal loan products.
15 Jun 20
The wealthy are opening offshore bank accounts and eyeing overseas property.
12 Jun 20
Clients will be able to purchase all but one of the policies via videoconference.
11 Jun 20
It is its first sustainability-linked loan transaction in the Hong Kong dollar.
11 Jun 20
The lender, along with Standard Chartered, has already been chided in Britain.
9 Jun 20
HSBC and Standard Chartered have seen high surges in enquiries.
8 Jun 20
It offers 300 roles for students graduating in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree.
3 Jun 20
The exemption also covers customers in Macau.
27 May 20
58% of financial firms in the city will utilise AI next year.
26 May 20
Double-digit growth is on the horizon over the next three years.
21 May 20
They are waiving seller transaction fees until 10 August.
20 May 20
E-payments firm Octopus said that mobile wallet usage rose 30% in February.
19 May 20
It also combines business talent retention with wealth growth.
17 May 20
Exodus of corporate clients, mortgage risks, and dropping credit card use pose a big threat on revenues.
14 May 20
Despite the measures, some have expressed relief at physically seeing their colleagues again.
13 May 20
The majority of Hong Kong use such apps for personal finance.
11 May 20
Credit losses will notably decline in 2021.
7 May 20
In-force business growth and higher sales spurred the growth.
7 May 20
This will help clients purchasing new ILAS policies to build their investments.
5 May 20
Retail banking clients registered in Personal Internet Banking can opt in.
30 Apr 20
Their exposure to SMEs and unsecured loans heightens the risks.
21 Apr 20
The plan has an annuity period of 10 to 20 years starting at the age of 50.