Financial Services

17 Jan 19
They are more open to the tech than Australia and UK users.
17 Jan 19
On the other hand, childless couples only need $3.29m in savings.
15 Jan 19
It was an undeniably terrible year for equities, but experts are not completely writing them off in 2019.
15 Jan 19
It aims to encourage collaboration amongst its 2,400 employees with communal areas and flexible workstations.
14 Jan 19
Lending to Mainland firms has been trending downwards to 6.1% in September 2018.
11 Jan 19
Over half admit to not having plans to ensure compliance with local and global requirements in 2019.
11 Jan 19
The insurer failed to meet the required number of personnel with sufficient investment experience.
9 Jan 19
The demand will be driven in large part by fintech, as banks apply for their virtual banking licenses.
8 Jan 19
Business sentiment recovered mildly as corporates ramped up borrowing.
21 Dec 18
This represents the fourth tightening in 2018.
19 Dec 18
This translates to almost 50 investment bankers leaving in the past six months.
14 Dec 18
Only 2 in 5 industry professionals have gone through fintech training courses.
14 Dec 18
Those employed in senior management positions are the most willing to transfer.
12 Dec 18
The double-digit growth came as Mainland firms beefed up their wealth businesses.
12 Dec 18
The fund became short of over a million shares in Great Wall Motor Company in 2015.
12 Dec 18
Proceeds from New York IPOs only hit US$205b as it settles for a tentative second place.
10 Dec 18
They failed to submit sufficient information on authorisation criteria.
10 Dec 18
SMEs and corporates also acknowledge the merits of the pivot.
7 Dec 18
They will assist the elderly with their finances.
5 Dec 18
Gains from Chinese business will remain muted.
4 Dec 18
They will develop a remote account-opening solution.
3 Dec 18
The pioneer will be part of the new fast-track system.
3 Dec 18
This represents the fourth straight month of decline.
28 Nov 18
This could mark the lowest possible deal volume in 13 years.
28 Nov 18
Incumbents are launching VC arms and innovation labs to avoid being outpaced.
21 Nov 18
Its dominance, however, may be challenged by deepening trade tensions.
13 Nov 18
However, performance is likely to remain subdued amidst forex losses.
12 Nov 18
The level of investment exceeds that of Singapore, he says.
7 Nov 18
The value of Hong Kong dollar-denominated transactions hit $33.29b.
6 Nov 18
Mainland Chinese exposure accounted for nearly a third of total assets.
5 Nov 18
The steep decline is partially due to higher interest rate environment.
5 Nov 18
The number of newly built offices may have grown 15% in first three quarters of 2018.
2 Nov 18
eTradeConnect will digitise the paper-intensive process.
31 Oct 18
The SAR still needs to work on extending APIs for banking needs.
29 Oct 18
Enhanced security features include two-factor authentication process.
26 Oct 18
Customers were hit by a combined loss of $180,000.
26 Oct 18
It cuts transfer time from 1-3 days to within the same day.
26 Oct 18
Users of the Octopus app can easily apply for Citi Octopus Platinum Card.
23 Oct 18
WalletKu will join around 12 other e-wallets in TNG’s digital payments initiative.