Energy & Offshore

25 Jun 13
'No signs of spillage at other sites,' says authority.
24 Jun 13
It'll benefit 2.5m households starting July.
11 Jun 13
Independent third-party tests were tapped.
6 Jun 13
Here's how you can benefit.
23 May 13
It'll be effective in June.
20 May 13
Blame it on higher base last year.
25 Apr 13
Prices are now pegged at $4.42 to $4.87 a litre.
21 Mar 13
Price range is now at  $4.73 to $5.19.
21 Feb 13
It will now be $4.79 to $5.25 a litre.
21 Jan 13
Many firms talk about protecting the environment.
21 Jan 13
No thanks to sluggish market condition.
18 Dec 12
Guess how much gain is expected from Fortune Oil.
12 Dec 12
Guess how much HK Electric's proposal is.
30 Nov 12
Income rose 8.3% YoY.
28 Nov 12
No thanks to impairment loss.
18 Oct 12
Moody's gave the move a thumbs up.
10 Oct 12
Analysts assume a lower utilisation rate of 21.8-23.9% and not 22.2-25.4% as previously forecast.
9 Oct 12
Business momentum was strong in 3Q but there were increasing cost pressures with the recent hike in lead prices.
24 Aug 12
Enhance energy efficiency with CLP Power.
15 Aug 12
Hong Kong power supplier's earnings was down from HK$5.8 billion last year.
13 Aug 12
Anyone who breathes the air in Central at rush-hour knows that traditional working practices are not good for the environment.
3 Apr 12
Enterprises are still urged to invest in energy management tools despite tough opposition from the business community.
23 Mar 12
Hear the fishes clap their fins.
28 Feb 12
The agreement includes provision of consultancy services on MEC’s Khushuut operation to increase operational efficiency.
30 Jan 12
The company promises no layoffs, no pay cuts, increase in R&D investment and more job opportunities.
16 Jan 12
Changzhou Equipment Manufacturing project has obtained approval for a subsidy of CNY9.7mn from the 2012 Strategic Emerging Industries Fund....
12 Jan 12
Support aimed to develop its waste-to-energy projects.
4 Jan 12
The company’s Sanjiao coal bed methane project is dubbed as a core project in the plan.
21 Dec 11
The company expands rapidly in international oilfield services market.
29 Nov 11
The company taps large market potential in deepwater oil and gas equipment in the South China Sea.
15 Nov 11
The move progresses as total reserves of Sanjiao Block CBM project exceed original estimates.
9 Nov 11
The power supplier previously said its earnings may be affected by the passage.
8 Nov 11
Through the move, the company further expands coal asset base and enhances cost effectiveness.
4 Nov 11
The target group to provide all technical services and consultancy, including oil and gas well drilling and other exploitation engineering work...
2 Nov 11
The feat paves way for the company to join ranks of leading international oil and gas equipment manufacturers.
26 Oct 11
The projects would increase the Australian state’s generation capacity by a total of more than 20%.
17 Oct 11
Company eyes to raise HK$146.4mn to pursue product and technology purchase opportunities and strategic acquisitions and alliances.
13 Oct 11
Penglai Jutal embarks on South China sea deepwater natural gas and Australian mining projects.
3 Oct 11
The company achieves breakthrough in the supply of reusable water sector as projects reach daily water supply capacity of 47,000 m3 for...