13 Jul 20
This is said to provide relief to members and practitioners registered with CGSE.
9 Jul 20
The region fell behind the average global HNWI growth rate despite robust market performance.
8 Jul 20
This batch will receive an average wage subsidy of about $460,000.
6 Jul 20
Prices dropped amidst a double whammy of the political unrest and the pandemic.
6 Jul 20
Startups are getting a lot of opportunities from various subsidies and partnerships.
6 Jul 20
This is a 22% increase from the same period in 2019.
1 Jul 20
It aims to explore relaxation measures to resume cross-boundary business exchange.
30 Jun 20
Employers received a total of $6.5b to get through from June to August.
30 Jun 20
Only 39% of the companies reported a decline in wage rates.
30 Jun 20
Exports to Asia as a whole went down by 4.6%, led by the 45.5% drop in the Philippines.
30 Jun 20
Locals’ financial literacy improves albeit weak money behaviour.
24 Jun 20
Price growth of pork, vegetables and private housing rentals were weaker.
24 Jun 20
However, gross external debt rose $53.5b.
23 Jun 20
Those that digitally applied for the scheme before end-June will receive the cash by 8 July.
17 Jun 20
Investment income inflow and outflow both fell.
15 Jun 20
Receipt values of tourism, convention, and exhibition services plunged 78.4% in Q1.
15 Jun 20
The wealthy are opening offshore bank accounts and eyeing overseas property.
11 Jun 20
Hong Kong has taken a series of unfavourable hits in the last year, their unfortunate magnitude clear to see for the watching eyes of the world....
10 Jun 20
Currency movements measured against the US dollar drove up the cost of living.
4 Jun 20
Firms are still worried about the long-term effects of the pandemic.
3 Jun 20
Easing of measures helped businesses to restart operations.
31 May 20
Hong Kong business leaders reveal how they are coping, and adapting, to the new environment.
31 May 20
The total value of startup deals hit $9.84b, a 39% YoY drop compared to last year.
29 May 20
Some are looking to move their offshore wealth base to Singapore and Switzerland.
28 May 20
The move deals a blow to SGX, which considers the Hong Kong bourse one of its main rivals.
26 May 20
This was partly attributed to a smaller climb in private house rents.
26 May 20
Exports in non-metallic mineral manufactures led the decline.
21 May 20
This comes as companies struggle to monitor third-party risks during the pandemic.
21 May 20
Singapore and Indonesia dominated the VC fundraising market.
20 May 20
This is the highest figure recorded in over a decade.
19 May 20
Economy activity is expected to suffer despite restrictions being lifted in prefectures.
19 May 20
This comes as exports, public consumption, and investment dragged on growth.
18 May 20
Volumes to the US led the decline.
18 May 20
The decline is said to be the worst drop on record.
13 May 20
The region will likely go back to its pre-COVID levels by Q1 2021.
5 May 20
This is due to the weak performance in both domestic and external demand.
29 Apr 20
Exports to India, Thailand and Singapore posted double-digit declines.
28 Apr 20
Both markets are deemed export-dependent.
24 Apr 20
Accomodation and food services worst hit amongst all sectors.
24 Apr 20
This is attributed to the rents paid and waived by the government.