21 Oct 20
The number of maximum attendees has been raised to 50 people.
21 Oct 20
Some businesses are confident that their business will soon recover.
14 Oct 20
Vacancies decrease by 47% over the preceding year.
14 Oct 20
This is Hong Kong’s 45th comprehensive avoidance of double taxation agreement.
29 Sep 20
Total exports pursues cutback for the eighth-month.
21 Sep 20
F&B unemployment rate remained high at 14.4% during this period.
21 Sep 20
F&B unemployment rate remained high at 14.4% during this period.
15 Sep 20
Total income earned by residents fell 7.5%.
26 Aug 20
Cinemas, beauty parlors and selected outdoor outdoor sports premises will reopen.
25 Aug 20
The average cost of employing a mid-level expatriate worker in the region is at $2.23m.
24 Aug 20
The government’s payment of public housing rentals dragged it down.
24 Aug 20
The CBIRC assures that Hong Kong’s standing will not weaken.
20 Aug 20
It eased in the information and communication, professional and business services sector.
18 Aug 20
Private consumption expenditure fell 14.2% during the period.
18 Aug 20
Total exports continued to decline for the fourth-straight month in June.
5 Aug 20
New orders, input prices and business confidence deteriorated at a quicker rate.
3 Aug 20
The decline softened as the local epidemic abated during the month.
30 Jul 20
Private consumption expenditure continues to counter the growing public consumption.
29 Jul 20
Exports to major markets outside Asia saw double-digit decline.
27 Jul 20
He once again urged landlords to offer tenants rental concessions to ride out the impact.
24 Jul 20
Underemployment rate similarly inched up to 3.7%.
22 Jul 20
The relaxed spike in June was due to the moderated price increases in pork.
21 Jul 20
Real estate and professional services are some of the sectors projecting fewer sales output.
21 Jul 20
Double-digit declines were recorded for the total export volume to India and the US.
20 Jul 20
What started as a bold threat from the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, has been stripped of any pretence of mere possibility, as President...
14 Jul 20
It will provide a gateway to global capital markets for mainland Chinese firms in the region.
13 Jul 20
This is said to provide relief to members and practitioners registered with CGSE.
9 Jul 20
The region fell behind the average global HNWI growth rate despite robust market performance.
8 Jul 20
This batch will receive an average wage subsidy of about $460,000.
6 Jul 20
Prices dropped amidst a double whammy of the political unrest and the pandemic.
6 Jul 20
Startups are getting a lot of opportunities from various subsidies and partnerships.
6 Jul 20
This is a 22% increase from the same period in 2019.
1 Jul 20
It aims to explore relaxation measures to resume cross-boundary business exchange.
30 Jun 20
Employers received a total of $6.5b to get through from June to August.
30 Jun 20
Only 39% of the companies reported a decline in wage rates.
30 Jun 20
Exports to Asia as a whole went down by 4.6%, led by the 45.5% drop in the Philippines.
30 Jun 20
Locals’ financial literacy improves albeit weak money behaviour.
24 Jun 20
Price growth of pork, vegetables and private housing rentals were weaker.
24 Jun 20
However, gross external debt rose $53.5b.
23 Jun 20
Those that digitally applied for the scheme before end-June will receive the cash by 8 July.