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Inflation up 2% in December 2022

Overall CPI rose by 1.8% in the previous month.

Inflation up 2% in December 2022

Overall CPI rose by 1.8% in the previous month.

Businesses ‘slightly’ more optimistic about Q1

This could improve with the lifting of social distancing measures.

Business situation improved in December 2022: gov’t

The diffusion index on business receipts for SMEs went up 46.1.

Global recovery boosts increases in inward, outward DI

Total inward and outward direct investments went up by 17% and 12.1%, respectively.

External environment, cross-border travel disruption weigh business sentiment

Business receipts in the third quarter showed decreases, the C&SD reported. 

Volume of total exports down 15.3% YoY in September

Imports of goods also went down by 14% over September last year.

SME business optimism improves in October 

But, next month’s expectations are more cautious.

Hong Kong’s economic growth hinges on travel recovery

Advanced GDP estimates showed a drop of 4.5%. 

Hong Kong retail sales up 0.2% in September

Retail sales stood at $28.1b, the Census and Statistics Department reported.

Value of total exports down 9.1% YoY in September

The value of exports declined to $401.6b in September 2022.

Inflation up 4.4% in September

This is up from only 1.9% in August.

Industrial production climbs by 2.7% in Q2

The producer price index rose by 0.8% in the same quarter.

Business receipts of major service industries ‘improve’ in Q2

This is thanks to the moderated epidemic and eased health measures. 

Unemployment rate down 4.3% in May to July

Number of jobless persons declined by 10,400.

Export and import volumes fall in June as prices soar in Hong Kong

Export volume dropped by 12.5% YoY whilst imports decreased by 6.9% YoY.

Population dips 1.6% in H1 2022 amidst persistent low fertility rates

The plunge in birth rate in the last two years was attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic.