Information Technology

18 Aug 15
According to the 2nd annual "Report on Hong...
23 Jul 15
This company enters Hong Kong storage wars.
9 Jun 15
Check out the interior photos.
9 Jun 15
This company has built SaaS digital marketing systems for boutique hotels.
20 Mar 15
This app is maybe for you.
16 Mar 15
The city’s biggest up-and-coming startups offer products ranging from platforms revolutionizing the logistics industry to an online...
22 Jan 15
Despite the competitive nature of the audio-video industry in Hong Kong and even in mainland China, Sound Concepts continues to be successful,...
22 Jan 15
Fujitsu is flying high, but they most certainly do not have their head in the clouds, it is more the case that their innovations are helping...
13 Jan 15
No renovation required, just your smartphone.
5 Jan 15
Because apparently, a lot aren't.
15 Dec 14
In just two years, it has raised a total of $US3.7m in seed and series A funding.
11 Dec 14
Over 2 working days of unexpected downtime.
11 Dec 14
A video version of Twitter might be under way.
19 Nov 14
Top VCs, business angels and IT luminaries will select winners from the hottest pre-IPO cloud companies.
28 Oct 14
GEN14 to Showcase State-of-the-Art Innovations Powered By Carrier Ethernet, SDN & NFV as Centerpiece of the 17-20 November 2014 Event.
9 Oct 14
Altitude Labs will make your ideas happen – Silicon Valley-style.
2 Oct 14
MEF introduces the Third Network vision.
11 Sep 14
A former internationally ranked junior tennis player founded this company.
9 Sep 14
Global business Ethernet services to exceed 75% of the total global business bandwith by 2017.
3 Sep 14
Do you want to make sure that the person you are sharing the lift with is a neighbor and not a stranger?
26 Aug 14
It’s a popular project which collected over US$2m from 26,457 backers during its 34-day crowdfunding campaign.
22 Aug 14
The challenges and opportunities this brings to wholesale service providers.’.
18 Aug 14
Here's why it's billed as "extraordinary".
14 Aug 14
It aims to help companies to gain more sales leads and more customers.
5 Aug 14
Organizations are looking to enhance their security.
1 Aug 14
Will this self-funded startup be the leading online provider of customized products?
28 Jul 14
See how the staff named the meeting rooms and spaces in colloquial terms.
24 Jul 14
This technology startup has raised over USD100K.
17 Jul 14
Japan’s OnLab / Digital Garage believed so much on this that it provided $150,000 funding.
7 Jul 14
It helps businesses to design user experience integrating the online and offline worlds.
30 Jun 14
You’d be asking hundreds of people just to like your page no more.
23 Jun 14
The startup raised $3m funding in just one year.
18 Jun 14
In the second half of our two-part series, I highlight the remaining steps businesses should take to effectively control their data.
18 Jun 14
Hong Kong currently boasts an impressive 16.4 million mobile subscriptions, with 71% social media penetration and a cumulative average online...
16 Jun 14
That’s at almost zero transaction fee.