Media & Marketing

10 Aug 17
The world of digital marketing never remains static.
28 Jul 17
The firm was recognised for its work on The Peninsula Hotels’ Festive Campaign.
26 Jul 17
Almost 100 executives attended the awarding ceremony on 25 July.
14 Feb 17
It boosted its offer price to $35.075 from $30.50.
23 Jan 17
If you run a B2B business in Hong Kong, these days your clients are making decisions about your offerings based on more than your price and...
18 Jan 17
A total of 21 companies were awarded this year.
27 Sep 16
Behind the bright facades of their shop windows, there is a darkening gloom enveloping Hong Kong retailers.
23 Aug 16
Who could have imagined that in 2016, millions of Hong Kongers from 6 to 60 would be walking for kilometers...
12 Aug 16
Not long ago, Hong Kong businesses were in full agreement that the keys to success were a good quality product, a low price, and excellent...
1 Aug 16
Innovations should be seamlessly invisible.
28 Jul 16
With Over-the-Top Internet-based programming having changed and adapted to TV viewing behaviour, quality-of...
14 Jul 16
Effective sales is a very simple concept to describe: a company finds customers and then sells its products and services to them.
18 May 16
A recent report by admanGo focuses on some recent Hong Kong advertising spending figures.
29 Feb 16
2015 was not an easy year for retailers in Hong Kong.
27 Oct 15
The concept of integrated marketing is attractive and growing in popularity in Hong Kong – and why not?
28 Sep 15
In Hong Kong, B2B companies are by nature heavily reliant on the lifecycles and growth plans of their existing and potential clients and, of...
10 Aug 15
Recently, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore saw the launch of a next-level tactical marketing campaign involving two of the world's fastest-...
22 Jul 15
Recently, more videos are popping up on social media as people in Hong Kong increasingly turn to social platforms to discover and share the latest...
16 Jul 15
Check out who the winners are.
1 Jul 15
Hong Kong is a paradise for digital marketers.
19 May 15
Significant easing in sight in China.
15 May 15
Thanks to IPO activity.
8 May 15
Hong Kong is one of the world’s foremost financial capitals.
10 Apr 15
The other day, I was in a mall on Hong Kong side heading for a lunch meeting.
24 Feb 15
But there's still good news.
5 Feb 15
There is no doubt that Hong Kong is a digital city.
21 Jan 15
23 companies were recognised in the prestigious event's 11th year.
19 Nov 14
As one of the best places to do business in the world, Hong Kong is a paradise for buyers and sellers, producers and consumers.
15 Oct 14
Not many people would argue that Hong Kong is becoming a 'social media city' – with our social circles and business lives...
29 Jul 14
With the thrill of the FIFA World Cup 2014 now behind us, Hong Kong is getting back to work.
30 Jun 14
You’d be asking hundreds of people just to like your page no more.
6 Jun 14
Hong Kong is world famous for being a ‘shoppers’ paradise’, thanks to its compact geography, easy access to shopping malls, and...
8 May 14
Each year hundreds of companies in Hong Kong redesign their websites.
5 May 14
Hong Kong's notorious rainy season is poised to begin.
2 May 14
The Hong Kong start-up scene is booming.
21 Apr 14
Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to consult Hong Kong public and private sector clients on the use of Analytics on social media...
25 Mar 14
Social media provides companies with a wealth of opportunities to increase visibility, improve consideration, strengthen internal communication...