HR & Education

11 Dec 17
Compared to other Greater China regions, Hong Kongers are more optimistic about the developing technology.
11 Dec 17
Those with solid multi-language skills have an edge over competitors.
11 Dec 17
The insurance industry in particular is hiring one-year contractor positions.
8 Dec 17
They believe it is more important than available office technology and workplace perks.
8 Dec 17
As such, more companies are seeking professionals fluent in Mandarin.
1 Dec 17
Demand for temporary workers with software development skills is strongest.
29 Nov 17
Workers generally hope for a modest 2-3% increase in pay.
27 Nov 17
Women take more initiative in learning to upgrade their skillset.
27 Nov 17
Startups generate demand for HR jobs as their businesses scale.
27 Nov 17
Half of them have taken a curriculum course in the past year.
24 Nov 17
Programming skills remain highly sought after across industries.
22 Nov 17
The IT sector generated the biggest demand this year.
14 Nov 17
Younger people are more likely to seek professional advice.
1 Nov 17
33% of employers worry that employees don't work hard as much.
30 Oct 17
Employers aren't aware of poor employee understanding of benefits programme.
18 Oct 17
52% say their finance teams can't easily adapt to newly implemented technologies.
17 Oct 17
But their talents are being strained by changing business models.
4 Oct 17
Will 'bots be taking over the world of headhunting?
27 Sep 17
Almost 7 in 10 companies implemented hikes.
27 Sep 17
It will probe local productivity.
22 Sep 17
It has created more than 6,000 listings, and they aim to launch a series A round of funding next year.
20 Sep 17
The e-learning and virtual tutorial platform is now a haven to more than 350,000 Asian students.
19 Sep 17
Unemployment rate remains unchanged at 3.1%.
15 Sep 17
One in two companies already adopted cost-containment measures.
15 Sep 17
They are responding to diverse workforce needs and values.
6 Sep 17
The University of Hong Kong nabbed 40th spot.
22 Aug 17
Bosses are getting worried over brain drain.
18 Aug 17
Underemployment dipped to 1.1%.
17 Aug 17
It's planning to scrap the MPF offestting mechanism.
9 Aug 17
Mandarin-speaking executives are in greater demand.
7 Aug 17
Recruitment strategies must now take into account these industry changes.
2 Aug 17
It topped Singapore's pay gap by 10ppt.
26 Jul 17
Some firms have tailored development programs to attract them.
20 Jul 17
The overall Comprehensive Social Security Assistance caseload dropped to 235,663 in June, down 0.3% on May, the Social Welfare Department...
12 Jul 17
69% say employees who accepted counteroffers still leave the company.
7 Jul 17
They're also competing with employers in China.
3 Jul 17
MBA providers challenged with digital tech programmes.
29 Jun 17
It's to exchange information on intellectual property laws and protection, publicity and education.
21 Jun 17
The underemployment rate also remained unchanged at 1.2%.
14 Jun 17
They're expecting options of working from home.