HR & Education

27 Feb 17
Employee recruitment and retention will be one of the biggest challenges.
21 Feb 17
Underemployment slipped to 1.3%.
10 Feb 17
This is for the firm's insurance consulting and software segment in APAC.
9 Feb 17
Candidates need to consider accepting temporary or contract roles.
8 Feb 17
7 in 10 plan to outsource workforce from abroad.
27 Jan 17
Major financial hubs like Hong Kong are common targets of hackers.
26 Jan 17
Others will reshape network infrastructure.
26 Jan 17
They're prioritising data infrastructure to boost innovation.
23 Jan 17
The revision will be implemented on May 1.
23 Jan 17
122,000 people stayed unemployed.
20 Jan 17
Find out which other sectors are struggling.
18 Jan 17
Creating data-led strategies will be one of the main tasks.
17 Jan 17
Chinese capital investment in asset management firms and private equity fund houses is creating new job opportunities for qualified accountancy...
17 Jan 17
Accountancy & Finance has the highest demand for skilled professionals.
16 Jan 17
Only 1% of CFOs give salary increase when promoting an employee.
13 Jan 17
There is also a 25% decline in jobseekers.
13 Jan 17
Chinese financial firms are hiring more people now.
11 Jan 17
Financial planning skills are required.
10 Jan 17
And they landed a job within three months post graduation.
22 Dec 16
Whilst 15% said that upon accepting a counter offer, they still left within a year.
21 Dec 16
But 59% also believes their employers will be richer next year.
14 Dec 16
They eye securing their future employability.
13 Dec 16
They bring home work more often than those in Singapore.
12 Dec 16
It's the 3rd highest predicted increase in Asia Pacific.
9 Dec 16
Guess which sector is good for entry level positions.
9 Dec 16
Demand for cyber security professionals is expected to go up.
7 Dec 16
Only 1 in 3 employees will receive up to 5% increase.
24 Nov 16
According to a recent IDC survey commissioned by Workday, only 28% of Hong Kong workers said they found their work engaging and satisfactory.
20 Nov 16
Employers are challenged to be more innovative.
16 Nov 16
As well as unsatisfactory opportunities.
15 Nov 16
Macau will overtake Hong Kong in rankings.
7 Nov 16
Google, Apple, and Facebook top the tables in the latest jobsDB Top Ten Companies report.
31 Oct 16
It's to do with the fiscal year.
31 Oct 16
Thanks to a growing number of mergers.
31 Oct 16
Outsourced support services also affecting job growth.
31 Oct 16
Despite uncertainty, there's still stability.
17 Oct 16
This preference surpasses the global average.
4 Oct 16
Candidates with regulatory experience will be a hot commodity in Hong Kong this quarter.
30 Sep 16
76% of job hunters say online comment on workplaces affect them.