31 Jul 17
Over 300 doctors are now part-timers at public hospitals.
18 Jul 17
Demand for public hospital services will be on peak this summer.
19 Jun 17
Shortage will come in just 10 years' time.
15 Jun 17
The bill will be gazetted on June 16.
13 Jun 17
This is to cut waiting time for patients.
23 May 17
The fees and charges for private patients will also be revised.
17 May 17
It will now be provided with $54.4b.
28 Apr 17
Most people are not preparing for the future as they don't regard themselves as "old".
27 Apr 17
37% of older people have the same sentiments.
17 Feb 17
2.4m Hong Kongers will be over 65 years old by 2035.
9 Dec 16
The app has a current database of 6,000 medical practitioners.
10 Aug 16
As the development of Internet of Things (IoT) continues to mature, we see these new technological advances are...
12 Apr 16
How will the 2016 budget affect this?
11 Mar 15
It's an acute problem of Asia in general.
22 Jan 15
Taking home the award for Best Men’s Anti-Aging and Weight Management, MENCE is about much more than helping clients achieve their desired...
7 Oct 14
It could affect overall GGR.
19 Sep 14
One of the bests, investment-wise.
16 Sep 14
Many thanks to strict enforcement action.
1 Mar 14
It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but creating that beauty is all within the powers of women.
28 Jan 14
20,000 birds will be destroyed.
27 Jan 14
Overall, 231 cases are confirmed.
22 Jan 14
Find out where the cases are located.
17 Jan 14
Quantity-based charging to be unveiled.
10 Jan 14
But here's why it didn't impress analysts.
19 Dec 13
Beauty services contribution surged to 68.2%.
16 Dec 13
There are still loopholes, says government.
13 Dec 13
Air quality issues tackled.
10 Dec 13
Source of infection has not yet been found.
9 Dec 13
It can estimate short-term health risks.
27 Nov 13
There were 23 new AIDS cases.
14 Nov 13
Three female patients are at a female ward.
12 Nov 13
Health is better than wealth.
5 Nov 13
Pollution causes thousands of premature deaths annually.
4 Nov 13
This brings total victims worldwide to 145.
30 Oct 13
Strengthens cooperation in the field of Chinese medicine.
25 Oct 13
Bad air likely to continue until tomorrow.
25 Oct 13
Becomes Hong Kong’s leading private healthcare provider.
23 Oct 13
According to the Office of the Communications Authority, the penetration rates of household broadband and mobile phones in Hong Kong in...