Commercial Property

19 Apr 17
The drop in high street shop rents have narrowed.
19 Apr 17
This comes as new MTR lines are completed.
18 Apr 17
This is for a total of 25 deals.
3 Apr 17
The project is set to contribute $57b every year.
28 Mar 17
How should the new administration tackle the issue?
27 Mar 17
Prime office rent in Hong Kong's Central hit US$264 psf per year.
15 Mar 17
This is just within four days.
14 Mar 17
Two sites are mandated to include cinemas in their leases.
10 Mar 17
This is the eighth consecutive quarter of growth.
6 Mar 17
Gross rental receipts were 1% higher at US$859m.
3 Mar 17
Rents are now three times more expensive than those in Singapore.
28 Feb 17
The drop in rents is not only for street-level stores, but also for shopping malls.
24 Feb 17
The government will supply 94,5000 public housing units.
23 Feb 17
Due to limited availability and sustained PRC demand.
16 Feb 17
It beat 8 other bidders vying for the site.
8 Feb 17
It has among the highest global scores for construction timeliness.
8 Feb 17
Footfall increased 5% to more than 50m.
8 Feb 17
Average cost per desk in Central is $12,198.
2 Feb 17
These will be in the Northern Economic Belt.
1 Feb 17
But retail sales still dipped by 5%.
1 Feb 17
Activity was underpinned by relocations.
31 Jan 17
They make up 29% of land sold in the past year.
26 Jan 17
The appeal of Hong Kong East as an office location will continue to grow.
25 Jan 17
Fitch says it is in a near net cash position.
24 Jan 17
Hong Kong's retail scene is expected to brace for more headwinds.
24 Jan 17
This is the lowest in almost 8 years.
24 Jan 17
While pharma firms hunt for more laboratory space.
23 Jan 17
Around 2.8 sqm of space is scheduled for completion this year.
13 Jan 17
"Silicon Valley"-inspired areas are popping up.
21 Dec 16
Thanks to record breaking en-bloc sales transactions.
20 Dec 16
They are struggling with high office rents in the CBD.
20 Dec 16
Self-storage businesses will be on the rise next year.
20 Dec 16
GBP depreciation means slimmer chances of getting new assets in UK.
19 Dec 16
Rents climed 3.5% in 2016.
15 Dec 16
Rents are now up to 3.3 times costlier than in non-core areas.
12 Dec 16
Kowloon offices on the other hand will drop by 7%.
9 Dec 16
Thanks to Chinese investors' strong interest in the market.
8 Dec 16
Grade A office spaces are priced at $2,342 psf annually.
2 Dec 16
It has been noted that there is a close relationship between growth in high value added service sectors and growth in Grade A office rents.