Commercial Property

5 Dec 17
The expansion of PRC companies in Central drove rents upward.
5 Dec 17
There were a recorded 7,601 sale and purchase agreements last month.
4 Dec 17
Robust office leasing demand kept rents at elevated levels.
30 Nov 17
Thanks to strong leasing activity in China, Manila and Bengalaru.
29 Nov 17
Rents are $85/sqf monthly but early bird tenants received discounts.
29 Nov 17
They cost $87.86 per square meter.
24 Nov 17
Media and tech are the big new tenants.
23 Nov 17
However, limited availability remains an issue.
16 Nov 17
Development site transactions tripled to $134.2b.
8 Nov 17
Year-to-date investment is already 9% higher than in 2016.
31 Oct 17
There is strong demand from the banking and finance sector.
27 Oct 17
10.7 million sqft of Grade A office space has been built in Kowloon East.
20 Oct 17
Tin Fun Ingustrial Mansion, sold for $1.98b, helped boost figures.
19 Oct 17
Investments hit $27.80b, eating up a whopping 56% of London office market investments.
11 Oct 17
It was led by a 0.5% m-o-m growth in Grade A2 office rents.
11 Oct 17
They were purchased at HK$1b.
11 Oct 17
But it is struggling from competition with other Chinese cities.
6 Oct 17
Total consideration was $56.6b.
5 Oct 17
They transformed the new office into a home-like workspace.
14 Sep 17
Prime office rents at central hit US$269 psf per year.
4 Sep 17
They fear having empty shops for extended periods.
30 Aug 17
15% of private residential stock are expected to be the acquisition target of developers.
24 Aug 17
Thanks to soaring occupancy rates in office and retail portfolio.
24 Aug 17
17,300 sq ft of space was withdrawn.
23 Aug 17
The market is expected to slow down towards the year end.
23 Aug 17
But Chinese firms will remain the key demand drivers for offices in Central.
21 Aug 17
More leasing transactions will be concluded after the summer.
17 Aug 17
Bonson Holdings bought the area.
15 Aug 17
Driven largely by strong contributions from the property segment.
9 Aug 17
Coworking market almost doubled in size in the past two years.
8 Aug 17
They're the second biggest spenders in Asia.
27 Jul 17
Potential cost savings pushed them to rethink their working spaces.
25 Jul 17
Larger companies are maximising the flexibility of these spaces.
19 Jul 17
Costs have reached US$8,000 psf.
30 Jun 17
It's the highest half year proceeds on record.
28 Jun 17
Over $50b worth of commercial property assets was transacted.
21 Jun 17
London and New York comes after.
7 Jun 17
It is reflective of public-private partnership difficulties.
7 Jun 17
The hotel's worth could amount up to $34b.
18 May 17
This is to support "re-industrialisation".