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30 Jan 18
A public education campaign was jointly launched by the FSTB and IEC.
29 Jan 18
Shares of A-Living Services Co Ltd will be priced at $10.80 to $14.20 apiece.
25 Jan 18
A total of three MoUs were signed to boost financial cooperation between the two economies.
25 Jan 18
The 50-year land grant was awarded to Clever Like Limited.
24 Jan 18
Total export volume to India and Japan posted the most significant increase.
23 Jan 18
New buildings were valued at $1.4b in November.
23 Jan 18
It joins airlines from Malaysian, Indonesian and Brunei airlines as shareholders.
22 Jan 18
Passenger traffic to and from the Mainland and Japan recorded the most significant growth.
19 Jan 18
Thanks to a revival in mainland tourist arrivals, retail sales post its strongest growth in two years.
18 Jan 18
Monthly home sales fell 6.3% MoM.
17 Jan 18
It was awarded to Wharf subsidiary Alpha Pioneer.
16 Jan 18
More than 2,900 government officials from around the world will be in attendance.
16 Jan 18
It aims to facilitate digital disruption in the financial services industry.
15 Jan 18
The monetary base reached $1.7t.
15 Jan 18
It facilitates the dual listing of Israeli companies in SGX and HKEX.
12 Jan 18
It is part of the agency’s initiatives to transition into an era of smart banking.
11 Jan 18
It will monitor the service quality of about 18,000 taxis in Hong Kong.
10 Jan 18
This involves the building of 16,408 residential units last year.
10 Jan 18
More than 77% of the flats will rent for less than $2.500 monthly.
9 Jan 18
It aims to support environmentally-friendly investments.
21 Dec 17
It will provide a unified platform to control air pollution and improve air quality.
18 Dec 17
The two countries now enjoy mutual customs clearance benefits with Hong Kong.
18 Dec 17
It will be converted into a private residential development.
18 Dec 17
It will now be operational in Lo Wu, Hung Hom and Shenzen Bay among others.
18 Dec 17
It will facilitate trading, investment promotion and tourism between the two markets.
18 Dec 17
It will provide flight crews with the latest weather information.
14 Dec 17
This was the third increase this year.
13 Dec 17
It will include red minibuses, shuttle buses, staff busses and short-distance ferry services.
11 Dec 17
It will be developed into private residential units.
11 Dec 17
It aims to accelerate the development of smart city solutions.
8 Dec 17
It aims to facilitate financial innovation between the two markets.
8 Dec 17
It aims to help entrepreneurs who are looking at token sales to raise funds.
6 Dec 17
The service will be officially implemented in the third quarter of next year.
4 Dec 17
It boasts of advanced digital equipment for surveillance and crisis communication.
4 Dec 17
It’s an effort to embrace disruptive technology for future smart city applications.
1 Dec 17
It will be aimed at public rental housing tenants.
1 Dec 17
However, mortgage applications and approved loans fell.
30 Nov 17
It seeks to provide early-stage feedback on fintech proposals.
29 Nov 17
The industry also generated 77,000 jobs in the same period.
20 Nov 17
It took place in Geneva last November 11.