16 Aug 11
Despite 44.0% rise in turnover, the group’s “Coolpad” 3G smartphones in the mid- to low-end market in China faced tough...
16 Aug 11
The company extended the Company’s geographical coverage from Southern China to Shanxi and Inner Mongolia through acquisitions.
15 Aug 11
The group will continue its efforts in business development to enrich its customer base and product portfolio amidst uncertain times.
12 Aug 11
The company expands capital channel overseas while fending off rising CNY exchange rate risk.
10 Aug 11
The move aims to bring synergies and enhances competitive edge for expansion in Greater China.
4 Aug 11
The move will enable the company to develop new products having higher energy density and a longer life cycle.
3 Aug 11
The group received strong vote of confidence from 13 respected international and local lenders.
3 Aug 11
New Oasis’ contracts on hand for distribution and installation of flooring and wood products to large scale property developers totaled...
3 Aug 11
The move steps up the PC maker’s penetration into the Western Europe’s consumer market, particularly in Germany.
1 Aug 11
The glass maker’s turnover surges by 46.5% despite challenges brought by Europe, USA and China business environments.
18 Jul 11
New Litz PCB to help manufacturers scale up production of wireless power chargers for homes and business.
14 Jul 11
About HK$27.2mn of the proceeds will be used for the expansion of the Groups’ production capacity including construction of new workshops...
13 Jul 11
Proceeds of HK$119mn to fund expansion of production capacity.
10 Jul 11
Team up strengthens Dragon Crown’s footprint in Tianjin via the JV’s chemical terminal facilities project.
5 Jul 11
NEC Lenovo Japan to deliver enhanced innovations, support and customer services as strategic alliance delivers synergy, scale and global reach...
30 Jun 11
Group reported a HK$1.7bn turnover, an increase of 53.9% behind expanded production capacity.
30 Jun 11
Yet the company’s turnover increased 16% to HK$1.62bn while oys gross profit climbed 8% to HK$532.7mn.
30 Jun 11
The group is offering 39,000,000 shares at the range of HK$1.36 to HK$1.56 per share via its management team with an average of over 20 years...
28 Jun 11
Optimistic on China’s sustained economic growth, the company opened six new sales offices in the PRC to capture the opportunities ahead....
27 Jun 11
Jewelry market benefitted from increasingly strong consumption sentiment, particularly in the Middle East and Asia, as global economy rebounds...
20 Jun 11
The company strives for upstream development and investment in consumer electronics products and LED businesses.
16 Jun 11
Net profit per ton remains among the highest in China’s containerboard industry despite substantial increase in waste paper and coal...
13 Jun 11
Share price closes at HK$1.14 per share on the first day of listing, approximately 3.6% above the offer price.
10 Jun 11
The estimated HK$275.1mn net proceeds from the Global Offering at fixed price of HK$1.10 per share will be used for phase 3 of its Nanjing...
9 Jun 11
The production line is one of the largest in terms of production, which has a daily melting capacity of 1,000 tonnes.
7 Jun 11
The luxury goods company taps China market, which is seen to be the world’s third-biggest market for luxury goods in 5 years.
3 Jun 11
3D-GOLD business boosts turnover by 90% to HK$2.45bn and by the satisfactory performance of retailing and franchising operations for selling...
31 May 11
The group aims global offering of 275mn new shares at the range of HK$1 to HK$1.40 per share.
27 May 11
The computer manufacturer posted full-year sales of US$21.6bn, full year net profit of US$273mn and net cash reserves of US$2.7bn as of March 31...
26 May 11
Facilitates business expansion in Anhui, an area with significant development potential in its electric bike market.
25 May 11
Amounts borrowed will be used to refinance some of the company’s debt.
20 May 11
The medicine producer inaugurated new exclusive patch product in China to propel business growth.
20 May 11
The company signed agreement with Jiangxi government for its aim to increase production capacity to tap consumers’ rapidly growing...
19 May 11
The group aims to meet the enormous demand in automobile glass from the global market as it target melting capacity in 2011 at 2.61mn tonnes....
18 May 11
The move aimed to further strengthens distribution network in East Asia and creates synergy with LED business.
27 Apr 11
Exit from Growth Enterprise Market to SEHK to enhance the profile of the group and increase trading liquidity.
19 Apr 11
The company is now capable of independently designing and manufacturing grate furnaces and automatic control systems.
19 Apr 11
The company to invest in Xi’an Chanba Ecological Zone Project Milestone to diversify business.
12 Apr 11
The glass maker expands northern China market focusing on float glass and solar glass.
28 Mar 11
Growth trend seen to continue as proposed JV between the company and Guangdong Materials Group would enhance and refine its collection network....